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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Who’s Going to Substitute for the Freshmen Speech?

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The middle-aged man walked towards Feng Qing and said in a friendly tone, “I’m He Xu, the Dean of the music school. I was about to pick you up. Come in, don’t listen to Gu Qingye’s nonsense. Chief Shen wanted to know about your situation after knowing about it, so we informed you to come over.”

He Xu glared at Gu Qingye and walked away. He did not reach out to help Feng Qing because he knew that a child like her needed normal communication and not sympathy.

He Xu, the Dean of the School of Music, was 45 years old. He was a top classical music artist and was famous for his erhu.

He pounced on Gu Qingye again and said, “Student Feng Qing is very good. Her major is the violin. Although she’s not physically convenient, she’s involved in many classical instruments! I think if your eyes don’t need it, you can donate it to someone who needs it. Of course, they might not like it.”

He Xu lashed out at Gu Qingye. A brat like Gu Qingye couldn’t be spoiled. If it wasn’t because of his parents, He Xu wouldn’t fancy such a child no matter how smart he was.

Without waiting for Gu Qingye to say anything, He Xu turned around and said to Feng Qing, “Gu Qingye just has a bad mouth, but he’s actually good at heart. He didn’t say that to you on purpose.”

Then, he led Feng Qing to the office and looked at the middle-aged woman waiting inside. “Chief Shen, sorry to keep you waiting. This is the special admission student I told you about.”

Shen Suying was dressed in a standard black business suit. Her hair was tied up and she looked like she was in her thirties. She looked at Feng Qing impatiently, holding Feng Qing’s file in her hand. She had seen countless students, especially in the Capital’s top university. In this top university in the Capital, everyone looked at each other with their eyes on their head. None of the students’ files were like Feng Qing’s… complicated and unpresentable.

From a poor mountain district, her primary school results had always been number one. She was also number one in junior high school. However, after leaving the mountains, her high school results were a tragic sight. She was forced to drop out of school because she beat her teacher? Jiangdu’s No. 1 High School was the best high school in Jiangdu. How did she study after she got in? She was also forced to drop out of school because of her zero grades and fights.

Shen Suying felt a headache coming up. Could it be that her personality changed drastically after she became blind? It was just that this blindness did not match the time written on it. If she was blind in high school, how did she pass the examination?

She was even more curious about how Feng Qing got into the Capital University. When she found out that the Music Academy had recruited such a person this year, she immediately went to Dean He, claiming that she wanted to know more about her new student, but in reality, she just wanted to get rid of this tumor.

How could the number one university in the capital city have such a student dragging them down? It would simply affect the school’s reputation.

She herself was from the admissions office, and she didn’t even know how this student managed to get in! Feng Qing’s existence was a major mistake in her work.

“Student Feng Qing, can you tell me how you got into the capital’s number one university? Did you rely on your guide dog to lead the way? Not just anyone can enter here.” Shen Suying did not care what He Xu was trying to do to her. She asked sharply.

“The Capital University chose me.” Feng Qing’s voice was sweet and affirmative.

“Haha? What did I hear? Dean He, could this be the ancestor invited by the school?” Shen Suying could not hide her contempt at all. Her voice became shrill.

“Maybe.” Feng Qing replied with a smile. Wasn’t she the little ancestor of Xie Jiuhan?

As for her, if the small gangsters in A Dark Organization found out that she was only a freshman in her twenties, she would definitely be laughed at by them. In that organization, everyone’s IQ was above 180, so it was impossible for an over-age student like her to appear.

“You…” Shen Suying pointed at Feng Qing and was speechless. She hated women with outstanding looks the most in her life. Feng Qing was the most eye-catching woman she had ever seen. She already had a bad impression of her, and now that she was being humiliated, she looked at Feng Qing with even more disgust.

At the entrance of the director’s office, Gu Qingye, who was standing there casually, tried to hold back his laughter. If Feng Qing had not been blind, he really wanted to give her a thumbs up! Shen Suying, this old virgin, was so angry that she could not speak. What a talent.

During the military training, this old woman had been targeting pretty girls and was very strict. The pretty girls complained one after another.

Wasn’t it just her fiancé who ran away with a young lady in her early years? After they got married, her husband cheated on her with a young lady who was ten years younger than her? Was there a need to pick on someone who was good-looking? Which man didn’t like young ladies?

Suddenly, Dean He Xu’s phone rang. He Xu picked up his phone and turned around to answer the call. Then, he frowned. “What happened? Feng Jianing’s head is injured? Are you sure she can’t go on stage? Alright, I understand. Let her have a good rest. Don’t feel pressured.”

He Xu put down the phone and looked at the few people in the room. He did not continue the topic of Feng Qing. The matter of the new student’s speech was obviously more important now. He briefly talked to Chief Shen, and the two of them fell silent.

Shen Suying frowned. “She’s too careless… It’s just that at this time, who would replace her…”