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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 68 - Reece-Gina's Boutique




  I drove her uptown to Gina's boutique. They were expecting us. I had called earlier in the day and told them what I wanted. She had all the measurements for my Little Bunny and knew what color would suit her best.

  "Where are we?" She asked when I pulled the car to a stop in front of the beautiful, upscale shop.

  "This is Gina's place." I told her. "She makes the dresses for the ceremonies, but she also has her own shop."

  "I didn't know that." She said smiling at the storefront. She always looked so radiant when she smiled genuinely like that.

  I walked around the car and opened the door for her. I was glad to see that she was learning to wait for me to do that for her. She took my hand and let me help her out of the car. She must have known that if we were going somewhere with wolves, so we would have to keep up appearances. That made me happy too.

  As soon as I escorted her into the shop we were greeted by Gina and her staff. This was a full-service shop. There weren't just dresses for sale here. You could also purchase shoes and accessories. And there was a place to get hair and makeup to match. This was truly a good choice. I would have to thank Shane later.

  "Welcome, Alpha and Luna, we are honored for your visit." Gina smiled as she inclined her head.

  "It's nice to see you again Gina." Little Bunny greeted the woman like a friend.

  "I have a dress picked out for you already, Luna, please try it on." Gina implored her.

  "How did you get one ready so soon?" She asked.

  "I called ahead and told her we would be coming." I admitted.

  "How did you know I would agree to have dinner with you?" My Little Bunny was smiling at me with a hint of an evil smirk.

  "I hoped." I smiled back at her in return. She giggled, making my wolf wag his tail.

  Gina took her to the back of the shop then to try on the dress. It was apparently almost perfectly sized to fit her and according to the staff, the best color choice possible. I would be the judge of that. I didn't want to brag, but I had a pretty good sense of fashion myself.

  A little while later Gina brought her out. They had dressed my Little Bunny in a midnight-blue strapless dress. It was cut low enough that it showed an ample amount of her milky white cleavage. It was corseted, accentuating how small she really was. The skirt of the dress flared out a little, but it wasn't like a gown. It was more like several layers of silk and whatever the sheer material they had used combined with the way it was cut and sewn together. It looked like the skirt would twirl out around her if she were to spin, but it also went all the way down to her ankles. She was wearing matching midnight-blue stilettos with three-inch heels. They would close the distance between us a little.

  "What do you think, Alpha?" Gina asked me. It took a minute for me to get my wolf to shut up then another minute to unstick my tongue to allow me to speak.

  "You look beautiful." I choked out in as even of a tone as I could manage. I saw the smile of satisfaction on Gina's face, but for some reason my Little Bunny looked sad.

  "Come on now, Luna, let's get you ready." Gina directed as she led my Little Bunny to a chair in the back.

  They were there for a while. I decided to walk around the shop as I waited. There was some laughter at first, and some tense voices as well. I stopped listening pretty quickly, but as I was looking at the diamond earrings in the case next to the counter, I heard something that caught me off guard.

  "What's the point in all this?" Little Bunny asked.

  "Why would you ask that, Luna?" Gina seemed as shocked by her question as I was.

  "There's no point to it anyway." She sounded so sad, why was my Little Bunny so sad?

  "I'm sure the Alpha would argue against that." Gina laughed.

  "He's the reason I say there is no point."

  "What? I don't understand Luna?" Neither do I Gina, so please keep probing. I thought to myself.

  "You heard him when he saw me. He's always so apathetic when it comes to me. He could barely find it in himself to answer how I looked. And he seemed so mad."  I was floored by what she said but Gina just laughed.

  "Luna, you don't have much experience with men, do you?" She asked her. I wanted to growl that she better not, but that would make me a hypocrite, I had been with more women than I should have been.

  "Not a lot, no." She admitted. Oh thank Goddess, thank you Little Bunny. I thought.

  "Well, the Alpha wasn't mad honey, he was stunned. He didn't remember how to talk for a minute. And I'm betting he had to rein his wolf in too." Gina was spot on of course.

  "I doubt that." Little Bunny wasn't convinced. I know it was my fault. I still had a lot to make up for. The thought made my chest ache and my sense of self hate grow even more.

  "You just wait and see." Gina told her.

  I stopped listening at that. I didn't want to hear anymore. Not to mention it sounded like they were almost done with her hair and makeup. The staff had apparently already picked out her accessories for the night, so I had nothing left to do but to pay for everything.

  I was waiting near the front of the shop when they came out from the back. They had curled her hair and pinned the top of it back, they left a few strands down to frame her face, and the rest of her hair cascaded down her back.

  She was wearing a black silk evening wrap draped over her shoulders, that mixed with her long dark hair laying on her shoulders hid most of the skin that was exposed, including the incomplete mark. Her makeup was once again simple, with light eye makeup and a hinting of color on the lips, but her complexion was so naturally beautiful that she didn't need the makeup as it was.

  I walked to her slowly, giving myself more time to take in the view, before I reached my hand out toward her.

  "Gorgeous." I whispered as I kissed the back of her hand. I was trying to reassure her of how lovely I thought she really was, but I could see the skepticism in her eyes. She just wasn't going to trust me. "Thank you, Gina." I said before leading my Little Bunny out of the shop.