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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Can You Be Careful?

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After Cao Beining finished his sentence, he could not bear to see Feng Jianing’s embarrassed expression. He comforted her again. “In the Gu family’s private hot spring, the natural hot spring we’re going to is much better than the hot spring outside. The effects are not on the same level!”

At this moment, the other guests were also discussing in low voices. “Actually, to say that it’s rare, Ninth Master is the rare one. He loves his wife so much. To us, we can’t even think about the Gu family’s Heaven Lake Hot Spring, but to Ninth Master, it’s different. In order to let Madam soak in the top-grade hot spring every day, he specially connected the pipeline and led the spring to our house!”

“Even if you’re from the Gu family, you can’t come here every day to soak in the hot spring!”

When Feng Jianing heard this, she was both envious and jealous of Madam Xie. She was being mocked for misunderstanding the Heavenly Lake Hot Spring, yet Madam Xie could use it to bathe every day.

She then turned around and asked, “Then, has Madam Xie been invited to Old Master Gu’s birthday banquet today?”

The guests in the same car sneered again. They even distanced themselves from Feng Jianing. “Were you invited? The Gu family personally sent the invitation to the entrance of the Xie family!”

“It’s just that the Ninth Master happened to be on a business trip, so he rejected it.”

Hearing that, Feng Jianing didn’t care how others mocked her. She only felt that they were the stupidest. She asked in confusion, “Then Ninth Master can’t come. Madam Xie can do it herself!”

When the waiter in front heard this, he said, “Old Master did invite Madam Xie again, but guess what Ninth Master said?”

“How did they answer?”

Everyone asked curiously.

“The Ninth Master said that his wife is weak and doesn’t want her to deal with these wealthy families alone.” Xie Jiuhan rejected the Gu family’s invitation without any mercy and allowed his wife to enjoy herself at home.

Everyone was envious again!

“What kind of immortal love is this!”

“Who exactly is this Madam Xie? I heard that apart from the auction at Jia Shi De, Madam Xie has never appeared in public before.”

When Feng Jianing heard about the Jia Shi De Auction, her expression instantly became even uglier. She had seen Madam Xie at the Jia Shi De Auction, but not only did she not see Madam Xie’s true appearance, she was so frightened that she went to the hospital to lie down for a few days. Her mental state was severely weakened, and she kept having hallucinations…

Thinking of that experience, she hated Madam Xie to the core.

Right at that moment, two rumbling sounds came from behind them. Turning around, they saw two modified motorcycles roaring past them.

The people in the sightseeing bus could only suck in their breaths.

A few noble ladies couldn’t help but cough and ask, “Is that the Gu family’s young master?”

“Of course! Who else could it be other than him? The other one looks like the young master of the Xie family!”

“There’s a young lady sitting behind young master Xie. It was too fast, so I couldn’t see her face clearly.”

Fu Anlan stared intently at the shadow in front of her and whispered, “I think I saw Feng Qing…”

Feng Jianing’s heart skipped a beat, and she complained subconsciously, “Mom! How could Feng Qing come into contact with the two young masters of the Gu and Xie families?!”

Those people were unreachable figures to Feng Jianing and Cao Beining. How could they bring Feng Qing along? Fu Anlan thought about it and agreed. She must have seen it wrongly.

On the other side, Gu Qingye and Xie Shihao had just parked the car. Before Feng Qing could get off, she heard a happy yet shy voice.

“Brother! Shihao…”

Gu Jingtong ran towards the two of them. Although she called Gu Qingye first, her eyes were fixed on Xie Shihao.

Feng Qing got down from the motorbike and almost slipped. Fortunately, Xie Shihao, who was beside her, reached out to hold her back.

“Can you be more careful?”

If Feng Qing were to suffer any injuries before Little Uncle returned, he would be the one to suffer! Moreover, he was puzzled. She was someone who could distinguish between sound and position and could sense obstacles with the wind’s resistance. But as long as she was by his side, accidents would always happen!

Xie Shihao felt that Feng Qing was doing this on purpose so that his uncle could teach him a lesson.

Seeing how nervous Xie Shihao was, Gu Jingtong’s heart sank.

“Shihao, who is this lady?”

Xie Shihao replied without looking up, “Classmate.”

Gu Jingtong gritted her teeth. “What classmate? How could you two bring her into the Gu family’s private villa?”

Xie Shihao’s motorcycle could actually carry a woman. All these years, no matter how much she begged, Xie Shihao never agreed!

Gu Jingtong looked at Feng Qing warily. However, the more she looked, the worse her expression became.

“Whose daughter are you?”

Feng Qing could feel the strong hostility from the other party. “When asking others, isn’t it basic courtesy to introduce yourself first?”

Gu Jingtong sneered. “You came to my Gu family’s private villa. Do you know who I am?”

“Let me tell you, I’m the eldest daughter of the Gu family, Gu Qingye’s younger sister. Who are you? I know all the ladies from the noble families in the Capital, but I’ve never seen you before!”