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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Married, Not to Touch the Opposite Gender

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The man in the crowd actually made the group of love-struck fools and the group of straight men who were looking forward to Feng Jianing shut up.

When Gu Qingye saw who it was, he turned around and patted Xie Shihao. Xie Shihao was stunned. He immediately stopped being impatient and bowed respectfully to the person. “Uncle, why… why are you here…” Xie Shihao admired and feared his uncle.

The leaders of the Capital University surrounded Xie Jiuhan and sat down. They were all beaming with joy.

Xie Jiuhan’s eyes were deep and unfathomable. When he wasn’t angry, it was as if he was staring into an abyss, unable to extricate himself from a dream. Dressed in a simple dark blue custom-made suit, he looked as unfathomable as the universe, making people involuntarily submit to his cold aura.

“Jiu Han! It’s really you. I’m so happy. I thought you wouldn’t be invited this year.” Shen Suying did not expect that the big shot was really Xie Jiuhan. Her bright smile was completely different from her usual sharp and mean smile. It was as if she was a different person. As she spoke, she prepared to greet him. They were old acquaintances.

However, she was stopped by the bodyguards who were clueless. Shen Suying’s expression went ugly.

“I’m married. I don’t touch the opposite sex.” Xie Jiuhan’s voice was cold. However, when he spoke of marriage, there was a hint of affection.

Seeing that, Shen Suying’s face turned even uglier. Was it because she was a few years older, so she had no chance?

Xie Jiuhan no longer paid attention to those who were not related to him. He looked around and did not see the person he was thinking about. His gaze was unfriendly as he asked in a deep voice, “All the new students are here?”

Principal Di replied respectfully, “Since everyone is here, no one can take leave today.”

Hearing this, Xie Jiuhan swept his gaze across the room once again. Wherever his gaze landed, men and women would be agitated, and their breathing would become chaotic.

“Who is the Ninth Master looking for? Other than his nephew Xie Shihao, who else does he know?”

“Who knows? But the Ninth Master’s eyes are so handsome that you can’t close your legs! How can there be a man’s eyes that are as mesmerizing as the vast universe…”

“I heard the Ninth Master say that he’s married! What kind of woman could possess the Ninth Master’s vast universe!”

“Little Uncle? Little Uncle! Are you looking for me?” Xie Shihao, who was standing behind Xie Jiuhan, stretched his neck and shook it. He mustered his courage and shouted at Xie Jiuhan with eyes full of admiration.

However, Xie Jiuhan still ignored him.

“The new students are not all here yet, so there’s no need to hold the opening ceremony.” The man looked but couldn’t find her and spoke directly to the principal. The anger emanating from his body made everyone’s hearts tremble.

Upon seeing this, Principal Di immediately instructed the people below, “Go and check the number of people immediately and see who is missing.”

In the crowd, Tang Pan saw that even Shen Suying came down personally to name names. She thought for a while and hurriedly called Feng Jianing. “Jianing, how are you? I think you should come over to attend the new student’s ceremony.”

At this moment, Feng Jianing’s head was wrapped in gauze, and her voice sounded a little weak. “I’ve already applied for leave. I can’t go in my current state.”

Tang Pan pursed her lips. She thought that it was just a cut on the skin and a bit of blood. Why was she pretending to be a princess? However, she still lowered her voice and said, “Let me tell you, the famous Ninth Master is here. He has been looking for someone just now. I feel that his eyes are looking at our music school. I suspect that he is looking for you!

“You’re the current school belle. You’ve even filmed a movie before, and you’re even the designated representative of the freshmen. Who doesn’t know you? I heard that the school invited him many times, but he never came. In the end, he came this year…”

Tang Pan was fooling Feng Jianing. She felt that a person like Xie Jiuhan wouldn’t watch movies, much less like a flower vase that only knew marketing and had no substance.

Feng Jianing had always flaunted that she was the representative of the freshmen. Now, because she had fallen down the stairs, she couldn’t be the representative anymore. Watching others enter the stage, her heart was filled with anger. She even thought that she should just ignore it. But Tang Pan wouldn’t do as she wished. As long as she could make Feng Jianing uncomfortable, she would do anything.

Just as she thought that she was about to lose a chance to see Feng Jianing make trouble, she didn’t expect to have a new chance.

When Feng Jianing heard Tang Pan’s words, she said that it was impossible, but she honestly got down from the bed. “Since that’s the case, alright then. Pan Pan, help me tell the guide that it’s already a pity that I can’t give a speech. I will still attend the new student ceremony.”

On the field.

Xie Jiuhan, who had not seen Feng Qing the whole time, became more and more irritable. He exuded a low pressure.

When Principal Di Zongzhi saw this, he turned to the dean of the Music Academy beside him and said, “Go, quickly get your new student representative on stage to give a speech.”

If they didn’t hurry, Xie Jiuhan would leave soon.

He Xu said, “Principal Di, aren’t you the first to give a speech?”