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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 94 - Reece-Frantic For An Update




It was nine before we were given the all clear for take off. The Liberty 75 Learjet was small and wouldn't fly nearly as fast as a commercial plane, but it was better than having layovers that last hours long. The result was a nearly three hour flight, and with the time change it was one in the morning when I deplaned and made my way toward my rental car.

I had rented the fastest sports car I could find, and I would be putting it to the test. I raced through the night, across the empty highway. I made the seventy minute drive in just over forty-five minutes. I pulled into the garage back at home by two in the morning.

I should have been tired, with how late it was and the hectic night, but sleep was the last thing on my mind. I found Vincent and David waiting for me in the kitchen when I went inside. 

"Tell me you found something." I begged him.

"I'm sorry Alpha, it seems like they had help from the Warlocks. Their scents disappeared almost immediately." He hung his head in shame.

"Dammit." I growled. "What do they want with her?"

"I don't know, Sir, but we will find her." He was showing his deference by refusing to look me in the eyes, he was focused on something over my shoulder. 

"Where are the others?" I demanded, she still had two more guards and they weren't here right now, I needed to know that she hadn't been betrayed.

"Shane and Shawn are trying to track them as best as they can, Sir, they refused to stop until they had something to report."

"Good, let me know when they get back."

I left the room to change out of my suit and into something I didn't mind getting dirty, or destroyed if I had to shift in a hurry. My tension was at its max and I would not relax until I saw my Little Bunny's face again.

I needed to focus. If I was going to find her I had to use the mark I had given her. It was the only way. But with how wound up I was there was no way I could focus. I needed to relax a little first.

Perhaps a hot shower would help relax the tension in my body long enough for me to focus on the mate mark I had put on her. I set the water to nearly scalding and climbed in.

My entire time in the shower I kept thinking about my Little Bunny's face, her tender little body that was no match for a full grown wolf. If anyone hurt her I would kill them. Rip them apart with my bare hands, tear them to shreds with my own teeth.

My wolf had been alternating between snarls and whines all night. His anger would overflow at the disappearance of our mate, and his hackles would rise. More than once I had to stop myself from turning after he had already initiated it. When he wasn't snarling and growling for her return he was whining, howling to the Moon Goddess to bring her back. I felt every ounce of his pain. I needed to see my mate, to hold her in my arms again.

When I finally got her back, I was probably never going to let her out of my sight again. I should have listened to her. I should have just brought her on the trip with us. She would have been safer. How could I have been so arrogant to believe that she would be safe as long as she was in my home. She was only safe as long as she was at my side. I would never forgive myself for this.

When I couldn't stand to be in the shower any longer, I finally shut the water off and stepped out. While drying myself I felt a small, sharp pain in my neck. That was when I remembered that my Little Bunny had bitten me back last night.

The sensation of biting her while inside of her had been amazing, but when she bit me back, completing the circle, it had turned that feeling from amazing into mind blowing. I finally knew what it was she had felt when I marked her so long ago. The heat that was pouring from her body into mine.

The flow of heat followed the rhythm at which I drove into her small body. It poured from me into her with every thrust in, and it flowed back into me from her mouth with every pull back. The developed rhythm, the flow between us, made it the best night of my life. I couldn't believe I had waited so long for her.

She was also the first woman I had gone back to. The first woman I had been with more than once. And she was the first woman I had spent the entire night with. I had never fallen asleep with a lover in my arms, nor woken to the feeling of her pressed, naked, against me. It was something I could definitely grow to enjoy, and I never wanted another lover again. She was it for me. There could never be another woman for me for as long as I lived.

I examined the point on my neck where she had bitten me. She had gotten me right where a mate mark was left. 'I wonder if she did that on purpose?' I asked myself jokingly. But I noticed that there was a dark spot there still. Surely it wasn't still bruised, it would have healed by now for certain.

Sure enough, I could see something there, right where she had bitten me. I inched closer to the mirror, to get a better look. But it wasn't a bruise I was seeing. It was a mate mark.

How is this possible? Men have never gotten mate marks before. But there it was. I could see the outline of a crest forming where her teeth had been. She'd partially changed again last night, her teeth, nails, and eyes had become wolf like just like the night before but she still hadn't changed. With any luck she will change soon, and could possibly help defend herself even more.

I concentrated on the mark I left on her, and the mark I could see forming on myself, they were links between us. She could link to me with my mark and I could link to her with hers. If we each had a mark that should just make the link that much stronger.

I put my hand on my mark and closed my eyes. I thought about my mate, my Little Bunny. I pictured her beautiful face, the soft curve of her jaw, her plump, cupid's bow shaped lips, her small, perfectly shaped nose, those big, curious, bright blue eyes of hers. The heart shape of her face. The pale, moonlike glow she had to her skin. The dark brown, almost black, hair that smelled so wonderful. Her tight, exquisite little body.

I imagined the feel of her. The way she smelled. Every detail about her would help me link to her. The image was so clear that I felt like I could just reach out and touch her.

I watched as she looked around her, the serene look on her face changed into one of anger and pain. The room around her came into focus. I saw her there, sitting in a dimly lit stone room. 

I couldn't see anyone else around her, but I could see my Little Bunny. She had a bruise across the left side of her face. Blood was running down from a split in her lip. Her eye was swollen. But there was no trace of fear in her eyes. There were no tracks in the dirt on her face, so she had not been crying. She was being brave, but how long would that hold out for.

"Trinity." I called out to her. I saw her head turn toward the sound of my voice but she couldn't see me, I didn't even know if she could hear me. But the movement she made and my outburst seemed to have broken the connection. I couldn't see the outside of the building, but she seemed to be in an old building with a stone basement. It looked like the cellar of a very old house.

"I'll find you, please hang in there." I cried out. "I'm sorry, Little Bunny."