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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 70 - Trinity-Christmas Part 1




  The dinner date with Reece was a total surprise. I didn't expect it at all. But I enjoyed myself, probably more than I should have. But it turns out he was only after one thing. Why can't we get closer, get to know each other, without him wanting to move in that direction? I don't want to be a distraction to him, just a plaything to him to use when he sees fit.

  The bad thing is, it was really hard for me to turn him down, my body wants him. My heart tells me I love him. But I know that I don't know him enough for that. I need a better connection with him, something more than just fate telling me he's the one. I need him to tell me I'm the one for him. I need to know that he accepts me and that he won't find solace in anyone else. But will I ever get that?

  I sincerely hope so. I hope that we can have more nights like Saturday. More nights where we talk and get closer. More time where we just enjoy each other's time.

  Tomorrow is Christmas. That was one thing for me to look forward to. I was wrapping the last gift I needed to put under the tree. I loved how elaborately the house had been decorated. I don't know if it was like this all the time or not, but it was wonderful.

  The whole house had been covered in lights so just staring at its twinkling beauty was enough to make me smile. The tree that had been brought in and placed in the great room, the main living room, was massive. It had to be at least twelve feet tall and it was decorated with lights, ribbon, bulbs, tinsel, the whole works. There were little animal ornaments covered in gold and silver that decorated the tree as well. And at the very top, instead of a star or an angel, there was a full moon glowing atop the tree.

  A giant train track had been set up that went up and around the tree, circled the room, and came back to circle the base of the tree. All around the track, at different points, pieces of a miniature Christmas village had been set up. Little houses, a church, shops, Santa's village, it even had trees painted with a frosting of snow. Twinkling lights lined the train tracks and followed the village as well. There had been white fluff put around all the little houses to look like snow.

  There were snowmen scattered throughout the house. Sometimes in groups like a family, sometimes standing alone. Stars and snowflake patterns had been hung from the ceiling in shining silver and gold. There was a miniature Santa with a sleigh and his reindeer strung up in the entry hall, he looked like he was flying to deliver the gifts to everyone.

  Stockings had been hung by the beautiful fireplace. They all looked brand new compared to the little village pieces. There were three stockings in all. One each for Lila, Reece, and myself. Being included without asking was enough to make me smile. At least whoever had decorated considered me part of the household.

  There were small traces all throughout the bottom floor of the house. Wreaths, tinsel, garland, mistletoe, poinsettia plants. All the traditional decorations. It was like walking into a Christmas movie taking place at a castle or at least a rich person's house. Well, this place could be a castle, and Reece was obscenely rich, so I guess that was fitting.

  There were small traces of decorations upstairs as well. Garland and ribbons decorated every banister in the house. Some lights here and there, and mistletoe hung sporadically. But nothing much had happened elsewhere on the higher floors. I took it upon myself to decorate my room and hallway slightly, no one said I couldn't.

  I put lights up in my room, around every window, around the fireplace, and made a small canopy of lights above the whole room. I put snowmen, reindeer, Santa, and anything I could think of up and down the hall. It was only going to be for a short time, but I wanted to see these things to make me happy. The two weeks that I got to see them was magical to me.

  I had been trying to avoid thinking about Christmas morning. It would be my first without my family. I was sure it was going to be emotional for me, but I would have to get over it somehow. I had to grow up, and I wasn't going to be alone after all. I would have Lila, and Reece I suppose. But who knows if he would behave himself?

  I was both looking forward to the morning and dreading it at the same time. Only time will tell me how it would go. I just had to face it as best as I could.

  I woke early on Christmas morning. I was nervous, and I wanted to be ready for the day. I took a quick shower and dressed nicely. I decided to wear a midnight-blue skirt that came to my knees, it was simple, no extra designs or fluff, but it was pretty and quite comfortable. I paired it with a white silk shirt and gold jewelry. The look was simple but looked classy.

  When I went downstairs, I had expected to eat breakfast first. That's how things had always been done when I was growing up. So, it took me by surprise when Reece called out to me.

  "Where are you going Little Bunny?" He sounded confused yet amused at the same time.

  "To breakfast." I told him, bewildered.

  "Don't you want to open gifts first?" He asked me, a slight smirk on his face.

  "Before we eat?" I asked.

  "Is it that strange?"

  "It's different for me, I always opened them after." I informed him.

  "Hmm, well let's not wait. I want us all to open them before we eat." He smiled at me.

  "Alright." I was glad I had brought his last gift down last night instead of waiting until this morning.

  "Come on you two." Lila called out from the other room. I smiled at her eager voice.

  "Let's go." Reece said, holding his hand out toward me. I didn't take his hand but walked next to him, he placed his hand lightly on my right hip and he walked beside me.

  As soon as we entered the room, there was a bright flash of light.

  "Memories." Lila said once I could see again. She had a camera in her hand.

  "Mom!" Reece growled.

  "What? It's your first Christmas together, someone needs to take pictures." She smiled happily.

  "It's not that special is it?" I asked her.

  "Are you kidding? It's very special, this is the first of many Christmases together but there will never be anything like the first one." She was so happy that I just didn't want to burst her bubble. I just don't think Reece and I will ever have happy memories.

  "If you say so." Reece grimaced. Clearly, he didn't think things would be happy either.

  We started passing out gifts. Lila wanted to go first, so she handed us all of the ones she bought for us.

  "I might have gone a little overboard." She smiled happily as she handed us gift after gift. "I just couldn't help myself."

  "This is way too much Lila." I told her as she handed me my tenth present.

  "Nonsense, you're the first daughter I ever got to buy a gift for, I am so excited." I could feel that excitement too. It just made me feel weird, getting a gift from someone that wasn't my family. Reece and I looked at each other and laughed nervously as our embarrassment kept growing along with the piles.

  "Go on, open them." Lila insisted.

  I did as she instructed and was stunned at the array of gifts. Lila had gotten me a beautiful, and delicate looking, gold watch. Several different outfits. There were books she thought I would enjoy. A violin to replace the one that had gone missing from the music room. And a bottle of perfume with a soft vanilla scent.

  "That perfume is developed by a wolf, so the smell is not too strong. It won't affect a wolf's sense of smell." She was smiling happily. "And I know how much Reece loves the smell of vanilla." She added mischievously.

  "Mother." He said embarrassed.

  "What, you do." She giggled.

  "Just be quiet." Reece put his head in his hands and groaned. I laughed.

  "Thank you for everything, Lila. They were all wonderful gifts."

  "It was my pleasure dear. I am so happy to have you here to shop for.

  "Alright, let's move on." Reece cleared his throat loudly before he spoke. "Shall we give you all your gifts first, Mom, it would only be fair." He grinned at her.

  "No, you should exchange each other's first." She countered. I was not in a hurry to give Reece his gifts, so I backed him up.

  "No, I think we should give you your gifts, Lila." I smiled at her sweetly and she caved.

  "Oh, alright. Fine, hand them over." She laughed, holding her hands out.