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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 89 - Trinity-Reece Can't Wait (Mature Rating)




I set aside my fear and stepped back toward him. Once again I positioned myself between his thighs. He was looking at me expectantly. He was anticipating what I was going to do next. Nervously, I tried to figure out what that might be, a little at a time.

I kissed him, softly and slowly, on his neck. He shuddered when I scraped my teeth along his collar bone, I found his shudders intriguing and wanted to make him repeat them. I licked his neck, scraping with my teeth again. He shuddered and growled low, but not menacingly. It was filled with longing. I bit, quick but gently, onto his neck.

While I busied myself with his neck, I moved my hands down his body once again. Rubbing along his chest and abs, then down along the top of his thighs. His legs twitched slightly in anticipation as I moved my hands to his inner thighs. I moved my hands up slowly as I moved my mouth to his

I covered his mouth with mine at the same time as I wrapped my hands around his erection. I could barely wrap my hand around the large shaft. He moaned against my mouth when I squeezed him. 

Reece pulled away from me then. He grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up over my head, he tossed it off in the direction of the other discarded clothes.

"At least you didn't rip this one." I said sarcastically.

"Hmm. Just wait a sec." He grinned as he grabbed the front of my panties and yanked. The silk and lace covered fabric ripped and fell away from me instantly.

His tug had pulled me toward him. I fell into his arms, which he wrapped around me and rolled us to the bed, he was on top of me. I was now naked under him, having skipped the bra when I got dressed, and he was now fully nude above me.

"I can't wait anymore, Little Bunny." He purred into my ear.

Despite his words, he didn't take me then. He kissed slowly down my neck and across my chest. He latched onto my right breast, biting and sucking. He didn't neglect my other breast, he grabbed the mound, kneading it with his fingers with almost bruising force. I moaned in response to his touch. 

"Reece." I called his name amid the moans, which only seemed to spur him on more. "Reece, please." He released my breast from his mouth with a popping sound.

"What, baby, what do you want. Tell me, anything and I will do it."

"I want you." I sighed breathlessly, my eyes shining and cheeks flushed.

"I'm getting you ready, baby, I don't want to hurt you."

"Please hurry." My whine spurred him on even more.

"I'll try." He kissed my breast before he bit down onto my peak. I scream in surprise, not expecting the slight sharp pain.

I felt Reece's hand tickling its way up my inner thigh. I squirmed from the touch but was eager to feel him as well. He danced his fingers up my thigh, slowly, until his fingers tangled into the curls at my core. He pulled softly on the small hairs, the sensation wasn't exactly painful. Actually, when he pulled, he sent a jolt of desire pulsating through me and I moaned.

His fingers scissored up and down a few times before circling my opening. I could feel a small steady blush rising over my entire body. I felt moisture rush to my sore, dripping and waiting for him. He drove one finger into me and I called his name again.

"Reece!" I half screamed.

"Shhh." He soothed me with a pur in his voice. "We're almost there." He pulled back and drove into me with two fingers this time, stretching my opening more than I am used to. My body had recovered from his previous invasion and wasn't ready for the new assault. Now I knew why he said he was getting me ready.

He latched onto my breast again. He sucked on the peak and drove into my core in a matching rhythm. I began to moan steadily, and heat growing inside of me.

"Reece!" I called his name over and over again. "Please Reece!" I begged again.

He pulled his hand back and released my breast with another pop.

"You're ready enough, I guess." He grinned at me as he hovered over me. He kissed me, quick, hard, and passionately, just before he fitted himself against me.

"Reece." I moan in anticipation.

"Mine." Reece whispered as he pushed past all my most intimate of barriers.

"Reece!" I called his name, wrapping my arms around his neck and clinging to him in more ways than one.

He drove into me steadily, creating a rhythm that was designed to drive me over the edge, of climax and insanity. I felt like I was coming apart in his arms, and only his arms wrapped around me was holding me together.

I called his name repeatedly as I ran my nails down his back.

"Oh, Reece." I moaned. I watched as he sat up higher and stared at my eyes, but I couldn't focus enough to see his eyes clearly, I saw his face but I couldn't make my eyes focus beyond that.

Reece seemed intent to stare at my eyes, he did the same thing the night before as well. I found his staring at my eyes so much to be embarrassing. I pulled him down toward me, so I could kiss his neck. Causing him to look away.

His skin was covered in sweat and tasted like salt on top of his chocolate, caramel, and spice flavor that I enjoyed so much. 'Mmm, salted caramel.' I said to myself. I lapped and kissed his neck. His scent and taste was intoxicating. 

Reece was doing the same to me. I felt his kiss followed by his tongue on my neck where my mate mark was. I didn't care anymore that it was different than everyone else's. I am me. I have my mate. I would be who I was from now on, and no one was going to stop me. I had the attention of the most powerful, and sexiest, wolf in the pack, and I could never be bullied by anyone ever again.

I heard a low, seductive growl right before I felt Reece sink his teeth into the tender flesh where my mark was. I cried out, the gasping moan escaping me completely unbidden. On instinct, I followed Reece's lead.

Just as I felt the heat of a mating building in my neck, I licked his neck a few times before biting him. I didn't expect to bite into him like he had me, but I felt my teeth sink into his flesh. At that moment, I didn't know how to feel about it, I didn't care.

The heat I was feeling in my neck, that had slowly been building in me since he bit me, was now flowing in a circle from me to him and back again. He stayed connected at two points. He drove into me at my core over and over, driving us both closer to the edge. All the while, the heat circled, in and out of my body as it cycled around us.

His thrusts got more frantic the longer we stayed connected with our mouths, but neither of us were willing to let go. He was pounding into me, thrust after thrust, when finally my whole body began to get as hot as my neck when the heat was in me, but the heat wasn't leaving me as much now. Reece's neck and body felt as hot as mine.

Finally, he thrust one last time, sending me into oblivion. We let each other go at the same time. 

"REECE!" I screamed.

"TRINITY!" He yelled at the same time. My body convulsed around his, I could feel the heat of his release inside me, I knew I should be upset about that, but I couldn't think about it yet.

Reece collapsed, rolling as he did so that I ended up on top of him. We were still joined at our cores.

"I need to pull out now." He told me. "Are you going to be alright?"

"I should be." I grimaced as I remembered the pain from this morning.

"Take a deep breath." He instructed me. I did as he said and felt him pull free of my body. I shuddered, there was a little pain, but I also felt empty without him now.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Just fine." I assured him as I snuggled into his chest.

"Are you tired?"

"Now, whatever gave you that idea?" I joked with him.

"Go to sleep Little Bunny."

"So you can sneak out again?"

"I promise I won't sneak away tonight. If you want me to stay, then I will."

"Good, then stay." I told him as I snuggled into him again. He wrapped his arms around me and purred.

"Goodnight, Little Bunny."

"Goodnight." I barely managed the response before I fell asleep.