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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 91 - Trinity-Caleb And Frederick




'Oh my Goddess, that was embarrassing.' I couldn't believe Noah barged into my room while I was laying in bed naked after spending the night with Reece. I felt like I was going to die from the embarrassment. I was going to catch fire from the burning in my cheeks that was spreading throughout my whole body. Or I might just melt into a puddle from the heat.

"Why did he have to see me like that?" I asked my empty room.

Once the heat in my face settled slightly I decided to take a shower. I wasn't in nearly as much pain as I was the day before. He had only taken me once last night as opposed to the multiple times the night before, so getting out of bed was not a painful chore.

I walked into the bathroom in a daze. Memories from the last two nights kept creeping up at random. All through my long, hot shower I would have images of Reece's naked body pop up in my mind. The memories sent jolts of desire twisting through my core. My body wanted him back here with me already. I had hoped that this need for him would lessen after we finished the mate bond, but it only felt stronger now.

I took my time in the shower, washing slowly then letting the hot water relax the tension in my body. I hoped I would be able to clear my mind soon, I really did have classes starting tomorrow and would need to think clearly. 

While I was drying myself I felt a dull ache throb through my neck. The pain brought back more memories. Reece had bitten me again, he had basically marked me again. And to make matters worse, I had bitten him as well. I didn't know why, I just did it on instinct.

I moved my hair out of the way to look at the new bite mark. I could see his teeth marks perfectly imprinted into the tender flesh at the curve of my neck and shoulder. The skin around the area was bruised, but it was already turning yellow, it was healing.

What was more surprising to me was the area around my mate mark. The pack crest had darkened, possibly from the bruising, but it wasn't as clear as it was before. But the dark cloudy area that surrounded it seemed to be just a little lighter than usual. I was probably imagining it though, wanting to hope that something was different after being with him.

Thankfully, my day was less eventful that the previous one. I didn't have as many unannounced visitors. None to be exact. Instead, I spent my day reading my text books. I had another English Comp class with professor Thompson this semester, but I was taking some classes that were bound to be interesting this time. Violence in Society, Crime Theory, and Intro to Forensics were my other classes that went along with my last English course. 

Thankfully, when I went down to the dining room Lila didn't make a big deal about me and Reece. I didn't think I could handle that embarrassment two days in a row as well as Noah barging in on us. There was only so much my heart could take for crying out loud. 

My first day back to school didn't go as planned. I didn't have to attend actual classes, all my learning was done on my own time, but I wanted to have as much of a normal school day as I could for the first week at least. But I had a major issue, two of the books that were picked up for me were the wrong ones. So, I was already behind. Great. 

I was planning on asking Vincent if he could run to the bookstore for me tonight, but he was off today. We had lessened his schedule to make things easier on him and Heather, I wanted him to be there for his baby, there was so much he could miss in the beginning.

I was getting frustrated, I needed to get these books but I didn't want to call Vincent on his night off. I was in the living room after hanging up the phone, neither of the twins had answered their phone when I called them.

"Ugh, what am I gonna do now?" I growled in annoyance. 

"Is something wrong Luna?" I heard an elderly voice ask me with concern.

"Huh?" I looked up and saw two men standing at the door to the room. I hadn't noticed them coming. Their scents were familiar but I didn't remember seeing them before.

"You seem upset, is everything alright?" The younger of the two men asked. The younger man looked to be about Reece's age with dark orange eyes that were close to ochre. He had dirty blond hair and a tall muscular build like all the wolves, but he just barely made it to six feet it seemed. The older man had silver hair, and bright green eyes. They resembled each other, similar jawline and nose shape, but the younger man had the same cheek bones as Reece. There were other small similarities between the younger man and Reece, but nothing significant.

"Luna?" The older man called out to me, getting my attention.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking. No nothing really wrong. Just something I need and can't get right now."

"That won't do." The older man smiled. The more I listened to him, the more I felt I had met him before. But where?

"I'm sorry, excuse my rudeness, but who are you?" The older man laughed with a gruff, gravelly voice. 

"You're not rude, dear. We've only met once and I don't think you've had the chance to meet my grandson here." He smiled at me warmly before he continued. "My name is Frederick, I am one of the elders of the pack, and Reece's great uncle."

"Oh, now I remember, I met you my first night here. There was so much information I had to take in that night that I forgot who a lot of people were."

"That's understandable. You were put through a lot that day." The younger man had the same smile as Frederick. "My name is Caleb, I'm Reece's cousin, and his Beta."

"Oh, it's nice to meet you. I'm sorry we haven't gotten the chance to meet before." I shook Caleb's outstretched hand as I greeted him.

"Think nothing of it. I have been away on business off and on a lot lately, so you're not the one at fault here."

"I'm sorry to tell you though, that Reece isn't here."

"Oh, we missed him?" Frederick seemed disappointed. "Well, we could always try again tomorrow."

"No, I'm afraid he won't be back for a few days. If you want to come back Wednesday or Thursday he should be home by then."

"Really, that's a shame. I'll just have to give him a call, let him know what I found out recently." Caleb sighed.

"Have you been investigating?" I asked him, hopefully he had information that would lead to solving my problem.

"Yeah, I've been checking out some leads lately. And I found out something really important."

"Well, I hope it helps." I smiled at him.

The conversation with Frederick and Caleb was an easy going one, but for some reason I just felt off about the whole thing. But no matter the situation, I still had the same problem.

"Well, I'm going to make a few more phone calls." I told them, trying to excuse myself.

"What is it you're missing?" Caleb asked me.


"You said you needed something but couldn't get it. What can't you get?"

"Oh, I'm missing a couple books for my college courses that started today." I answered him, but for some reason I felt embarrassed.

"We can't have that, can we?" Frederick smiled at me.

"Would you like me to get it for you?" Caleb smiled wide, showing his perfectly straight, white teeth.

"No, I couldn't impose on you. You just recently got back, after all."

"It's no problem, Luna." Caleb soothed me with his soft voice.

"If you really don't mind, I would appreciate it."

"Of course, I'm here to help you as much as my cousin."

I tried to explain to Caleb what it was I needed, and where Shane had gone wrong when he picked up my books last week, but Caleb wasn't certain he would be able to tell the difference between the books I already had, and the ones I needed. 

"It's fine Caleb, I can always wait until Vincent is available." I deflated as I spoke, a defeated tone filling my voice.

"How about you come with me?" He asked, a smile spreading across his face. I was momentarily filled with anticipation, but it was quickly replaced with apprehension.

"I don't know, Reece would be angry if I left right now. You know, with everything that is going on."

"If you're not safe with the second strongest wolf in the pack, his own Beta, then who could you be safe with?" He asked, a confident look in his eyes. "Besides, it's the only way you'll make sure you get the right books." He had a good point. I needed these books, and as Reece's Beta, he should be strong enough to protect me."

"Alright, but just to the store and back."

"Of course, Luna, I wouldn't dream of taking you anywhere else that might be considered dangerous."

"Just let me go get ready." I hurried from the room so I could get shoes and a jacket from my bedroom.