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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Unattainable in This Life

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“Since Feng Qing is so lucky, your father and I are busy settling down in the Capital. Let’s not see her for now, in case anything happens to the Feng family!”

Hearing Fu Anlan’s words, Feng Jianing felt completely at ease. Feng Qing would never be able to return to the Feng family in this lifetime. She would hold the Feng family firmly in her hands. This way, she wouldn’t have wasted the money she gave that Fengshui master back then.

“Feng Qing? I remember her. What happened to her?” Cao Beining asked.

Back then, he had met Feng Qing once. The reason why he could still remember it after three years was because although Feng Qing was only in her teens back then, her facial features already had the beauty to topple cities. Needless to say, when she grew up, she would definitely look even better.

However, Cao Beining did not know that Feng Jianing’s determination to get rid of Feng Qing was only because he had met her once back then!

When Feng Jianing heard Cao Beining’s words, she was alarmed, but she still had a gentle look on her face. “Have you forgotten? You saw her back then. But after she came back from the mountains, she quickly took a fancy to CEO Wang. My parents went with the flow. I didn’t expect her to hook up with someone older. Perhaps she thinks he’s richer. After all, her horizons aren’t very broad.

“Three years have passed. Maybe she’s still living with that old man. Otherwise, how can she live when she’s blind…”

Back then, the Feng family had wanted Feng Qing to marry President Wang, a man who was even older than her father. He didn’t look good either, and Feng Qing had also run away. Naturally, the Feng family could say whatever they wanted. Hence, Feng Jianing’s parents didn’t refute her.

When Cao Beining heard that, he immediately looked disdainful. “What’s wrong with her? Does she like older people?”

Feng Jianing instantly sighed for Feng Qing. “At that time, she couldn’t see anymore. Perhaps she didn’t know either. She only felt that the other party was good to her and thought that he was sincere with a few words…”

At that moment, Cao Beining’s mind was filled with the scene of Feng Qing being pressed down by a pot-bellied old man. He immediately felt nauseous. He could not even eat the high-end steak in front of him.

To think that he still thought that Feng Qing was a beauty and liked her a little. Now, beauty had instantly become lowly and not presentable.

“Oh right, Jianing, it’s Old Master Gu’s 80th birthday this weekend. It’s at the Gu family’s own hot spring villa. I’ll bring you along.” Cao Beining put down his glass and looked at the Feng couple. “How about Uncle and Auntie? Let’s go together if you have time this weekend.”

When Feng Changjun heard this, he immediately smiled. “Beining is really becoming more and more amazing, you’re even invited to Old Master Gu’s birthday celebration.”

Cao Beining said indifferently, “Uncle, you are being too polite. My aunt has sent an invitation to our family. The Gu family’s private hot spring villa is not open to outsiders. Only those from the Gu family can enter it. After all, the highest grade hot spring has medicinal value.”

Feng Changjun looked at Cao Beining with a look of gratification. This was his son-in-law. Back then, he had really good foresight! He had great insight.

“Just in time. Your aunt has been suffering from insomnia lately. If she can soak in the best natural hot spring, she will definitely be able to sleep well. Moreover, it’s even rarer to be able to enter the Gu family’s hot spring villa and visit the Old Master of the Gu family. Beining, what gift do you think we should give?”

Feng Changjun and Cao Beining began discussing the birthday gift. Feng Jianing had a smug look on her face. Feng Qing would never get such an opportunity in her life, right?

However, when she thought about Gu Qingye’s relationship with Feng Qing in school, Gu Qingye wouldn’t have invited Feng Qing, right? They had only known each other for a few days. How would Feng Qing have the life to enjoy the Gu family’s natural hot spring? When Feng Jianing thought of this, she felt even more smug.

The weekend arrived in the blink of an eye. The Gu family’s hot spring villa was bustling with activity. Cars had been coming over since early in the morning.

Feng Jianing held Cao Beining’s hand. When she saw the words’ hot spring villa ‘, she was agitated. She had only entered the Capital for a few days, but she had already stepped into the territory of an old and wealthy family like the Gu family. How could she not be excited?

The attendant led the guests onto the tour bus and headed to the interior of the manor.

Feng Jianing looked at the exquisite scenery along the way and sighed in her heart. This garden villa was as big as a national park. In the past, she thought that the Feng family was a wealthy family, but compared to the Capital, it was really not just a little inferior.

“Is the hot spring far away from us? If we’re late, will there be any seats left?” As soon as Feng Jianing finished speaking, the attendant in front of her immediately laughed.

“Miss Feng, the Gu family’s private natural hot spring is divided into four levels. Only the highest level is called the Heavenly Lake Hot Spring! The only people who can enter the highest level of the hot springs are the elders and the Gu family’s eldest branch!

“You two are distant relatives of Second Old Master Gu’s family. The one that you can go to is the natural hot spring of the fourth grade.”

Feng Jianing lowered her head in embarrassment.

At the side, Cao Beining said, “Even my aunt can’t go to the highest level hot spring! What are you thinking?”