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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 74 - Trinity-Under The Stars




  I thought the night would be over once we were done eating, I didn't know what else Reece could have in mind. So, when he pulled my chair out for me and asked me to walk with him, I was skeptical at first but joined him.

  Reece wrapped his arm around my waist like he usually did when we walked together. He led me outside and into the night. We walked silently through the trees. The stars were just bright enough to illuminate the path so we could see without having to use the sight granted to us by the Goddess.

  It didn't take us long to reach the destination that Reece had in mind. It was not far from the house but was in the opposite direction of the gathering. There was a clearing in the trees that opened up into a small alcove in the rocky side of the mountain. It was crescent shaped faced out toward the edge of the cliffs and over the trees below. Reece had a blanket laid out in the middle of the alcove and a thermos sitting nearby.

  "I thought we could watch the stars and see the full moon together." He smiled confidently as he pulled me into the center of the clearing.

  "Why are you being so different? Why are you treating me like this? Did Noah say something to you?" I needed to know. I couldn't live with not understanding anymore. "Or did the Elders tell you not to have so much distance between us anymore?"

  "What are you talking about?" He looked genuinely confused with his brows creased and his head turned to the side, I didn't want to tell him how puppy like it looked.

  "Who made you change your mind?" I asked him.

  "Would you believe me if I said you? And that I knew everything all along."

  "Your hot and cold attitude is giving me a headache, and maybe even whiplash."

  "Can we just start over Little Bunny?" He pleaded. "Let's start this all from the beginning. Tonight will be our new first, everything before today doesn't matter."

  "Alright, let's try. It will be better than constantly fighting."

  "Good." He smiled so brightly that it warmed me even from a distance. "Come on, watch the stars with me, please." His hand was held out toward me again, this time I took his hand willingly and let him pull me to him.

  Reece pulled me down with him as he sat, setting me between his thighs and resting me against his chest and wrapping his arms around me.

  "Is this alright, Little Bunny?" He asked me.

  "For now." I told him, my voice betraying how nervous I was with a slight trembling and a squeak near the end. I heard him chuckle at the sound as he settled me more firmly against him.

  We watched the stars, talking about nonsense things for so long that I lost track of the time. He asked me about my childhood and told me about his.

  "So, you never went to school?" He asked me, shocked.

  "Nope, Grandfather didn't want me to embarrass him, so I was homeschooled. Noah and Carter went to school like normal though."

  "That had to suck. I knew Noah went to school, he was my best friend growing up, would be now too if he wasn't so mad at me."

  "That's your own fault, not mine." I laughed. "I didn't tell him anything. I didn't say anything to any of my family."

  "But you did tell your friends?" He questioned me.

  "More like Juniper the super sleuth figured it out on her own."

  "Vincent knows too, doesn't he?"

  "He was there the day Juniper was asking me about everything, and while I was ordering ice cream, she told all three of the guys."

  "So, you didn't tell them I was a jerk just to spite me?" He asked.

  "No, and I told Juniper to not be mad at you. Even recently she was trying to convince me you're the bad guy but-." I stopped myself, thinking about what I was about to say.

  "But what?" He asked me, I could hear the curiosity in his voice.

  "No, it's nothing." I evaded.

  "Don't think you can do that. You've got to tell me now." He implored me. "Come on." He squeezed me with his large, muscular arms.

  "Nope, not saying." I refused firmly.

  "Tease." He said as he buried his face into my neck, we were both laughing but the feel of him against my skin, his lips just inches away from where he marked me. I shivered.

  "Cold?" He asked, tightening his hold once more but not moving his face. The feeling of his breath moving against my skin as he breathed just that one word made me squirm, my body was beyond shivering now.

  "N-n-no." I stammered.

  "Hmm." His humming sent a jolt vibrating through my whole body.

  Reece took his right arm off of me, bringing it between us. He moved my hair out of the way, the little bit that had come loose to fall down onto my shoulder.

  "You're unique, Trinity, you know that don't you?" He whispered into my ear. "You're beautiful, smart, funny, stubborn. You're my little bunny." His breath was getting closer and closer until finally I felt his lips touch gently against my mark. I shivered again and gasped at the feel of his tender kiss.

  "You drive me wild, Little Bunny." His whispered voice was nearly a growl as said the words. I felt his tongue press against my mark then, the pressure against it, of my body knowing it was him pressing against it, made my mind go blank.

  He lapped at the mark before biting it gently. I gasped at the feeling of it. He turned my head to the side, forcing me to face him. He pressed a gentle kiss to my lips and when I didn't pull away, he pressed it further, sliding his tongue into my mouth. His kiss grew more frantic, more hungry. His tongue probed and searched the inside of my mouth like he was discovering a new land. He turned me in his arm then, pulling me onto his lap and wrapping his arms around me and deepening the kiss. I felt his groan as he pushed me against him. He nipped at my bottom lip before pulling away.

  He was about to bury his face in my neck again when I came to my senses.

  "NO!" I cried. "We can't." I pushed away from him and got shakily to my feet. I could see the fire, the hunger in his eyes. But I could also see the pain of my rejection in his eyes.

  "Why not?" He asked me. "I wouldn't have gone too far, not out here."

  "I need to know that we feel the same way about each other first Reece, I don't want to just be another notch." I sobbed. I wanted him. I really did. My heart wanted him. My body needed him. But my mind would not let me be with him until I knew how he felt.

  I ran. I couldn't help it. I turned around and ran back toward the house. I could hear him calling after me.

  "Little Bunny?" His voice sounded hurt. "Trinity!" He called after me again and again, but I just ran back home, back to my room. I wanted him, and if I stayed, I would give in before knowing if he accepted me or not, before knowing if he loved me or not.