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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 84 - Reece-Losing Control! Time To Devour A Little Bunny! (Mature Rating)




 Oh Goddess, but my control snapped. I had been trying to hold back. Trying to keep my hands off and wait until she was ready. Then my Little Bunny pushed her hips against me, against my growing erection. She was already talking suggestively, and when she pressed her body to mine, I seized her. And I couldn't even blame my wolf for it, I was the one who lost control.

 I pressed my lips to her and growled in satisfaction when she gripped my shirt to pull me toward her. The heat of the kiss was burning, but I didn't care, I needed more. I needed her. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, tasting her. She was sweet, spicy, and dangerous all at the same time. My apple pie chased by a thunderstorm. I swear I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I kissed her, the electricity was that intense.

 She wrapped her arms around me then, trying to get us closer. She was kissing me back with the same level of intensity that I was kissing her. She was growing, learning to be more open with me. That just aroused me even more.

 I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer to me, pressing her body against mine. Everywhere she touched me burned with need. I wouldn't be able to stop tonight. I needed my Little Bunny like I needed air. More than air, because I didn't care if I took a breath between one kiss and the next.

 With a growl I lifted her and held her against me. I made a very unwolf like purring sound when she wrapped her legs around my waist. Still, she didn't protest, she didn't try to stop me.

 With a bit of a singular focus, I carried her over to the bed. I didn't want to fall on top of her, so I crawled to the middle with her still wrapped around me. Only when I was able to lay her gently down onto her pillow did I lean forward, pressing her into the mattress.

 I pulled away from her, breaking the kiss. I heard her let out a dissatisfied moan. Her eyes were unfocused and glazed, and they were filled with a need so intense that I could feel it pouring off her. I propped myself up onto my knees, straddling her legs as I looked down at my mate's beautiful face.

 "Reece?" She called my name, spurring me into action.

 I pulled my shirt up and over my head, tossing it out of sight. Her eyes went wide, and she blushed, but she sat up and put her palms against my chest. She curled her fingers slightly, just enough to scrape the tips of her nails against my skin. The rounded edges didn't scratch, they just spurred me on even more, but I stayed put for a little longer. The next thing I knew she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my bare chest as she ran her hands down and over my abs. When I felt her soft tongue leave a tiny trail in the middle of my chest, I couldn't control myself anymore.

 With a growl I grabbed the hem of her shirt. I had intended to pull it up over her head, but the material gave way and ripped straight up the middle instead. She squealed, but not in fear. I smiled in pure satisfaction as the motion had caused her to fall back against the pillows.

 She wasn't wearing a bra beneath her shirt. Her ample chest was left bare and in full view for me for the first time. Her pale, milky white skin seemed to glow. The peak of each of her ample breasts were tipped with rosy pink flesh. There wasn't an imperfection in sight, at least not one that I could see. I fell forward, trying my best not to be a savage and take her too roughly. I wanted our first time to be special for her, even if it was unplanned.

 I buried my face in her neck, taking in her scent with a deep breath. I pressed a kiss to her mark which made her squirm with a moan. I growled at the movement, if she didn't stay still, I wouldn't be able to take my time. I trailed kisses, down her neck to her collar bone, down her chest. I stopped when I got to her breasts.

 I lapped at her, wetting the peak of her breast and making it stand firm in front of me. I pursed my lips and blew on it gently, the cold air made it tighten even more and caused her to shudder slightly.

 I moved slowly across her chest, nipping gently at her chest along the way, until I got to her other breast. I scraped my teeth across the peak gently. She moaned and squirmed, causing me to smile before I closed my mouth around the pink flesh with a purr. I rolled the small pink peak between my tongue and the roof of my mouth before biting down gently. She moaned once again. Desire was clear in the sound.

 I pulled away slightly, letting her breast fall from my mouth. Moving lower, slowly, I trailed kisses along her stomach.

 "Reece." She moaned my name again, impatiently.

 "Shh. Don't worry Little Bunny." I soothed her when I had reached the top of her shorts. I grinned as I thought 'I had already ripped the shirt, might as well finish the job'. Grabbing the waistband I made a fist with the fabric. One quick pull later and I heard the fabric rip. After I had grabbed both pieces of fabric and tossed them aside , removing the barriers in one go.

 She now lay beneath me with nothing to hinder us. She was naked in front of me for the first time. Her perfect little body laying bare for me to see spurred my desire, but I wanted to stop and look for just a few moments. I had been dreaming about this for so long. I purred again, in satisfaction, before I leaned forward.

 I pressed a kiss to her navel, lapping at it quickly before moving lower. I moved one hand lower, cupping the warmth between her legs. My fingers tickled her dark curls for just a moment before sliding past between her lips and finding the moisture buried there. I growled quietly, satisfied.

 Slowly, I moved my fingers up and down, the motion caused her to buck, throwing her hips up toward my hand, then she instantly pulled away like she couldn't decide what she wanted.

 "Reece." She said her moaning voice sounded more like a whimper as her need was growing stronger.

 I moved steadily lower, pushing her knees apart with my shoulders.

 "What're you-?" She started, but she lost the ability to talk when I pressed my tongue against her, lapping at her, at her sweet dampness. She screamed, a high pitch whine of satisfaction. I flicked my tongue against the knot at the top of her slit. She screamed again, reaching down to grab fists full of my hair.

 Gently, I pulled her hands away and held them off to the side as I continued to explore her with my tongue. I could feel the tension steadily growing in her body. She was breathing heavily. Her entire body was quivering. She was moaning in pleasure as I drove her further and further, closer to her climax.

 She was close to the edge now, she was teetering, ready to be pushed over the edge into oblivion, the ecstasy of climax.

 "Reece." She moaned my name again. I lapped once more at her core, a long hard stroke of my tongue.

 She exploded all around me. Every inch of her body seemed to be on fire. Her core was throbbing in my mouth. Her body spasmed around me. Her screams of pleasure rent the air, echoing in the room around us as she howled, almost like a wolf.