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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Call Your Parents Over

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Gu Qingye looked at Feng Qing’s side profile. He could sense that Feng Qing seemed to be excited when she mentioned those solutions.

What kind of bloodthirsty loli was this?

However, when this little blind girl became powerful, she was even more arrogant than him.

Wu Xue looked into Feng Qing’s pitch-black eyes. She knew that Feng Qing couldn’t see, but she could see the red glow in her eyes. She felt like she was in an icehouse. It was as if Feng Qing was going to cut off her mouth with a pair of scissors the next second. She even saw blood flowing out!

“No, no, no… I won’t do it anymore…” Wu Xue used her hands to support the table that was constantly being pressed down. She felt that her body was numb. She was really afraid. Feng Qing was too terrifying! Before she bullied her, Feng Jianing didn’t say that Feng Qing had such skills! “Feng Qing, I’m sorry! I was jealous that both of them sent you off, so I took a photo… I’m really sorry, please let me go…”

On the other side, Feng Jianing glared at Feng Qing viciously.

Feng Qing looked a little disappointed when she heard Wu Xue’s begging and sighed. “How boring!”

She lifted her leg and turned around to find a seat. She was also a student in this classroom too.

Meanwhile, when the surrounding students saw Feng Qing like this, they all took the initiative to move aside, not daring to surround her anymore, looking at Feng Qing with even more horror.

Just as Feng Qing was about to sit down, the sound of hurried high heels came from outside the classroom. Someone went to look for the teacher? No, it should be said that they went straight to the chief.

Shen Suying received the news from her student and ran over. When she saw her classmate being pressed under the table, her expression turned ugly. “Who did this?”

Naturally, there were people who subconsciously looked towards Feng Qing. As for Wu Xue, she silently retreated. She didn’t know why, but when she met Feng Qing’s dull eyes, she felt fear in her heart. However, she was still unwilling to accept this.

Feng Qing was nothing!

“Feng Qing! You did this?” Shen Suying questioned coldly.

When she heard this, Wu Xue seemed to have been injected with chicken blood. She immediately started crying. “Chief Shen! It’s Feng Qing! She threatened Jianing and me. She wanted to glue our mouths together. She even wanted to burn us with hot iron. She even said that she wanted to cut off my mouth!”

Since Chief Shen was here, Wu Xue felt that she should not be afraid. Who did not know that Chief Shen hated good-looking people the most? Perhaps, with her adding fuel to the fire, Feng Qing could be punished and even leave school! She was blind to begin with, so why would she go to school?

“Feng Qing, you’re too much! You’re bullying your classmates even before the first lesson. Follow me to the office. Contact your parents and get them to come over!”

“It doesn’t matter where your parents are, only when your parents are here, then you can start attending classes.” Shen Suying knew that Feng Qing came from the mountains, so she naturally thought that Feng Qing’s parents were in the mountains! It was obvious that she was deliberately making things difficult for Feng Qing and not allowing her to attend class.

Feng Qing was expressionless as she stood up and followed her to the office. However, when Feng Qing stood up, Gu Qingye and Xie Shihao followed.

“I asked Feng Qing to come with me to the office. What are you two doing here?” Shen Suying looked unhappy.

“Chief Shen, you didn’t even ask what the truth was, and you just asked her to leave? It was Wu Xue who secretly took our photos and posted them on the forum, and she even maliciously hurt us. What Feng Qing did was exactly what the two of us were thinking!”

“But I haven’t had the chance to do it yet…” Xie Shihao followed behind Feng Qing and sneered.

Towards these two young masters, Shen Suying did not dare to move. She could only brace herself and say, “But Feng Qing was the one who destroyed the table and threatened the students. I want to talk to her!”

“You two go back to class.”

“My parents are on a business trip this morning!” Feng Qing smiled.

“Business trip? Why don’t you just work at the construction site?” Shen Suying sneered.

“Feng Qing, I won’t blame you for what happened just now!” Feng Jianing completely forgot about the threat just now and instantly felt proud and elated. She really wanted her parents to come over and see Feng Qing in this state!

Her parents would only be more disappointed if they saw Feng Qing, and she would have a better chance of obtaining the Feng family.

“Jianing, you’re too kind. What wrong did you do…” When Feng Jianing’s fans heard Feng Jianing’s words, they hated Feng Qing even more.

Because of Feng Jianing’s voice, Shen Suying thought of something. “How did I forget you? You two are one family! Feng Jianing, go and inform your parents. When they have time, contact me. I must talk to Mr. and Mrs. Feng about Feng Qing!”

Shen Suying knew about Feng Jianing’s family background. Her family was the richest family in Jiangdu, and they started from real estate.. In the past few years, the Feng family’s business had been getting bigger and bigger, and it was starting to develop towards the Capital.