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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 85 - Reece-Taking My Mate (Mature Rating)




  Panting, I pulled away from her. Raising my head to stare at her as I tore at the fastening to my belt and pants. I pulled the fabric away, stripping the last of the clothes from my body in a rush. I saw that she was flushed from the chest up to her cheeks. The sight was enough to make my mouth water. I wanted to lick my way up her body just as much as I wanted to be inside her.

  I decided I could still take a little time. I leaned back over her and placed my tongue just above her knee. Slowly, I licked up her inner thigh. I skirted about her core, I didn't need to be drawn there again, I was on a mission. I continued higher, lapping at her navel again. Higher, my tongue went higher, up over her ribs. I took the time to lap at each breast before continuing up her chest and to her neck. I ended once again at her mark. I pressed my tongue to it firmly causing her to squirm beneath me.

  "Reece." She moaned, slightly dazed.

  "It's time, Little Bunny." I whispered in her ear. She shivered.

  I trailed kisses across her jaw until I got to her lips. I trapped her mouth in a deep, passionate kiss. While she was distracted, I fitted myself against her core. She gasped at the feel, looking up at me with desire and uncertainty in her eyes.

  I kissed her lightly on the cheek before whispering in her ear.

  "Mine." The word came out as a low, seductive growl.

  I pressed forward, pushing past her folds, braced at her entrance. I captured her mouth once more just as I drove into her.

  She jerked her head to the side wincing as she gave a sharp hiss and a pained moan in quick succession. I noticed the sharp scent of blood immediately fill the air. 'Shit' She was a virgin. I should have been more gentle. I had driven into her too fast, too hard.

  "Are you alright?" I asked her, afraid to hear her answer.

  "I-I'll be fine." She was still wincing.

  "Do you need me to stop?" I asked her, I didn't know what I would do if she said yes. I would stop, of course, I refused to hurt her. But I was beyond my limit. It was driving me crazy at this point.

  "No, don't stop." She moaned. "Reece please don't stop." She said as she wrapped her arms around my neck. My Little Bunny then pressed her lips to mine in a soft tender kiss that was a perfect representation of her. Soft, sweet, and enough to drive me insane with need.

  I gently pulled back, leaving just the tip inside her before I pushed forward again, slowly and gently this time. She moaned again, this time in pleasure.

  "Ahh, Reece." She sighed.

  I developed a steady rhythm. Starting slow and then moving faster little by little. I leaned over her, my hands gripping her backside so I could lift her into each thrust. After a few minutes she started throwing her hips into my thrusts, moaning with each motion.

  Her breathing was ragged again. Her arms were wrapped around me, she was digging her nails into my back helping to give her more leverage for each thrust of her hips so she could meet with mine.

  After a few moments, the pleasurable feeling of her nails digging into my back, the one of nails pressing into the skin and maybe leaving a red mark but nothing more, was replaced by one of near pain. The once smooth, rounded nails now felt sharp and near dangerous. I was certain I could even feel blood running down my back, but I was too distracted to notice a new scent of blood among the other one already in the room.

  I drew back slightly to look at her. I could see the sweat on her brow. The blush in her cheeks. The wolf stirring in her eyes.

  Wait wolf?

  Her eyes were shining slightly like everyone's did just before their first change, and there, in the depth of her pupil, was the shadow of a wolf fighting to get out. 'So, she has a wolf? It's just trapped.' I thought to myself as I halted momentarily in my thrusts.

  "Reece?" She sounded like she was begging me. Her canine teeth, top and bottom, were slightly elongated. It wasn't like the partial change I had done when I bit her in the forest, but it was noticeable enough to tell that they were not the teeth of a human anymore. But, somehow, she hadn't noticed.

  "Reece?" She said my name again as she pulled me down, digging her nails into my flesh. The pain wasn't exactly bad, it was exciting. I was pleased knowing that she had a wolf trying to get out, that it was getting closer with the pleasure we shared. That I had to help her. I would need to keep pushing her further and further until the wolf was released.

  I continued my thrusts, moving with more urgency now. Her moaning grew more intense. My name coming on her gasping breaths.

  "Reece...…..Reece.....Reece." Just listening to her was arousing.

  I felt that familiar tingling at the base of my spine, my breathing was growing heavier, I was getting close. I could feel her clenching more tightly around me. I knew that she would come apart in my arms in another moment or two.

  After a few more thrusts she screamed, bucking her hips against me. I exploded as well. We rode the wave of passion and ecstasy together. When the trembling in her body subsided, I kissed her head and pulled myself free from her. She gasped when my body parted from hers like she was lonely.

  "Give me just a minute, Little Bunny." I soothed her as I rolled her over and leaned her onto a pillow. I draped my body over hers before I entered her again. She gasped and shuddered again.


  "I'm not nearly done with you yet." I breathed into her ear, stirring the hair at her neck and causing her to shiver.

  I drove into her again and again. Faster and harder now that her body was primed and ready. She was wet, ready, and fully open, her opening was perfectly slick and willing to accept me. I thrust with a fast, hard rhythm. I felt her body getting close to the edge of orgasm again. Her moans desperate, her breathing ragged. She curled around the pillow, raising her hips higher causing her to take me just a little deeper. She screamed, long and loud, as she exploded again. Her body clenched around me, dragging me with her. I came again at the same time she did.

  I took her again and again. I could see her partial changes and the wolf begging at her eyes all night. If her wolf needed this kind of night to help lure it out of hiding, I would be more than happy to oblige.

  My Little Bunny finally collapsed, exhausted. Her body was spent. She moaned weakly when I pulled free of her body, a shudder ran through her. I smiled in satisfaction, as I watched her laying there with a satisfied look on her face. My wolf was happy, no longer chomping at the bit. He was instead sleeping soundly, happily.

  I pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead before climbing out of the bed. I pulled my pants on and gathered the rest of my things before leaving the room as quietly as I could, heading back to my own room. It was after two in the morning, no need to wake anyone else in the house. I sank into my bed and fell asleep almost instantly, a pleased grin on my face.