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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Old Man Continue to Be Awkward

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Jianing walked towards the back of the big screen.

When she was preparing for her speech in the morning, she specially checked the position of the podium. The row of flashing lights under the screen was changed by her. At that time, because the size was not suitable, she specially used a rope to reinforce it. She wanted to appear perfectly and there must not be any accidents. She did not expect that it would benefit someone else.

But now, it was her chance again. Feng Jianing knew that God was still on her side.

After making sure that no one was paying attention to her, Feng Jianing’s gaze turned vicious. She took out a small folding knife that she used to protect herself and cut the reinforced rope bit by bit.

The moment the rope was broken, the row of stage lights that had lost their control fell one after another. Feng Qing was standing right below her. As long as she couldn’t dodge, even if she couldn’t die, she could still be crippled.

Gu Qingye, who was standing in the first row, was shocked. There was an accident on the stage, and the little blind girl couldn’t see it. He wanted to rush up to save her, but someone was faster than him and rushed past him like a spring.

At least five to six meters away from the podium, Xie Jiuhan’s speed was like a cheetah’s. He rushed forward and hugged Feng Qing tightly, then dodged to the side.


A row of spotlights fell at Feng Qing’s feet. The broken glass fragments scratched Xie Jiuhan’s ears.

Following this sound, the people on the field erupted.

Xie Jiuhan ignored the pain in his ears and examined the girl in his arms. A piece of glass about five to six centimeters long was pierced into her snow-white calf. Blood had already dripped onto the ground.

Feng Qing murmured, “It hurts.” She hugged Xie Jiuhan tightly.

Xie Jiuhan carried Feng Qing and walked through the crowd with a cold face. When he passed by the principal, his gaze was malicious. He did not listen to the principal’s explanation.

At that moment, Di Zongzhi felt that he had seen a genuine killing intent in the Ninth Master’s eyes. There was only one sentence in his mind: It was over!

In the crowd, Gu Qingye retracted his leg and stood up straight. There was a playful look in his eyes as he teased Xie Shihao who was beside him. “Are you sure this is the legendary Ninth Master who is decisive and unreasonable? Your uncle?”

Xie Shihao’s face darkened. “Hmph, what a vixen!”

Gu Qingye raised his brows in confusion.

Xie Jiuhan carried Feng Qing to the nearest infirmary in the school to treat Feng Qing’s bleeding wound. At that moment, Xie Jiuhan’s heart was so violent that he wanted to kill someone. He carefully pulled out the glass shards, disinfected them, and bandaged them. Throughout the entire process, he did not say a word.

“Jiu… it hurts…” Feng Qing couldn’t see, but the other sensations were magnified by a hundred times. It was extremely sensitive. Although it hurt, she could also feel that Xie Jiuhan was in a terrible mood.

However, when Feng Qing opened her mouth softly, although Xie Jiuhan did not say a word, his movements became even gentler. He carefully blew on Feng Qing’s wound before getting up to sit behind her. Xie Jiuhan hugged Feng Qing and pressed on her legs to prevent her from subconsciously twitching due to the pain.

Feng Qing leaned against Xie Jiuhan’s chest and felt his breath on her ear. Her heart felt itchy. She knew that her Jiuhan was stubborn but soft-hearted.

She asked curiously, “What fell down just now?”

“Lights.” Xie Jiuhan was a man of few words.

Feng Qing pouted and nodded. She had sensed the danger and was prepared to dodge. However, when she heard Xie Jiuhan rushing over, she naturally waited for him on the spot.

Recalling the man’s desperation, Feng Qing rubbed her lifeless eyes against her chest like a kitten.

“Jiu… I can hear your heart beat so fast. Are you worried about me?”

Xie Jiuhan wrapped up her wound and said in an unfriendly tone, “I didn’t.”

At this moment, Xie Jiuhan’s brows were tightly knitted. The glass shards had pierced less than a centimeter into her leg, which was considered lucky. Otherwise, she would have needed stitches. However, it would leave a scar on the young lady’s fair calf, and it made Xie Jiuhan feel uncomfortable again.

“Stubborn. I really don’t understand what you’re feeling awkward about. Is it so hard to admit that you’re worried…” Feng Qing knew that he was throwing a tantrum. He didn’t want to keep her constrained by his side, but she met with an accident on the first day she went out. This man must be blaming himself. His nervous heartbeat was about to burst out of her eardrums, yet he was still being stubborn.

“Qingqing, how are you?”

The door of the infirmary was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Xu Mingqian ran in, panting heavily. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Feng Qing in Xie Jiuhan’s arms.

Feng Qing’s ears twitched. Hearing Xu Mingqian’s worry, she smiled sweetly and comforted him, “Brother Mingqian, I’m fine. I’ll be alive and kicking tomorrow.”

“Brother, Qingqing…” Xie Jiuhan’s thin lips lightly spat out two words. He licked his upper teeth and tried his best to suppress his emotions. He didn’t want the young lady to know that he still couldn’t control his emotions.. However, his tone was so cold that it seemed like it could freeze people into ice shards.