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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 86 - Trinity-The Morning After, So Embarrassed




  I had an extra spring in my step when I went down to breakfast the next morning. I walked in and took my seat without saying a word.

  "What's with that look?" Mom asked me.

  "What look?" I deflected.

  "That cat that ate the canary grin that you've got." Mom was looking at me quizzically.

  "I don't know what you're talking about." I tried to sound as innocent as I could.

  "Yeah, sure you don't." Mom clearly didn't believe me.

  A few minutes later Abigail brought our breakfast to the table, but Little Bunny still hadn't come down.

  "Where's Trinity?" Mom asked, a look of concern on her face.

  "I haven't seen her." Abigail answered.

  "Julie, will you go find out what is keeping her?" I asked, I wanted to see my mate before I had to leave.

  "Yes, Sir." She replied before hurrying out of the room.

  A few moments later, Julie returned. She looked worried and my Little Bunny was not with her.

  "Julie, what's wrong?" Mom asked her.

  "I'm sorry Ma'am, but the Luna isn't feeling very well today. She has asked me to bring her breakfast to her room." Julie was clearly worried about her Luna as well.

  "Is she alright?" Mom asked. I was pretty sure I knew what was wrong. I smirked to myself.

  "She said she's just sore, Ma'am. Told me she should be fine later."

  I was grinning as I listened. 'That's because of me.' I thought proudly. Then, as I thought about it more, I realized I might have gone a little overboard, if she was that sore today. 'That's because of me.' I thought again, this time with regret.

  "What do you know?" Mom demanded of me.

  "Nothing." I denied. I know I was blushing.

  "Reece?" Mom growled at me.

  "Oh, look at that, I'm running late. I've got to go." I got hastily to my feet and ran out of the room, my breakfast not even half eaten.




  I was still sleeping when Julie came knocking on my door.

  "Luna? Are you awake? The Alpha and Miss Lila would like you to come to breakfast." I groaned as I opened my eyes. Every inch of my body ached, not all unpleasant but a lot of it. There was an ache deep in my core that caused a flutter in my stomach every time I felt it. But the aches in my limbs, my back, and everywhere else on my body wasn't exactly comfortable.

  I tried to sit up and winced in pain. My muscles ached, and I felt like I had a bad case of internal rug burn.

  "Julie, I don't feel so well this morning." I told her.

  "Are you alright?" She sounded worried.

  "Yes, I'm just sore. I think I slept wrong or something. I will be fine later, I'm sure."

  "Would you like to come down to breakfast?" Her wary voice made its way to me through the door.

  "Could you bring my breakfast up to me today?" I asked her.

  "Yes, Luna. I will bring it right away."

  "Thank you."

  I realized then that I had another problem. I was laying in bed, naked. I now had to get up and get dressed before Julie got back. I groaned again as I went to sit up, but I just bit my lip and pushed past the pain.

  I looked around for my clothes from last night. I stifled a gasp that turned into a laugh when I saw my clothes. They had been reduced to nothing more than dust rags now. I vaguely remember Reece being a little overeager last night.

  But this didn't help things. I needed clothes, and I needed them fast. It just hurt so much to get up. I was going to need a serious soak in the tub, or twenty.

  I braced for the pain as I lifted myself off the bed. It still hurt way more than I was expecting it to. I winced and sucked the air in sharply through my teeth.

  "Ahh!" I cried out, my knees almost giving out as I tried to walk. "Goddess that hurts. I think it's a good thing he's not here right now, I'd probably hit him." I growled through the sharp pains I was feeling.

  I made it to my dresser that held my unmentionables and night clothes. I was going to soak in the tub, for a long, long time soon and I didn't have a lot of time before Julie came back, so I just slid on a pair of loose yoga pants and a t-shirt. I didn't bother with a bra and panties right now, it would take too long to get them on, then back off to soak later.

  I had just finished getting dressed and was making my way back to the bed when I heard two sets of footsteps coming down the hallway. Lila was coming with Julie. Oh, this was going to be embarrassing.

  There was a faint knocking on the door followed by Julie's voice.

  "I'm coming in now Luna, I have your breakfast." The door opened almost immediately. Julie walked in, followed by Lila.

  "Trinity dear, I came to see how you're doing. What happened?" She was saying as she walked through the door. The two of them noticed me then, hunched over and attempting to walk back to my bed.


  "Trinity." They exclaimed at nearly the same time. "What happened dear?" Lila demanded as she rushed forward to try to help me.

  "It's nothing, really." I waved them off. "I just woke up sore, that's all." I told them, it was the same thing I had said to Julie earlier.

  "Luna." Julie tried to interject but couldn't, she just bowed her head and nodded. "I will put your breakfast at the table." She said. Once she had placed the tray, she excused herself from the room.

  "So, why don't you tell me what really happened." Lila demanded once Julie was far enough away from the room.

  "Nothing happened, I'm fine. Like I said, I'm just sore, really."

  "Uh huh, and I'll believe that as soon as I believe that Reece looked as innocent as a choir boy when I saw him this morning." She snapped at me. "Did he hurt you?"

  "Goddess no!" I yelled. "He wouldn't hurt me."

  "Then who did? Because you don't wake up that sore without someone doing something to you." She had to know. She had to know and was just trying to make me say it.

  "No one hurt me." I tried to convince her again as I went to sit at the table. That was a mistake right now, that made the pain a lot worse. I cried out again. "Ahhh!"

  "Trinity." She scolded me. "I smell blood in this room." She informed me. I blushed scarlet at her words. I had grown used to the smell apparently and didn't notice it, but yes, Reece had taken my virginity so there had been blood.

  "You're imagining things." I pretended not to know anything while my face went from scarlet to crimson.

  "Trinity, you need to tell me what's wrong with-." She stopped mid sentence and blushed, not as red as me but still an impressive shade. "Oh!" She exclaimed as realization finally dawned on her face. I buried my face in my hands.

  "This is actually good news." She said cheerfully. I looked at her, mortified. I did not want to have this conversation with her right now. "Don't give me that look. It is good news, it means you've moved past your issues." She was smiling. "And look on the bright side, for me at least, now I will eventually get grandchildren."

  "LILA!" I yelled as I saw the proud look on her face. "We are so not talking about this."

  After being thoroughly embarrassed by Lila, I don't think I can ever look her I the eye again, I ate my breakfast alone in my room. I had kicked Lila out for my sanity, the woman was going to make me boil my brain with how hot red my face was with shame.

  I called down and asked Julie if she could change my sheets and bring me some Epsom salts so I could soak in the tub for a while. I filled the tub with the hottest water I could stand and put in the Epsom salts. After stripping off my clothes and sliding into the water I immediately let out another hiss. The water stung as soon as it touched my raw skin. I was already healing, I knew that, but that didn't stop it from hurting like hell right now.

  While I sat there in the water I thought about the night before. I could not believe what I did. I technically started everything. I knew how he would react if I did that. I knew that I was being too flirtatious, I was egging him on.

  "Goddess, I can't believe I asked him how much he wanted me." I cried out as I sank further into the water, hiding myself up to my chin. "But I didn't stop him. And I know I wouldn't stop him if he were to do it again. I want him to do it again." Saying this out loud was even worse than thinking it, even though there was no one around to hear it.

  I soaked in the tub until the water started to get cold. Then, I took a hot shower. I know, it was a waste of water, but it was my homeopathic remedy to help me heal. I needed something. And I really did feel better after being in the hot water for so long. I barely had any soreness left at all. It only bothered me when I made quick movement and when I first sat down.