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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 88 - Trinity-Take Charge (Mature Rating)




I had thought that dinner would be awkward, what with the tense start and interrupted kiss. But we sat and ate the food he brought with no tension and easy conversation.

"So, why the grease trap for dinner?" I asked him.

"You don't like it?" He seemed surprised.

"I never said that, this is right up my alley. It just doesn't seem like yours"

"Why, because I'm rich?"

"Obscenely so."

"That's stereotyping, you know that right?" Reece was joking with me as he wiped his hands on a napkin. The food had been greasy, but delicious, but it just wasn't something I could imagine Reece being into with the high class food he was probably used to eating.

"I'm not trying to stereotype. But, I'm sure you're used to more expensive, and upscale foods."

"Do we typically eat that upscale food here?" He was smiling at me like he was enjoying himself.

"Well, no, not usually." He had a point now that he mentioned it. "We typically eat a lot of homestyle meals. There are some high class type meals, but I guess most are what a typical family would eat just with better quality and presentation. And much better skill. I don't think anyone can beat Abigail in the kitchen." Reece laughed at that.

"Yeah, she's the greatest, she's been cooking for my family since before I was born."

The conversation continued in this easy manner until we were done eating. It was probably the most comfortable I had ever felt around him. But now that we were done eating I was nervous once again. I knew what he wanted. The thing is, I wanted it too.

I saw that the heat was already steadily growing in his eyes. The honeyed gold color had turned nearly amber with his desire. The sight of those darkened eyes sent a shiver throughout my body. I knew that I was in for a repeat of last night, and I was nervous, but ready for it.

I decided not to wait for him this time. I wanted to take the lead. To show him that I wasn't afraid of him. I eyed him seductively and gave him a small smile. He definitely noticed what I was trying to do. 

I got slowly to my feet. The light blue slip dress I was wearing fell to my mid thigh. I walked to him, barefoot, my steps not making a sound. 

Reece was watching me intently. His eyes followed every move I made, every sway of my hips as I walked the short distance to him. 

I took his hand in mine, pulling him toward me. He came willingly. Getting to his feet quickly and eagerly. I pulled him with me as I backed toward the bed, I saw the grin form on his lips. Just before I felt myself reach the bed I turned slowly, pushing him to sit on the edge of the bed.

With him sitting and me standing he was the right height for me to look him in the eyes. I pressed forward, placing myself between his thighs and putting my hands on his shoulders. Gently, I pressed my lips to his. 

Reece let out a growl of pleasure when I kissed him. I felt him grab my hips firmly, his fingers biting into me. I knew that I would have bruises there later but I didn't care.

"This isn't like you, Little Bunny." Reece purred when I broke the kiss.

"It's not? Or do you just not know me that well?" I chuckled lightly as I moved my hands down to his chest. I slowly started to unbutton his shirt.

I watched hungrily as I slowly revealed his chest, one button at a time. I greedily push his shirt off his shoulders and down his arms. I could feel his muscles rippling under his skin as he shuddered from the feeling of my hands on him.

Looking at him, his chest bare for me to see, I was finally able to appreciate the visage. Last night, when I had seen him, I was a little beyond the point of appreciation. Now, I wanted to see him, to feel him, to take it all in.

I ran my hands down his chest, luxuriating in the feel of his firm muscles. The memory of what it felt like to be wrapped in those arms made me blush, but I refused to look away. I wanted to take in all the sights tonight. 

Reece was watching me, waiting for my next move while I was enjoying the view. But I was inexperienced and didn't know exactly what he wanted me to do. I knew what I wanted though, and that was to see more. 

Moving my eyes lower I saw that there was already a bulge in his pants. He was hard. His arousal was definitely clear for me to see. I reached for his belt buckle but he grabbed my wrist to stop me.

"Are you sure, Little Bunny? If you do this I won't be able to hold back." His voice had deepened with his desire, his eyes filled with need. He was giving me an out if I needed one, if I wanted one, but I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

"I didn't stop you last night, did I?" I assured him. "I don't intend to stop you now." I leaned forward, kissing him softly.

He dropped his hand from my wrist while I kissed him. The kiss deepened naturally, our tongues finding each other, lapping at each other. I kissed him more fiercely than I had ever kissed him before.

While Reece busied himself with the kiss, gently cupping my cheeks in the palms of his hands as he held me to him, I sought his belt buckle. I was intent on baring all of him, I wanted to see every bit of him as he had of me. Once I had his belt unfastened, I pulled it by the buckle until it was free of his waistband. I threw it haphazardly across the room, I didn't care where it landed. 

When I had his belt free, Reece broke free of our kiss and pulled away from me. I growled low in my throat at him. Reece laughed alluringly.

"Don't worry, we will continue Little Bunny." His gaze was full of passion and heat as he grinned at me. I pulled impatiently at the fastening on his designer suit pants. With a chuckle Reece leaned backward, away from me, and braced his hands on the bed. I was confused and momentarily angered until I noticed he was giving me the opportunity to pull the pants off him.

I was nervous again, but just for a moment. I wanted this, and nothing was going to stop me. I leaned over him while he was stretched away from me, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I pressed a kiss to his chest, right between the swell of muscles. I followed that with a long, slow lap of my tongue. I felt his shuddering gasp at the feel.

While I was running my tongue up his chest, I slowly slid my hands down into the back of Reece's pants. I was embarrassed to be doing all of this, but I couldn't stop myself, it was a compulsion that was pushing me forward. That's why, when I slid my hands into his pants I gripped him, felt the firm, toned muscles of his backside. He really was made of solid muscle. Pure strength and sexual attraction.

When he felt me squeeze him he shuddered again. I dug my nails in momentarily, just because I could, he shuddered and gasped again.

I moved my hands then, grabbing the waistband of his boxers and pants, both of them at the same time. I pushed them down as I stood. When I could no longer push them out of the way I stepped away and tugged on them. The clothes came easily with him leaning back and lifting his hips off the bed.

The clothes were flung haphazardly off into the room, just the same as the belt had been. Now he lay on the bed, naked and bare for me to see. His honied complexion seemed to be shining like the sun as he laid back on the sky colored comforter. I looked over him, slowly.

I watched him smirk as I ran my eyes over him. I moved from his eyes down. I was saving the best, scariest, for last. I have been looking at him for four months now, I knew how handsome, and drop dead sexy he was, but seeing him like this was so much more intense. 

His golden eyes burned with need as he eyed me hungrily. His face was drool worthy, with a perfectly sculpted nose and jaw, not to mention high, sharp cheekbones. His prominent neck muscles swelled and flowed into the most perfectly smooth and sculpted chest I could ever imagine. Powerful arms, powerful chest, rigid abs that were already shining in the light. His abs flowed down into his perfectly sculpted hips. I followed the view and lower until I reached his groin.

I saw that he was fully aroused, standing erect, and very large. My eyes went wide when I took in the sight of him. I knew that my body could handle him, it had last night, but looking at him it was almost impossible to believe that something that big could invade my body and I'd be able to survive.