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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Women Can Be Seduced Too

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Feng Jianing’s fiance was from a local family in Jiangdu. The Cao family was prosperous. Coincidentally, the Cao family had a daughter who was the current wife of the Second Master of the Gu family in the Capital. Although it took him more than twenty years to get promoted!

One year ago, Second Master Gu’s first wife passed away. Second Master Gu brought his lover and youngest son into the Gu family. The Miss of the Cao family stabilized her position very quickly. After all, Second Old Master Gu liked that little lady very much.

Not only did the newly appointed Second Madam of the Gu family lead a good life in the Capital, but she also roped in her maiden family, the Cao family of the Jiangdu, and even the Feng family. This was also why the Feng and Cao families were able to quickly set up their roots in the capital.

Feng Jianing had been sent to the entertainment industry by Mrs. Feng in her early years. Last year, she relied on her piano skills to gain a lot of fans. Although Feng Jianing still needed to improve her acting skills, her piano skills were extremely high.

It could be said that Feng Jianing had some real skills to be able to enter the Capital’s number one university. The entire music academy liked her even more. Although Shen Suying did not like pretty and ostentatious girls, she was still very protective of students who were talented and capable.

As for a student like Feng Qing, Shen Suying did not want to say anything more. If she stayed in the music school, it would only be a shame for the music school.

When Feng Jianing heard Shen Suying’s words, she naturally agreed. At this moment, the bell rang. Shen Suying did not stay for long and let everyone continue with their lessons.

However, when she was leaving, Shen Suying turned around and warned Feng Qing, “Feng Qing! I’m warning you, behave yourself. If you dare to cause trouble again, I’ll definitely apply for you to drop out of school.”

When Feng Qing heard this, she smiled very happily and was not afraid at all. “Then Chief Shen, please do as you wish!”

“Hmph! Remember what you said today!” Shen Suying snorted coldly and turned to leave. Did Feng Qing really think that she was joking? She was a chief. What was so difficult about firing a student without any background?

Xie Shihao wasn’t from the Music Academy, so he could only return to his classroom for lessons. Before he left, he looked at Feng Qing unhappily.

When his uncle left, he warned him that if anything happened to Feng Qing in school, he would have to die to apologize. Thinking that he still had to take care of Feng Qing, Xie Shihao felt that life in university was not happy at all.

However, when Xie Shihao recalled Feng Qing’s ruthless expression when she flipped the table, he suddenly felt that he was the one who needed protection.

“Dude… help me keep an eye on her. If she needs anything, contact me immediately.” Xie Shihao really didn’t want Gu Qingye to be involved. Except for Gu Qingye, no one else could help.

Gu Qingye did not say anything and only sized up Xie Shihao and Feng Qing.

“Qingqing, sit with me.” Xu Mingqian was almost late. He stepped on the bell and walked in. When he bumped into Feng Qing, he was elated and reached out to pull her.

However, before Xu Mingqian’s hand could touch Feng Qing, a person blocked them in the middle.

Gu Qingye slammed the book on the desk. “Little blind girl, sit here.”

“I’ll sit with Xu Mingqian.”

When Xu Mingqian heard Feng Qing call his name directly, he was stunned. However, he thought that perhaps Feng Qing was embarrassed in front of her classmates.

Gu Qingye stopped in his tracks when he heard that. He looked at Feng Qing’s messy hair and tidied it up.

“Come with me!” Gu Qingye’s tone was firm, not giving anyone a chance to reject. When Gu Qingye’s hand approached her, Feng Qing took a step back. Gu Qingye only had time to touch her hair before Feng Qing turned around and sat down with Xu Mingqian.

Compared to Gu Qingye, Feng Qing naturally chose the familiar Xu Mingqian.

Gu Qingye rubbed his fingers. The little blind girl’s hair was so soft. Since Feng Qing didn’t want to sit with him, Gu Qingye didn’t force her, but followed Feng Qing to sit behind her.

The professor had already started his lecture, but most of the students were still looking at Feng Qing.

“How does she know Xu Mingqian? I really want to say that I’m impressed!”

Although Xu Mingqian was from poor special admission, his results were really good. Coupled with Xu Mingqian’s image as a warm man, he was always smiling at everyone. During the military training, many people even compared him, Gu Qingye, and Xie Shihao to debate who was the most handsome guy in the school.

“I should be impressed! After all, we don’t have her fox-like face. She really knows how to seduce men.”

“You guys said that she hasn’t been home for three years. How much did she learn to seduce men?”

“But no one has seen how Feng Qing has lived for the past three years. How could she insist that she seduced men?”

“Who are you? Are you as blind as her? The truth is already laid out!”

“Exactly! Don’t tell me you’ve been seduced by that face of hers? How amazing! She can even seduce women.”