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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 72 - Trinity-The Last Full Moon Meeting Of The Year




 Things were slowly getting better with Reece. I didn't get to see him all the time, with his busy schedule, but with the holiday season he had a lot of free time. The day after Christmas I was called to his office to have a meeting with him and Michael, the elder. I knew it was for the upcoming full moon meeting. I would have thought they would have had this meeting already, since it was only three days away now.

 When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was that my usual chair was gone. Well not gone really, just moved. It was sitting on the other side of Reece's desk, just a few feet away from his. I wonder if the Elders didn't like the distance that he was keeping between us.

 "Trinity, my dear Luna, how are you child?" Michael asked me in his typical over the top condescending way. I know he didn't mean anything about it, but had I had a wolf my hackles would rise from hearing it every time.

 "Hello Michael, I'm doing well, and how are you?" I asked him as he leaned in for a slight hug. When he pulled away, I noticed an angry look in Reece's eyes. I took my seat and sat quietly beside my mate.

 "Now, we can discuss what will happen during the full moon this month." Michael smiled happily.

 "Do I truly need to be here?" I asked him, a little miffed by the situation. "It's not like I can be there, anyway." My voice held an edge I had not intended it to, my anger was stronger than I thought. I didn't want to be cooped up anymore, but I knew why I was staying inside. I truly didn't want to have anything else happen to me.

 "What do you mean you can't go?" Michael asked me, perplexed.

 "With everything that has happened lately, we feel it is best for her to not go anywhere for the time being." Reece answered for me. I lowered my head in depression.

 "Ahh, yes, I do understand that." Michael's voice gave off an understanding tone as he eyed me sadly. "I'm truly sorry my dear. Perhaps we should have left you out of the meeting." He added.

 "It's fine. Eventually I would need to attend every meeting anyway, right?" I asked him, forcing a smile.

 "Yes, that's right dear, you will."

 "So, what is the plan for this month?" I asked them, trying to lighten the mood somewhat.

 "Well, it is nearly the end of the month, so therefore the end of the year. We traditionally have a bonfire as the moon for December is called the cold moon, along with the oak moon and the long nights moon. We typically try to burn at least some oak during the bonfire, but it's mostly staving off the long and cold night with the fire. This year though, I would like to make it a bit of a pre New Year's party for the pack."

 "This gathering is purely voluntary right? They're not required to attend."

 "That's right, they will come if they choose to, which a lot decide to skip it because they're home with their family this time of year." Reece answered for me.

 "Alright, so what kind of turn out will there be, do you think?"

 "It's hard to know, but we will prepare for more than the usual, just to be safe. That has been the plan in the past." I nodded my head.

 "Looks like you've got it all worked out." I told them, the regret at not being included seeping into my voice.

 "Well, since we know what will be going on, I will relay the information." Michael said as he stood and left the room alone. I was about to follow him when Reece called out to me.

 "Wait, Little Bunny." I sat back down and looked at him, confused.

 "Yes?" I asked him.

 "About the night of the full moon?" He started but seemed hesitant.

 "What about it?"

 "Will you have dinner with me?" He finally managed.

 "Don't we always eat dinner together?" I asked him, confused.

 "I mean, just the two of us." I noticed his embarrassment. He was trying to force himself here. Apparently between his mom, the elders, and possibly Noah, they were forcing him to be a better mate to me. Well, we could hope that it would get better during this time.

 "Alright." I agreed, not sure what to expect.

 "Really?" He sounded shocked at first, but then broke out into the biggest grin I've ever seen on his face before. "Wonderful. I will meet you after I greet the pack at the gathering."

 "Wait, you're going to leave the gathering?" Shock filled my voice.

 "It's not an important event, and you can't be there this year. I don't want you to be alone."

 "I've never been to any of them before." I admitted.

 "I guessed at much." He frowned. "I don't know why your Grandfather was so hard on you, but I'm sorry things were so tough for you."

 "It's fine, aside from the pack related stuff, my life was great. My family was the best I could ask for. And I never knew my mother or father so I can't miss them." I tried to pretend like it didn't bother me, but I felt the stinging of tears in my eyes.

 "Little Bunny?" He seemed to be asking me if I was alright with those words as he came closer and gently wrapped his arms around me. "We both have scars from our pasts. Let's help each other overcome them, eventually." He whispered so quietly that I barely heard him.

 "Reece?" I asked him, confused. He shook his head as if to say no before kissing me softly on top of my head.

 He pulled away from me after that. Sadness and regret filling his eyes. I was sure the regret had been for being so close to me, getting emotional with me.

 "I have another meeting soon, Little Bunny, but I will see you at dinner." He smiled sadly before holding a hand out to help me to my feet. He kissed the back of my hand gently before letting me go. I left, confused and uncertain about what had just happened and my feelings.

 Over the next three days I was needlessly nervous around Reece. I didn't know the real reason why he had asked me to have dinner with him. It surprised me when I found out that he was going to skip the gathering to come back and spend time with me. But he could just be bored with all the routine. Maybe he wasn't going to stop until he had conquered his conquest. I just didn't know what to think, but my body wanted to turn to a puddle whenever he was around.

 On a positive note I was fully registered for my classes for the next semester now. I had passed all my classes with near perfect scores, thanks to my friends passing along the assignments. I was lucky to have them, and I couldn't wait to finally get to go to class with them again.

 I had Juniper come over the day before my dinner with Reece. I wanted her to help me pick out something to wear.

 "You're going on a date?" She asked me incredulously.

 "We're having dinner, but I don't know where." I admitted.

 "Is this your first date?" She was in super excited inquisitive mode now.

 "No, we had one last weekend." I confessed to her.

 "What?" She gasped. "Why am I just hearing about this now?" She demanded.

 "Well, it was right before Christmas and the same day as my exams, so I kind of just forgot to mention it."

 "You forgot? Oh, come on, this is major. Girl you need to tell me these things." I laughed at her intensity. "Tell me everything that happened." She insisted.

 I obliged. I told her everything that had happened after I left the test room. From when Reece showed up to ask me to dinner, to getting my dress, and then the meal. I told her how, though awkward at times, we didn't argue at all. And how he finished the night with a kiss that I was not prepared for. When I was done, her mouth was hanging open in shock.

 "Oh my Goddess." She breathed. "Girl, what are you going to do if he tries that again?"

 "I don't know. Oh Goddess, why does he only want me for sex? Why can't he fall in love with me?" I asked of no one in particular and I grabbed my head in frustration.

 "Do you love him?" Juniper seemed surprised by my question and already guessed my meaning.

 "I can't help it. The bond made me like him already, and he's not a bad guy."

 "Trinity! Look at what the asshole has said to you." She yelled at me.

 "I know, but he's a great alpha to the pack, he's fair, and when he's not intentionally being a jerk to me, he can be really nice."

 "You're making excuses for him." She accused.

 "I can't help but notice it. I live with him. I see how he is with everyone. And, not to mention, he has saved my life multiple times."

 "Hero syndrome or what do they call it." She put a finger to her chin as she thought. "Stockholm syndrome, that's what you've got."

 "That's when you fall in love with your kidnapper." I laughed at her.

 "Florence Nightingale Syndrome?" She asked.

 "Nope, that's falling in love with your health care worker." I was laughing so hard at her trying to discredit my emotions that I was not feeling stressed anymore.

 "Fine, if there is no syndrome where you fall in love with your rescuer simply because they saved you then I'm making one, you have Trinity Syndrome." She pointed at me when she declared this.

 "Why name it after me? Shouldn't it be his fault?"

 "Reece Syndrome?" She asked. "Doesn't have the same ring to it, besides anything with him is likely never to bring you peace."

 "No peace?" I snickered. "No Reece Syndrome, then I get no peace, or pieces." I started laughing so hard I couldn't sit up.

 "Oh Goddess, Trinity, never talk to me about Reece's pieces. No, wait, scratch that. Tell me everything about them. That man is hot." She was blushing and laughing so hard I could hardly understand a word she said.

 "I haven't even seen Reece's pieces yet, so shut up." I blushed. I knew my face had to be crimson with how embarrassed I felt.