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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: The Bird With Broken Wings

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Initially, Xie Jiuhan really couldn’t do this with his blood tainted hands. However, he despised the servants for being clumsy and took on this job himself. He took on this job for three years and was used to it.

Even though he knew that Feng Qing could do it herself, Xie Jiuhan did not let go. As long as he got close to her, his heart would calm down.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I know you don’t want to go, and you haven’t missed out on anything that your peers have been learning all these years, but that’s not enough. You should interact more with your peers, make some friends, and not those teachers I’ve found!

“I’ve already spoken to the principal of the Capital University. With a new identity, it won’t attract any attention and no one will dare to bully you. Don’t worry.”

Xie Jiuhan rubbed Feng Qing’s head, his eyes filled with tenderness. For the past three years, Feng Qing had been following him around through thick and thin. He didn’t have any friends, and Feng Qing had never rejected him either. Even though she was blind… he couldn’t deny that he was indeed selfish at the start. He was using her to suppress his temper, but as time passed, feelings grew. She was already the closest person to him.

As Feng Qing grew older, she had missed out on too many things. Xie Jiuhan didn’t want Feng Qing to reject contact with this world because of her eyes. He knew that Feng Qing was actually willing. Otherwise, when he invited teachers one by one, she had never really rejected him.

Regardless of whether it was zither, chess, calligraphy, or other things, all the teachers told him that if Feng Qing wasn’t blind, she would definitely have great accomplishments! Therefore, Xie Jiuhan knew that Feng Qing was a bird with broken wings. She still looked forward to flying again.

Feng Qing lowered her head, feeling a little down. How could she not want to stand on campus like a normal person?

When she was 17 years old, her teacher told her that with her grades, she would definitely be able to get into the top university in the capital city. However, it was also in that year that she found her biological parents and in return, came back with blindness.

The next morning, Feng Qing rejected Xie Jiuhan’s offer to send her to school personally. Since she had said that she wanted to experience it, she would do it properly. In Feng Qing’s heart, she was only a twenty-year-old girl.

“I’ll take March with me. Don’t worry!”

March was Feng Qing’s guide dog. She was a two-year-old Labrador. It was a male and was docile and obedient. Ji Yunchen bought him for Feng Qing. It had to be said that Ji Yunchen was quite serious at times.

“Follow him. Remember what I said!” Watching the little girl leave with March, Xie Jiuhan waved his hand. Xie Qi received his orders and secretly followed Feng Qing with his men.

Xie Qi had always known that this little ancestor was the only one at Ninth Master’s place!

“Tsk tsk! Xie Jiuhan, she’s just going to school. It’s not a big deal. Look at how worried you are.” Ji Yunchen leaned on the sofa and teased Xie Jiuhan.

Xie Jiuhan rolled his eyes at him and threw the little thing from that night onto Ji Yunchen. “I haven’t settled the score with you yet. How dare you come today!”

“Me? You’re useless! I’ve already reminded her not to make mistakes, you guys…”

Ji Yunchen caught the little thing. Halfway through his words, he suddenly changed his tone. “You didn’t hold it in, did you?”

Xie Jiuhan ignored him and went upstairs.

However, Ji Yunchen did not give up. He continued nagging, “I say, Ninth Master, what you’ve been drugged with is no ordinary aphrodisiac… Did you hold it in for the whole night? Are you still a virgin at 25 years old?

“As a man and a doctor, I sincerely say that I can’t hold it in. It’ll hurt my body!”

As Ji Yunchen spoke, he saw Xie Jiuhan sitting in front of his desk. There were a few red marks on his collar.

It turned out… they had done the deed, but they had not taken any safety measures!

“Ninth Master!” Su Yu stood at the door of the study room and waited for instructions, interrupting Ji Yunchen’s nagging.

“The chairman of Ding Corporation already knows that you’ve dealt with his daughter. He’s currently terminating his business with the Xie family. He even said that he wants you to lose your footing in the business world and kill you.”

“Ha!” Xie Jiu scoffed coldly. “Go public with what his precious daughter did and see who will kill who. This matter isn’t important. Just do as you see fit. How is the godly doctor?”

Xie Jiuhan did not care about the Ding Corporation at all.

Upon hearing Xie Jiuhan’s question, Su Yu, who was already trembling, broke out in cold sweat. He was afraid of asking this question now.

“I’m sorry, Ninth Master. Other than knowing that the godly doctor is related to A Dark Organization, we can’t find anything else. We…”

Xie Jiuhan didn’t want to listen to Su Yu anymore. He directly said, “Send word that the Xie family will do anything to deal with them until they hand over the godly doctor!”