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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Feng Qing Is My Sister

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Xie Jiuhan settled the little girl down and walked out of the infirmary. He saw Principal Di and the others standing in the corridor of the infirmary, waiting quietly.

When Xu Mingqian saw Xie Jiuhan come out, he wanted to go in and see how Feng Qing was doing. However, Xie Jiuhan blocked him from going inside.

“She needs a good rest. Don’t go in there and bother her.” Xie Jiuhan’s voice was so cold that it could freeze people into ice sculptures. Xu Mingqian’s expression was unpleasant. He had been warned by this man once again.

Principal Di immediately scolded Xu Mingqian. “Which class are you from? Hurry up and go back to attend the opening ceremony.”

Xu Mingqian looked at the tightly shut doors of the infirmary and clenched his fists. Everyone in front of him was trying to stop him! In the end, it was all because he was a student. He was not strong enough to even take a step forward. Xu Mingqian did not pursue the matter any further. He turned around and left with his head lowered.

After Xu Mingqian left, Principal Di rushed forward and reported the incident respectfully.

“The stage lights were newly changed. The reinforced side wasn’t done properly, so they fell off. We’ve already dealt with the relevant personnel. But I still have to thank the Ninth Master for your quick reaction and saving my student…”

Before Principal Di could finish his flattery, Xie Jiuhan interrupted him. “I hope that this will be the last time such an incident will happen. How dare you call yourself the number one university in the capital? If you can’t even protect the safety of the students, I don’t know what’s the point of my annual donation.”

Xie Jiuhan warned Principal Di before he could say anything else.

Principal Di jogged behind Xie Jiuhan and promised that the school would definitely strengthen security measures in the future and that there would be no more accidents!

Shen Suying looked at Xie Jiuhan’s back view and then looked in the direction of the infirmary. Xie Jiuhan said that he was married and did not interact with the opposite sex. Wasn’t there an exception? This proved that he was not as unreasonable as the rumors said. Moreover, Madam Xie was a beauty. It was impossible for Xie Jiuhan to fall for a blind person.

However, at the thought that Xie Jiuhan had saved Feng Qing, Shen Suying’s perception on Feng Qing disappeared instantly. She actually made Xie Jiuhan make an exception. This made Shen Suying very uncomfortable!

Shen Suying’s expression was a little ferocious, but she quickly felt relieved. There was still time in the future. She would find another chance to deal with Feng Qing!

On the field, the opening ceremony continued. Feng Qing rested for a while before returning to the ceremony.

Although Xie Jiuhan had already left, almost everyone’s eyes were on Feng Qing after the accident.

Feng Qing was led to the front row by Instructor Bai.

Xu Mingqian stood in the back row and looked at Feng Qing with a complicated expression. Until the opening ceremony ended, Xu Mingqian did not step forward to speak to Feng Qing.

After the ceremony ended, Feng Qing was about to leave when Feng Jianing ran out of nowhere and rushed to Feng Qing. “Feng Qing, it’s really you! I thought I was hallucinating. I’m so happy to see you! I think you’re the most suitable person to replace me on the stage.”

Although Feng Jianing was wearing a hat, along the way, she was shouting loudly. Everyone around looked over. “Feng Jianing, what’s your relationship with Feng Qing?”

“What a coincidence, both of you are surnamed Feng!”

“Feng Qing is my younger sister.” Feng Jianing lowered her hat and bit her lip. Her pitiful look made the people around her feel sorry for her.

“Your sister? What sister? You have the same surname, your biological sister?”

The surrounding people were discussing fervently.

However, Feng Jianing didn’t answer the people around her anymore. She only secretly pinched her hand and squeezed out two drops of tears. Then, she looked at Feng Qing and said, “Feng Qing, where have you been for the past three years? Mom and Dad have been looking for you! I’m also looking for you.

“Why haven’t you come home? I’m really shocked that you got into the Capital University. I’m also happy for you. After all, you were expelled from high school and don’t have much education… I heard that there are a few unpopular majors who have a lower threshold…

“Oh! Look at me, why am I saying all this? I’m really happy for you that you can go to university. Feng Qing, let’s go home today. It’s been three years. Father and Mother are no longer angry with you. After all, they were worried about you back then. You won’t still hate Father and Mother, right?”

When the surrounding people heard Feng Jianing’s words, their discussions became softer. They were all listening attentively to the gossip.


Feng Qing sneered. “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely go back to my home.. You must have been very happy for the past three years, right? You’re not the biological daughter of the Feng family, yet you’re taking up my position and enjoying everything I have. I think you’re really happy!”