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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Do You Have a Boyfriend?

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“My name is Feng Qing.”

Gu Jingtong waited for a long time before she heard this. She laughed. “Feng Qing? I’ve never heard of any family in the capital city with the surname Feng.”

“Because you are not qualified enough to know me.” Feng Qing coldly replied.

“What did you say?” Gu Jingtong had never been so angry before. She pointed at Feng Qing, speechless.

Gu Qingye parked his beloved car and walked over. “Let’s go. The luncheon is about to start.”

Feng Qing followed them in.

The huge banquet hall was also divided into different levels. Ordinary guests were in the outermost circle, while those with higher statuses were in the middle. Those with higher statuses were eating with the Gu family’s relatives in the innermost circle, which was also the innermost hall.

Feng Qing was brought to the innermost area.

“Jianing, what are you looking at?” Cao Beining followed Feng Jianing’s gaze and looked towards the inner hall.

“Nothing!” Feng Jianing bit her lips, her face turning black, but she still answered calmly.

Because she really saw Feng Qing! She went in with Gu Qingye and Xie Shihao. At this moment, Feng Jianing noticed a handsome man beside Cao Beining. Cao Beining introduced, “Jianing, this is Gu Qingyang, the second young master of the Gu family.”

Feng Jianing quickly greeted Gu Qingyang. At this moment, the old master of the Gu family had already appeared in the inner circle. All the guests went up to congratulate him.

Feng Jianing grabbed Cao Beining’s arm and shook it. “Beining, we have to quickly congratulate the Old Master as well.”

Cao Beining turned to look at the man beside him. “Qingyang, can you introduce us?”

“Haha…” Gu Qingyang sneered. “It’s Old Master Gu’s 80th birthday, but there are so many annoying people around him. I don’t want to be unlucky.”

The wife of the second master of the Gu family had just passed away from an illness for a month when the second master of the Gu family brought his lover and illegitimate son in. Old Master Gu was so angry that he threw away his walking stick. However, he was still his son after all. He just didn’t like the new second wife and child.

Feng Jianing curled her lips. She thought Gu Qingyang was useful, but in the end, he didn’t even have the right to be with Old Master Gu. She and Cao Beining had spent a lot of effort to come in, they did not just come here to have a meal and leave.

Today, this place was filled with famous people. If she did not do something, how could she gain a foothold in the Capital?

“Grandpa!” Gu Qingye walked to Old Master Gu and greeted him. Only in front of Old Master Gu could Gu Qingye restrain his dark aura.

Old Master Gu was happy to see Gu Qingye. “Xiao Ye, you don’t have a girlfriend yet?”

Gu Qingye replied, “No.”

Old Master Gu asked, “What about your boyfriend? Don’t worry, I’m not thinking too much!”

Gu Qingye replied, “…No!”

“Sigh.” Old Master Gu patted his grandson’s shoulder and continued, “Then you have to use all your strength!”

Gu Qingye was speechless. He suddenly did not want to talk anymore.

“Hello, Grandpa Gu!” Xie Shihao, who was shorter than Gu Qingye, walked up to Old Master Gu and greeted him with a smile. Xie Shihao had always been likable in front of his elders.

“Grandpa Gu, I’m here to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of my uncle. I wish you good health and a good mood.”

Old Master Gu hurriedly said a few good words, then asked, “Xiao Hao, do you have a girlfriend?”

Xie Shihao smiled. “No.”

Old Master Gu asked, “What about your boyfriend?”

Xie Shihao’s smile froze on his face. “Grandpa Gu, I don’t have such considerations…”

Old Master Gu held Xie Shihao’s hand and said earnestly, “Then you must consider it carefully!” After he finished speaking, Old Master Gu pulled his grandson over and placed their hands together.

“If you two succeed, Grandpa will wake up laughing even in his dreams.”

Gu Qingye: “…”

Xie Shihao: “…”

After Old Master Gu finished speaking, he couldn’t help but turn around and cough a few times. His cloudy eyes saw Feng Qing.

“Yo, this lady is pretty!”

Old Master Gu praised Feng Qing and Xie Shihao introduced, “This is my classmate with Gu Qingye, Feng Qing.”

“Hello, Grandpa Gu!” Feng Qing walked up to Old Master Gu and her hand was held by him. He then asked, “Has Feng Qing got a boyfriend?”

Feng Qing said in a sweet voice, “Yes…”

Old Master Gu was speechless. He didn’t expect she would have a boyfriend. He exclaimed, “That’s great! That’s great!”

Gu Qingye’s eyes darkened. Feng Qingye had a boyfriend? Who was it?

Feng Qing checked Old Master Gu’s pulse and asked, “Grandpa Gu, do you cough often? How long has it been?”

“Me? When the weather turns cold, I start coughing. When a person reaches his age, he gets old age sickness. How do you know that I… cough cough.” Old Master Gu started coughing before he could finish his sentence.

Gu Jingtong immediately ran over and took out a small porcelain bottle to pour out two pills. “Grandfather, this is the medicine that my master developed. It’s very effective for your cough.. You have to take it.”