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The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Qingqing, Why Are Your Ears Red?

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Madam Xie’s words made Feng Jianing’s expression indescribable. It was as if knives were stabbing her everywhere. “I don’t know. This is my aunt’s research. She’s usually in her own lab, but when we bring it back this time, our family will study it.”

Feng Qing smiled. “That’s a pity. I don’t need to study it to know.”

“What?” Feng Jianing was stunned. What was this woman talking about? How could she know what Feng Yiru had done before she died?

Without waiting for Feng Jianing to continue, Feng Qing no longer had the patience to continue talking to her.She threw ‘Shadow’ to the ground! The bottle shattered into pieces and the entire auction hall was filled with a strong fragrance. Everyone was in an uproar!

Seeing ‘Shadow’ shattered, Feng Jianing’s face turned ashen. Her heart was broken.

Just as there was a commotion, Feng Qing sprinkled some unknown powder on the perfume on the ground. The smell of ‘Shadow’ immediately changed.

Although they had only met once, Feng Qing still remembered what Feng Yiru had said when she had broken off all ties with the Feng family. “Even if I, Feng Yiru, die, I will not leave anything for the Feng family!”

Feng Qing didn’t mind helping her.

The ‘Shadow’ had changed its taste. Feng Jianing was standing at the side. She was stimulated by both her spirit and fragrance and actually had hallucinations.

She saw herself being kicked out of the Feng family, Feng Qing dug out her eyes and threw her to a fat old man with yellow teeth…

She had experienced all the injustice and hardships Feng Qing had experienced. Feng Jianing couldn’t help but cry out loudly. She ran out in a panic and couldn’t care about anything else.

The scene was instantly in chaos. Feng Qing ignored them and left through the VIP passageway with her bodyguards.

After leaving the auction house, Feng Qing went straight to the Capital International Hotel because there were still people waiting for her.

At the Capital International Hotel, Ji Yunchen, who was dressed in a white suit, was anxiously looking back and forth at the hotel entrance, waiting for that little ancestor.

Finally, Ji Yunchen saw the light. The little ancestor’s car stopped at the entrance and he hurriedly went to open the door.

Feng Qing got out of the car. She had already taken off her hat and sunglasses, revealing a pair of unfocused eyes. Her face was like peach blossoms brushing against her face, making one’s heart itch.

For the past three years, Feng Qing had tried all sorts of methods to restore her vision, but it had never recovered. She could only see a hazy shadow under the strong light now. She didn’t know what poison Feng Jianing had used to aggravate her condition. Feng Qing even thought of opening her skull to get rid of the blood clot, but Xie Jiuhan stopped her. After all, the risk was too great.

“What happened to Jiu Han?” Through the sound of breathing, Feng Qing could accurately determine that the person who opened the car door was Ji Yunchen.

“My little ancestor, you’ve finally arrived. Your Jiu was drugged by Mr. Qingyi! Do you think that Mr. Qingyi is crazy? He came up with such a drug for no reason… What kind of drug did he use to bring disaster to the country? Is he crazy?” Ji Yunchen gritted his teeth as he spoke, his heart filled with hatred.

After hearing Ji Yunchen’s words, Feng Qing almost stumbled. Luckily, Xie Qi reacted quickly and supported her.

A month ago, someone gave Mr. Qingyi a hundred million yuan to customize a colorless and odorless aphrodisiac because she wanted to give it to an extremely powerful person. That person was very vigilant and could only rely on external influences to spread it to him. This drug only had one effect, and that was to make the drugged person burn with desire and have to find someone to make out with…

No one knew that “Mr. Qingyi” was actually just a fake persona created by Feng Qing on the Internet. Feng Qing made the medicine that the person wanted, then took the money and handed over the goods, not taking this matter to heart.

However, that person did not say that she would give it to Xie Jiuhan!

When Ji Yunchen saw that Feng Qing almost fell, he thought that she was anxious and quickly helped her to continue walking. As they walked, he gritted his teeth and scolded, “Don’t worry, that woman who dared to drug Ninth Master has already been dealt with. She was the one who said that she spent a huge sum of money to buy it from that old pervert, Mr. Qingyi!”

“I say, that Mr. Qingyi is very likely related to A Dark Organization. They’ve been jumping around the Ninth Master all these years, assassinating, killing, poisoning, and scheming against each other. What haven’t they tried? Now, they’ve contacted that pervert, Mr. Qing Yi! They’re starting to use their trump cards.”

“Eh? Qingqing, why are your ears so red?”

Feng Qing “…”