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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 83 - Trinity-Antagonizing A Rabid Dog/Wolf




  Things were going great lately. I honestly couldn't complain. We were almost done setting up for our daycare. We had chosen a few rooms on the second floor to use for playrooms and nap rooms. Everything had finally been delivered, and we had a lot of interested moms and dads who could use a break from time to time.

  I had included a weekend day in our initial plan so that people could have a date day. For these families with little ones constantly around, if they didn't have a reliable sitter to use then they never got to go out, day or night. So, I knew that a lot of people would take advantage of the offer.

  Our first official day of business was going to be in just over a week. We hadn't expected everything to be delivered so soon so we had told everyone that the first day would be in February. We had just ten days now, but before all that I had my first day of the new semester on Monday and then my birthday was on Thursday the 28th, which just so happened to be the day of the full moon this year.

  The last time my birthday was on the full moon was when I turned one, so I was too young for it to matter to me. It shouldn't matter to me now since I couldn't attend the pack event, but it was still exciting for me.

  The January moon is the Wolf Moon, so everyone in the pack, those with wolves anyway, get together for a wolf run. I had already met with Michael, alone since Reece was busy. We discussed the event and how Reece would lead the run like always.

  I had secretly hoped that he would be able to skip it to spend time with me, like he did last time, but I knew that was selfish of me, and impossible. But still, I could hope right.

  I had managed to get all my books together for school, which I was excited about, but I also felt sad that I wouldn't be going with my friends. They could still visit me, which they did when they could, so all was good.

  In truth, if anything was dragging me down, it was Reece. He was spending so much time at work lately that I barely saw him. Even at breakfast and dinner, he was hardly ever there. That's why I had devised a plan, and why I was secretly happy that Reece had forced me to study digitally this semester.

  Earlier this afternoon, I had sent Noah a message, asking him to pass a message to Reece for me. I was kind of miffed that I didn't have his information in my phone. How had I been mated to him for almost four months, living with him all this time, and not gotten his contact information? No worries, I could still get a message to him.

  I had told Noah to tell him that I was going with him on the business trip. It was away from the city, away from the threat. And we were going to visit people that were neither wolves nor warlocks. It had to be the safest place for me, right?

  I was looking forward to the trip because I hadn't gotten to talk to Reece in a solid week, since our awkward breakfast last week. I know it was last minute, but I knew they could manage it. It was still Friday, and we wouldn't be leaving until Sunday morning, that was plenty of time for the miracle workers known as Reece and Noah.

  I was smiling happily at my closet, and the clothes that didn't even fill half of it, trying to figure out what I wanted to take with me. I may have been planning to use some time during the trip to improve things between Reece and me.

  I smelled him as soon as he reached the top of the stairs.

  "Oh, he's earlier than usual." I said to myself as I noted the time. It was just a little after seven. I had already eaten dinner without him because I expected him to be later. I noticed his scent was getting stronger and his footsteps were pounding down my hallway. "Hmmm." I hummed as I mused what he could possibly want.

  "Little Bunny?" He called out as he knocked on my door.

  "Come in, Reece." I told him. At least he's still respecting my boundaries. He opened the door and stomped in. I wondered what could have possibly made him so angry.

  "What are you thinking?" He demanded of me. I quirked an eyebrow, confused.

  "Well, I was thinking about my clothes just now." I told him jokingly as I looked down at myself. I realized then what I had put on after my shower, it was a pair of my skimpier pajama sets, short shorts and a tank top that stopped at my belly button. Oh well, can't change it now.

  "That's not what I meant." He said looking displeased.

  "Then I'm afraid I don't follow." I told him as I stepped out of my closet, shutting the door behind me.

  "What's this about going with me?" He asked me through clenched teeth. Uh oh, are we taking a step backwards?

  "I haven't left in over a month Reece, and you're leaving the city. That should be far enough away from the danger, right?"

  "We don't know how they're finding you." He growled. "Don't you remember how they found you at Riley's?" He was clearly upset.

  "So, you're saying that you don't want me to go?"

  "I'm saying it's not safe for you to go." He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

  "Reece, you need to let me out once in a while." I growled at him.

  "Trinity, what don't you get? Your life is in danger." He acted like I didn't understand this. Like I wasn't the one who had to recover after those attacks. I knew this probably better than he did.

  "I know that Reece, but won't getting me away from here be a better idea?" I asked him.

  "Oh my Goddess." He snapped as he rubbed his face roughly. "Listen to me-." He started.

  "No, you listen to me Reece. We're trying to make things better between us right. I haven't seen you in a week, since you told me you want to do just that. Here I am offering you an opportunity for us to get closer." I smiled at him, hoping it would show him that I was done fighting him off so much.

  "How can you-." He started before stopping himself with a growl of frustration. "Listen to me." He said as he started to stalk closer to me, backing me up against the closet door.

  "Reece-." I began before he cut me off.

  "No, it's time you listen to me. I will not put you in more danger. I have been trying to keep you safe. What if I take you and we're attacked? It will be just Noah and myself there to protect you." He placed his hands on either side of my head as he got closer to me. Instead of taking the last step and a half to the door I leaned with him. As he leaned toward me, I leaned backward until my head rested against the door. I regretted this, as it left our bodies nearly touching.

  "Reece, I can help protect myself." I told him, my face just inches from his with how we were positioned.

  "You're not going. I don't want you getting hurt again. I will not watch it again. If it were to happen while we are somewhere else, I cannot guarantee that I will not reveal us to the humans." I heard the fury and anger in his voice, but there were other things as well. "I will protect you. I will keep them from you. If that means I can't take you with me then so be it."

  "It all comes down to you not wanting me to go with you, doesn't it?"

  "Oh, trust me, that is not it. I definitely 'want you' to come with me." I felt the meaning hidden in his words. It was like he was rubbing his hands all over me as he spoke even though his hands were still on the wall.