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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 92 - Trinity-Enemies Revealed




A little while later Caleb was pulling the car into the parking lot near the campus bookstore. It was just a little after seven so I had plenty of time before they closed. Frederick had stayed behind at the house to wait for us. That left Caleb and I alone in the car. I'm not used to him yet so the ride was a little tense and awkward.

Caleb parked near the back of the empty parking lot, Vincent always did the same but usually when the lots were going to be full. Maybe it was just something that they all did. One major difference that I noticed between Caleb and the other though, was he didn't open doors like I was told to expect. Maybe that was because he wasn't a guard but instead the Beta and just wasn't used to it. Oh well, I could open them myself.

Caleb was already standing at the front of the car when I got out. He was moving fast like he was in a hurry. As soon as I shut my door behind me I sensed a shift in the air. There were others in the area, and based on the scent, they were wolves. 

"Caleb?" I called him apprehensively.

"Don't worry Luna, everything is just fine." He said calmly.

"Yeah, it's all going according to plan." A voice rang through the night. I recognized it instantly, it was Leslie. I hadn't seen him since the night I had been marked.

"He's right, this is all on schedule." Now it was Jeremy, another voice I hadn't heard since that night."

"Stop trying to play nice with the bitch, let's just get this over with." A female voice joined the group. I had only heard it once, when she protested my mating with Reece. It was Donna. Here was everyone who had recently shown hostility toward me or made me uncomfortable in some other way. I was beginning to get scared. I thought it was just rogues and Warlocks I had to worry about. I didn't think there was an enemy in my own pack.

They had me surrounded, closing me in around the vehicle.

"Are you in on this too?" I asked Caleb, already knowing the answer.

"For me, this has nothing to do with you. I'm being paid to hand you over to someone else." Caleb's voice was empty, void of all emotions.

"Then what do you get out of this whole thing?" I snapped at him.

"With you out of the picture, Reece will be forced to step down. When that happens, I become the new Alpha."

"You're stupid if you think he would ever hand his pack over to you." I growled at him.

"He won't have a choice. It's our laws, he can't rule us without a mate."

"He can find another mate. And he had a mate, he had me."

"You never finished your mating. Isn't that right?" He smiled cruelly. For some reason, I thought it was best not to correct him, not to tell him the mating had been finished, just recently. "If he never finished the mating then it doesn't count. He wasn't mated, therefore, he will have to step down or be taken down."

"You're insane." I yelled at him.

"Maybe, but I will rule this pack, and a wolfless mongrel like you isn't welcome in my pack."

"You're not just crazy, you're an asshole too." I spat the words at him.

"Thank you for the compliment." He smiled at me as he sauntered toward me slowly. The other three prowled, lower to the ground and aggressive, ready for the attack.

"You won't get away with this." I snapped at them all. Their maniacal laughter was all that answered me. 

It happened quickly. I would like to say it was in slow motion, or that I saw everything clearly, but I didn't. The four of them came at me together. I wasn't going to go down without a fight, or without trying to get away. 

I first tried to jump onto the hood of the car, if I could get near people then I should be safer. But I didn't have the time for that. Just as I had reached the other side of the hood I felt someone's hand close painfully around my ankle. Their fingers were digging in, biting deep into my flesh. 

"Get back here." I heard Leslie growl. "It's time for some fun."

"What's in this for the rest of you, huh?"

"Jeremy and I are former 'independent' wolves, or so we told your bleeding heart alpha. We were rogues hired to infiltrate your pack over a year ago. Our boss wanted men on the inside." Leslie had pulled me back across the hood of the car and was pressing himself against me in ways that made me sick just thinking about it. Only Reece was allowed to touch me like that.

"Get off me." I growled at him as I tried to push him away. I managed to move him away from me several feet and was about to make a run for it when Donna stepped in front of me.

"Don't even think about it bitch." She said as she reached out and slapped me across the face, hard. "That's payback for what your aunt did."

"Is that why you're part of this? Because my aunt slapped you."

"No, I just don't think a slut like you deserves to be my Luna. You're a disgrace."

"Who are you calling a slut you tramp?"

"Watch your mouth, you wolfless girl. You're not my Luna, and you never will be," Donna raised her hand again to smack me. I felt her hand as it whipped across my face, the striking blow made my head snap to the side. 

"Enough of this." Caleb snarled. I felt him grab a fist full of my hair and yank it backwards until I was looking up at him. "Say goodnight." He laughed as he brought a white cloth near my face. I knew what he was planning.

"Reece." I breathed the name before the smell of the chloroform could make me lose consciousness.