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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 79 - Trinity-Family Movie Time




 I was giddy for the next few days. I honestly didn't think that my New Year's date with Reece would go so well. Maybe it's true what they say, third time's the charm. But we didn't argue, fight, or end on an awkward note at all. And the only kiss I got was a quick, though still not entirely innocent, New Year's kiss.

 All Reece did was press his lips to mine gently, and oh so briefly, but I felt like my entire body had caught on fire the moment his hands touched my hips to hold me steady. I let him hold me in his arms that night while we watched the fireworks. It was simple, but deeply romantic.

 And I saw the passionate fire in his eyes when he said goodnight. I know exactly what he was trying to tell me. He wanted me. I don't know if it was just once or forever as he has yet to tell me how he feels about me. Does he still hate me? Does he still reject me? Has he moved beyond that so he can approve of me now? Will he ever love me? These are things I need to know before I can give into the desire that has been building inside of me. That has been building between us.

 I know he said he regretted telling me he rejects me and hates me, but he might just regret saying it. He didn't say anything about it not being true. And if it was, and still is, true, then I don't know if I could ever bring myself to be with him. It would be next to crazy to have sex with a man who hates you, wouldn't it?

 On Friday night Lila wanted to watch a movie together, as a family. The three of us gathered in the first floor living room with bowls of popcorn and our drinks as we settled in to watch the romcom she had picked out.

 "Movies sure have changed a lot over the last seven years, but a romantic comedy will always be just that underneath." She was smiling happily as she settled herself more comfortably into the sofa. She had her feet tucked up underneath her with a pillow lying on the arm next to her as she rested her head.

 I was sitting between Lila and Reece, and even though the sofa was very large, I was somehow sitting very close to Reece. We had decided on the same kind of popcorn, or make that a lack of decision, we both wanted butter, cheese, and caramel corn. I hadn't known about Reece, but I liked to eat a piece of each all at once, the mix of flavors was scrumptious.

 Reece ate it the same way, sort of. Where I took one piece of each methodically, he took a handful of everything and popped it all into his mouth at once. Men truly did behave differently than us women. Such animals. I giggled at the thought as I watched him eat his popcorn.

 "Is something funny, Little Bunny." He had been using that name constantly, he rarely ever said my name. But where he used to say the name to sound mocking and annoy me, he now sounded like he was just saying my name but that my name was really Little Bunny. I was growing used to it, but I couldn't let him know that. I had to argue every now and then, it wouldn't change anything, anyway.

 "Don't call me Bunny, Fido." I snapped at him playfully, a joyous smirk on my face.

 "You know I hate that name." He said, but he didn't look upset at all. It had been a long time since he had actually gotten upset when I called him Fido. We giggled at each other for a minute before he asked his question again. "But seriously Little Bunny, is something funny?"

 "I was just thinking about the difference in the way we eat our popcorn. We may eat the same kind, but we are definitely different creatures." I smiled at him.

 "Of course, we are, I'm a man and you're a sweet little rabbit."

 "You mean I'm a bunny and you're a dog?" I asked him playfully.

 "Woof, woof." He pretended to bark, and I nearly lost it, I had to fight back my laughter.

 "Shhhhh!" Lila vehemently shushed us, and I really did laugh when I saw her face.

 Reece and I behaved ourselves after that, we watched the movie in silence, except I missed the end of it. I think I was just so tired from my exciting week that I had that I lacked sleep. The next thing I knew I woke up in my bed. I could only guess that Reece had carried me there, and the thought made me blush, just thinking about him holding me in his arms.

 That got me thinking. This wasn't the first time that Reece had carried me. He carried me back to Riley's pack house when I was unconscious, and back to our house when I was unconscious. He threw me over his shoulder and carried me back to my room, and then there was the time I was in the library reading, then I dreamt Reece had hugged me before I woke up in my bed. I'm pretty sure he carried me then too.

 And, Oh Goddess, when he carried when at Riley's and here when I was unconscious, he had been in his wolf form just before them. That means he had to change to carry me. That meant he must have been... he must have been… he must have been naked when he carried me. Oh Goddess, why was it taking me until right now to realize that?

 I could feel that my face was bright red, the heat coming off my face could probably rival the sun. I was mortified. I had even looked at him in the forest when he was naked, but I was disoriented from what he had said and my head injury, so I don't remember a single thing. And here I had told Juniper I never saw Reece's pieces, maybe I did and just don't remember. I do vaguely remember his chest though, smooth, tan, and muscular. He was like the perfect man, when it came to his body, anyway. I almost became a drooling mess just thinking about it.