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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 95 - Trinity-A Surprising Truth




I woke up in a room that was nearly dark, just a small lamp across the room from me. It was damp and smelled like mold, mildew, and dirt. I felt a slight chill. All these clues made me think I was underground somewhere, most likely a very old cellar or basement. The table the lamp sat on and a single chair next to it were the only furniture I could see in the room.

The last thing I had remembered was calling out Reece's name when Caleb was about to put the cloth over my mouth. Now, I was waking up groggily with my face pressed into the dirt. The left side of my face stung like I had been hit, or maybe dropped, on my face. 

I tried to push myself into a sitting position, but that was when I realized that my arms were tied behind my back. They had obviously been there for a while because they had gone numb from the position they were in. I didn't know what time it was, or how long I'd been here, but I knew I needed to get away.

I used my shoulder and rolled to the side to get myself into a sitting position. My head and face throbbed and it was difficult to see out of my left eye. There was also a slight taste of blood in my mouth and a stinging ache on my lips. I couldn't tell if someone had hit me while I was unconscious or if they had just dropped me on my face when they threw in this room. 

I was looking around the room, trying to get my bearings when I heard someone whisper my name. It sounded like Reece's voice but I didn't see him anywhere. It was impossible for him to be here anyway, he was in LA, he didn't even know what had happened to me. And we might have gotten closer over the last few days, but I doubt he would put that much effort into finding me. No, I was going to be here until I saved myself.

"Finally, you're awake." A man spoke from the shadows, his voice was ominous, deep and smooth, and  vaguely familiar.

"Who are you?" I demanded of the dark corner.

"I've been waiting a long time for you, Trinity." The man stepped forward into the dim light. He was tall if you were thinking from a human perspective, but he was shorter than most of the men in the pack, probably just shy of six feet tall. He had hair that was as white as snow yet he looked no older than thirty. His face was long and full of angular lines. But his complexion that looked moonlight and his bright blue eyes were the exact same as mine.

"Who are you?" I asked again but in a much weaker voice.

"You've been asleep for several hours, how are you feeling?"

"Stop ignoring me." I shouted at him. He smirked, looking at me with an odd expression, it was calm but looked frightening.

"You don't want my full attention yet child, so be careful what you ask for." His voice was menacing as he stalked in slow circles around the cold, damp room.

"What do you want with me?"

"I was bringing you home, child, back to where you belong." He was smiling now, his voice holding a fake sense of happiness and concern.

"Home? What do you mean home? I don't belong here. I was born in the pack, that's where I belong."

"You may have been born there, Trinity, but that's not where you belong. I'm certain you know that as well as I do." His words were cutting deep, hitting me hard where I've always felt the most insecure.

"No, I belong with the pack. I am the Luna, I have a mate. I belong there, with my pack, with my mate."

"A mate who doesn't love you? A mate who doesn't want you? Are you certain you're even compatible? Could you really be mated with him?" He spoke in a calm, even voice but his words were sharp and biting.

"Shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. You're wrong. I don't belong here, I belong with my pack, with my mate." I screamed at him.

"We will see about that." He seemed to hum. "If he comes for you, then you belong with him and the pack. But if he doesn't, then you belong here, with your father."

"My father?" I gasped.

"I have been waiting for you, child. All these years I have been waiting for you to return to me."

"You can't be my father." I scoffed at him.

"You wound me. Why would you deny me, my own daughter? I have finally found you after you were stolen away from me. I have never been given the chance to be part of your life, and when I finally find you you deny me." The fake sense of hurt in his voice was frightening, it was like every emotion he had was fake. Did he feel anything at all?

"How could you be my father? You look like you're thirty, at most, that would have made you nothing but a child when I was conceived."

"Looks can be deceiving, especially among us with magic my dear. It is something you will learn for yourself soon. I have been leading this coven for over two hundred years."

"Are you telling me that I am half witch?" I asked him incredulously. "That can't be. It's impossible. I am not a witch, I belong to the werewolf pack."

"Do you have a wolf?" He sounded smug as he grinned at me. I didn't answer him. "I know you don't, there's no use trying to hide it to me. You don't have a wolf because it is not often compatible with us magic users."

"You're wrong. I have wolf traits. I have the enhanced abilities. That means I can't be a witch."

"That is why I created you."

"Created me?" I was shocked to hear what he had just told me.

"Yes, I created you, Trinity. I needed someone to be my pawn, my way into the wolf packs. And that's where you come in."

"I don't understand? How did you create me? And how is having me around of any use to you?"

"How did I create you? Come now, child, you're not that young and naive are you?"

"So, you raped my mother?" I was disgusted, just the sight of him was making me sick to my stomach.

"She was needed to serve a purpose. If it makes you feel any better, she didn't remember any of it."

"No, it doesn't. Because of you, and what you did to her, my mother killed herself."

"Yes, but without me you wouldn't be here." He smiled like that made it all better, like he didn't ruin my mother's life when she was just fifteen years old. 

"Why? Why would you do this? Why would you do that to my mother? She was only fifteen for crying out loud."

"I'm well aware of how old she was. I chose her specifically. She was determined to be especially susceptible to my bloodline. My mistake was sending her back to her family so soon. I should have kept her longer. She might not have ended up so weak minded if I had more time with her."

"You're a monster, you sick son of bitch." I wanted to get away from him but I had no means to get by him at the moment. I knew he would destroy me in my current state.

"Think what you want of me, but I will do what's best for my coven. I have fought to live the way we see fit for centuries, I will not give up because some pathetic little girl calls me a monster." His voice was icy and held an edge of anger. It was the first emotion I had seen from him.

"You've fought against wolf packs for centuries?" I asked him, confused.

"Not just wolves. I have fought against the magic council, vampires, Fae, anyone who tries to oppose the way my coven lives."

"If everyone thinks you're wrong, don't you think it's about time to accept that they're right and you're wrong?" I snapped at him.

"I don't care who is right or wrong. My coven will continue to live the same way we always have. And I will destroy anyone who tries to stand in my way."

"You're insane." I breathed, unable to comprehend everything that he was saying.

"Maybe I am, but I will not give up my coven or my power, not for anyone. That's why I needed you." There was a maniacal fire burning in his eyes now. 

"Why? What can I do?" I yelled even though he was right in front of me.

"You will be my tool. I am going to force your magic to manifest, and when it does I will send you back to your precious wolf pack. You'll be the agent of destruction among the wolves that I have been planning for all these years. You will simultaneously manipulate them to work for me as well as bring about their ultimate downfall. I will rule the shadow world. And when I do, I will reveal my ever growing coven to the humans. When that happens, I will rule over the entire world." He was nothing more than a megalomaniacal fiend, his plot seemed like something out of a comic book to me.

"Do you seriously think that I will help you? That I will just play along with you little plan."

"You won't have a choice. You think I can't manipulate your mind? I'll change your memories, make you forget everything that happened here just like I made your mother forget. It will be a compulsion to you. You will do anything I ask you to do." He reached his hand slowly toward me and pushed my hair out of my face. His hands were as cold as ice when they touched me. I shuddered in disgust when he touched my face.