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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Murderous Lord Jiu

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Di Zongzhi “…”

“Just do as I say. I’ll be the finale!” Di Zongzhi’s legs actually felt a little weak. Xie Jiuhan was a little scary right now, so he did not want to go.

He Xu had no choice but to inform Feng Qing, who was still memorizing the script, to go on stage. He suddenly remembered that Feng Qing couldn’t see Xie Jiuhan, so naturally, she wouldn’t be nervous or afraid. It might not be the same for the others. After all, no one knew that the guest was actually Xie Jiuhan.

They did not know why this big shot was so unpredictable. He had invited him in such a high-profile manner every year, yet he did not come. This year, he had invited him as usual. Everyone thought that he would not come, but he had come!

“Next, let’s welcome the new student representative to give her speech!” As soon as the host finished speaking, Feng Qing walked onto the stage amidst the applause. He Xu had already told her the number of steps.

“The school beauty is here…”

“She really is the school belle in white. She has long legs! Her legs are really white…”

The sparse applause was basically given by the boys. They all knew that the freshman representative this time was Feng Jianing, and many straight guys were looking forward to it.

The boys were far away and couldn’t see clearly that the person who came wasn’t Feng Jianing but Feng Qing.

At that moment, Xie Jiuhan, who was sitting in the front row, released his murderous aura when he heard the commotion behind him. This was no longer just cold air.

The principal touched his arm. It was so cold. What was wrong with this person?

When Feng Qing stood on the podium, the large screen behind the podium clearly displayed her close-up. The crowd instantly broke out in cheers.

Feng Jianing was just panting heavily when she ran to Tang Pan’s side excitedly. She heard the exclamations around her and happily thought that she was recognized even though she was wearing a hat. However, she heard a boy behind her shout, “F*ck… Where did this beauty come from? I thought that Feng Jianing was not bad. I didn’t expect that she would be even more beautiful!”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jianing took off her hat that was covering her injuries. She looked up at the big screen and felt as though she was struck by lightning! Was it so cruel to follow her like a shadow? Was she hallucinating again? Why did she see that b*tch everywhere she went?!

Feng Qing’s face was enlarged on the high-definition screen. Her skin was so perfect that there was not a single flaw. Her face was as delicate as a little rabbit’s, and every frown and smile was endearing.

At this moment, Feng Qing still did not know that she was being projected, but she could feel that there were many people below. What made her concerned was that she heard a familiar heartbeat.

Why was her Jiu here?

Feng Qing smiled and began to speak in a clear and sweet voice, “Dear leaders and teachers, students, hello. I’m a freshman at the music school, Feng Qing…”

Shen Suying had been waiting below for Feng Qing to be kicked down by the students because of their lip-reading. She felt that a poor student like Feng Qing was still blind. She was not even worthy of being stained with the mud of the best university in the capital! However, Shen Suying waited for a long time but didn’t see the result she wanted to see because Feng Qing didn’t use Feng Jianing’s script at all.

Feng Qing’s manuscript was completely different. Where did she copy it from? This was the first thought in Shen Suying’s mind.

Shen Suying frantically took out her phone to search for the content of Feng Qing’s speech, but the results were blank. Her expression was very complicated. It was already very difficult for a blind person to memorize an unfamiliar Thousand Character Classic in less than half an hour. This blind person could actually do an off-script speech. No, this student was not simple.

Shen Suying still could not believe that Feng Qing could really do it to such an extent. She could write such an impassioned speech based on what she learned in the mountains?

How many students were like this in the mountains? What kind of teaching standard was that? Shen Suying did not even take a fancy to her first place, but Feng Qing in front of her was using her strength to slap her face.

Feng Jianing and Tang Pan were even more shocked than Shen Suying.

Feng Jianing’s legs went soft. At this moment, she felt that she was a fool, and a big one at that! The Feng Qing she saw wasn’t a ghost at all. The little slut was really back! It turned out that not only was she not dead, but she was also alive and well. She went to the Capital University and snatched her freshman speech, causing her to fall and break her head!

Feng Jianing knew long ago that as long as Feng Qing was still around, she would definitely steal her limelight. She should have known long ago. At this moment, Feng Jianing’s eyes turned red. She seemed to have thought of something. She gritted her teeth and quietly disappeared into the crowd.

It was laughable. The people who were still looking forward to Feng Jianing’s arrival had their attention taken away by Feng Qing. No one even noticed that Feng Jianing had come. Even Tang Pan had forgotten about Feng Jianing beside her. Instead, she looked at Feng Qing under the screen with slightly red eyes. She… came back. She didn’t die.. That was great.