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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Threatening

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

When Feng Jianing heard the discussions around her, she was laughing so hard in her heart that flowers were about to bloom. However, a look of worry appeared on her face. “Feng Qing grew up in the mountains since she was young. She’s not cultured, and no one taught her to be polite, righteous, and shameful.

“Back then, my parents picked her up from the mountains. She was unwilling to go to school and didn’t have much foresight. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have run away with an old man.

“It’s still my fault. Even though we were born on the same day, regardless of age, I have a responsibility to take care of her. It’s just that I—

“She’s been away from home for three years. I’m sure she’s had a rough time out there.” Speaking up to this point, Feng Jianing even sighed pretentiously.

“What has this got to do with you!?”

“That’s right. She was even saved by the Ninth Master at the opening ceremony yesterday. How is that seducing two male idols? I think she doesn’t even let go of men.”

Feng Jianing gritted her teeth at the mention of how Xie Jiuhan had saved Feng Qing. If not for Feng Qing’s sudden appearance, how could she have rolled down the stairs?

Let that little slut take the limelight.

“A loose woman like Feng Qing must be highly skilled in that aspect. Otherwise, how would she be able to seduce men? She’s been away for three years and probably has some sort of illness. Everyone, be careful. I heard that people like her want to take revenge on society so we have to be careful not to let her infect us with something…”

Wu Xue sat beside Feng Jianing and was slandering Feng Qing. Tang Pan couldn’t help but want to say something, but Feng Jianing moved faster, as if she couldn’t bear to listen any longer. “Xiao Xue, stop it. She’s my sister after all…”

Feng Jianing’s pretentious look made Tang Pan turn her head in disgust. She didn’t want to look at her. She didn’t dare to resist the Feng family, so she naturally couldn’t embarrass Feng Jianing. However, when Tang Pan turned around, she saw the arrogant Xie Shihao and the gloomy Gu Qingye walking in with Feng Qing following behind them.

Like a queen, she calmly walked into the classroom and listened to the insults.

Tang Pan knew that even after three years, Feng Qing was not that kind of person. It was just that she could not speak up for Feng Qing.

“Wu Xue, you really… dare to say anything!” A sweet voice traveled over. Together with the formation around Feng Qing, everyone’s attention was attracted. Combining the information on the school forum, everyone looked at Feng Qing and the other two curiously.

Feng Qing followed Wu Xue’s voice and came to her side. She asked condescendingly, “Were you the one who posted the photos and the posts on the forum?”

Wu Xue didn’t expect to be discovered. She said with a stiff expression, “I don’t understand what you’re talking about!”

Feng Qing couldn’t see Wu Xue’s expression, but she could feel her nervousness. “You don’t understand? Do you have any common sense? The thread you posted has an IP address. You don’t even know how to hide it. You can track it with some skills!”

Wu Xue held her phone guiltily when she heard Feng Qing’s words. Being forced by Feng Qing, Wu Xue had no choice but to admit, “So what? When you first came to school, you took Jianing’s place, took her spotlight, and then seduced men. I found out, so I let everyone see your true colors!”

As she spoke, Wu Xue raised her head and saw that Xie Shihao and Gu Qingye were still there. Her face was actually a little red. It was rare that the two male idols were staring at her.

“Of course. I might have misunderstood Young Master Xie and Young Master Gu’s relationship with you. Then, I apologize to Young Master Xie and Young Master Gu. I’m sorry…”

Feng Qing sneered. “Have you forgotten who you should apologize to?”

“You want me to apologize to you? Who do you think you are? You’re just a slut!” Wu Xue wasn’t afraid anymore. She didn’t believe that Feng Qing could do anything to her!

However, Wu Xue didn’t expect that just as she finished speaking, a loud sound suddenly rang in her ears, followed by intense pain. Feng Qing actually overturned the table and pressed onto her and Feng Jianing!

Was this something a blind person could do? But Feng Qing did it. When she stood beside Wu Xue, Feng Qing raised her hand to touch the outline of the desk. They thought it was because she was blind and couldn’t see!

Feng Qing lifted her foot and stomped. Feng Jianing and Wu Xue couldn’t even lift the table, let alone come out.

“Feng Jianing, this is the last time I’m reminding you. If you slander me again, I’ll glue your mouth shut. If it’s not enough, then I’ll use a piece of red-hot iron to brand it again! You know I’m not joking.”

Feng Qing smiled mockingly and even more ostentatiously. Then, she said to Wu Xue, “I can give you a chance to choose. Of course, if you don’t like the two options, I can reluctantly cut off your mouth.. It’s just that it’s a little bloody. I wonder if Student Wu Xue has blood vertigo?”