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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Tricked Again

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Qing was a little embarrassed. If Ji Yunchen knew that the old pervert he was talking about was her, he would understand why her ears turned red.

What kind of crappy matter was this? It was too embarrassing!

As for the dark organization that Ji Yunchen was talking about, it was not a code name. Its name was A Dark Organization. It was an organization that wandered outside the law and order. As long as you could afford it, it could help you complete the task that you entrusted to them.

No one knew how many years they had existed or who had built them. None of the orders they had taken had failed. They had been undefeated for many years… It was only when they met Xie Jiuhan that the undefeated legend was broken.

Now, Xie Jiuhan was ranked first among all the bounties offered by A Dark Organization!

“He’s inside. You… be careful. I don’t have any instructions for you. I’ll give you this. Good luck, and don’t make any mistakes!” Ji Yunchen brought Feng Qing all the way to Xie Jiuhan’s room. He took out the condoms he had prepared and placed them in Feng Qing’s hands. Although Ji Yunchen’s words were short, there was a lot of information…

Feng Qing was confused. But before Feng Qing could ask anything else, she was pushed into the suite.

The room was as bright as day. Under the strong light, Feng Qing could feel clusters of shadows in front of her. With her exceptional hearing ability, she could hear the wind and identify her position. Even in an unfamiliar environment, Feng Qing could move freely. She was no longer the little blind girl who needed to sense directions barefooted.

“Xie Jiuhan!” Feng Qing walked towards the bathroom based on her hearing. There was the sound of water, breathing and Xie Jiuhan’s heartbeat.

Without waiting for Feng Qing to push the door open, the bathroom door was suddenly opened from the inside. A man drenched from head to toe walked out. His gaze was malicious, like an eagle staring at its prey with a hint of bloodlust.

“How are you? Are you okay?” Feng Qing felt the person in front of her and raised her hand to accurately touch his face. She knew that he was acting up again and was extremely irritable. And when she touched him, his entire body tensed up.

“Where’s Ji Yunchen? Why didn’t he, as a doctor, come in and let you come in instead? Get out now.” Xie Jiuhan pulled down Feng Qing’s hand and pushed her away, his voice hoarse.

“He can’t solve Mr. Qingyi’s problem. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have called me here in a hurry.” Feng Qing felt very guilty when she said this. She was the one who came up with this medicine, so she naturally knew how to cure it. However, since Xie Jiuhan was so vigilant, how could she not be discovered and cure him? Or should she just use the little thing Ji Yunchen gave her?

“Ha!” Hearing Mr. Qingyi’s name, Xie Jiuhan gritted his teeth. He would definitely catch Mr. Qingyi and teach him a lesson!

Feng Qing could hear Xie Jiuhan’s restrained breathing beside her ear. She knew that he must be feeling very uncomfortable. After all, she was the one who had developed the medicine. Feng Qing was very clear about the effects.

After thinking for a while, Feng Qing decided to do something big tonight. She passed the condom to Xie Jiuhan.

“Here! Ji Yunchen said not to make mistakes.”

Xie Jiuhan was caught off guard. When he saw the thing in his hand, he almost gasped. He pinched Feng Qing’s neck and said in a low and hoarse voice, “Do you know what this is? How dare you give it to me?”

Feng Qing mumbled shyly, “I’m not a child, I’m already twenty!” With that, she accurately kissed Xie Jiuhan’s lips…

Xie Jiuhan’s tensed body instantly tensed up!


To Feng Qing, the difference between day and night was that there were more shadows. However, she could clearly feel the change in temperature. Lying in Xie Jiuhan’s embrace, she could feel his breath and heartbeat at a close distance. Feng Qing was especially at ease as she caressed his face from his chest.

The biggest regret of not being able to see was that she could not see Xie Jiuhan’s face properly even though she had touched his face countless times! Everyone said that he was very good-looking and scary. Those who had seen him before did not dare to look into his eyes as they were bloodthirsty and malicious, as though they were staring at their prey. Being stared at by him would not escape his grasp.

It was just that this kind of person also had his tender feelings. He still couldn’t bear to part with her…

Xie Jiuhan slowly opened his eyes. As he looked at the little girl in his arms caressing his face inch by inch, the desire in his heart grew even stronger. This feeling was as if he had fallen into a calamity again!

“Get up and wash up. Let’s prepare for school today.” Xie Jiuhan took a deep breath, stretched out his long arms, and lifted the little girl from his arms. She could no longer lie down…

“Mm? What are you talking about?” Feng Qing was a little stunned. She was still immersed in feeling Xie Jiuhan’s appearance and marveling at their strong relationship. In the next second, this man had already woken up and carried her. When did this man wake up? He was really bullying her for being blind and not telling her when she woke up.

“I said you’re going to the Capital University to report for school tomorrow.” As Xie Jiuhan spoke, he carried Feng Qing to the bathroom and placed the little girl on the sink. He washed her face and brushed her teeth like an old father.

The young lady naturally accepted the man’s care and obediently brushed her teeth.. Those who didn’t know better would think that she couldn’t take care of herself.