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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 66 - Reece-Little Bunny's Exam Day




  Today is going to be a long day. Little Bunny is taking her exams, so we had to be prepared in the event that someone tried anything. I had almost two dozen pack warriors at the ready. They would switch out and rotate who guarded the building and who would be searching the surrounding area.

  I was advised to let the warriors handle everything today. That they would report back to me when everything was all over. They told me it would be best not to allow the enemy access to me if they were truly after my position. I refused. I was alpha around here and I would protect what was mine. Be that my pack, my land, my mate or myself. It was all up to me to protect.

  I was also beginning to wonder if those that were after my Little Bunny were doing so to go after me or if they were after her directly. I was beginning to think she was the intended target. I don't think she was supposed to get hurt so badly during any of the events. No, my suspicions are telling me they're trying to get to her for something specific, and I intend to find out what that is, and soon.

  I didn't want her to know that I was going to be close by, so I had Vincent and David ride with Little Bunny to the university. I was going to be overseeing the entire operation, running the command and following up on any scent trails personally. I would not let anyone slip between my fingers this time.

  It was just before eight in the morning when she went into the building. And we could already smell that wolves had been scouting the area. The trails weren't fresh, they had most likely scouted sometime earlier in the week.

  My men had been informed of this mission on Wednesday, only three days in advance. The elders knew about it on Tuesday. I had been given the go ahead from the Dean on Monday. So, the leak came from either the school, the elders, or someone in my inner circle. I needed to find out who was actively working against me and make them pay. They would suffer as much as they had made my Little Bunny suffer.

  Four guards began tracing all the old trails. They said there was nothing new for them to report, that was both reassuring and disappointing. I would prefer this day to go smoothly, with no problems for her.

  But I knew that things weren't going to go that way. I had only just thought those words when my phone vibrated in my pocket. Looking at the screen I saw that it was Kenneth, he was one of those tracking the old trails.

  "What do you got for me?" I asked him curtly.

  "I'm sorry Alpha, but something funny is happening to these trails." He sounded nervous as he was saying this. Like he thought I might be upset with him. In truth I was pissed, but not at him.

  "Funny? Explain Kenneth." I demanded. My voice held more of an edge than it normally did.

  "Well, the smell keeps fading in and out when it gets out to a certain point." His voice was definitely nervous now. He was speaking in as few words as possible.

  "Like they're hard to smell at all?" I asked. I knew exactly what he was meaning.

  "Yes, Alpha Sir." His voice seemed clipped.

  "I'll be right there." I told him.

  After getting his location I drove out to where he and another warrior were waiting for me. I had smelled the scent trails near the school, so I knew what these wolves had smelled like. Getting out I could still smell them partially. But as I walked closer to the men that were standing, waiting for me, I noticed the smell fading in and out.

  The smell didn't disappear altogether, not like how it did with the Warlocks last time. But it was enough to make it hard to follow. We were far enough out of the city now that I didn't have to worry about passersby coming up at any moment. The edge of the forest was just in front of us.

  "Try to find out everywhere they went in the city. I want to know everything they touched if you can. I will follow this the best I can." I told them. "And tell the guards at the school to be extra alert. Whoever might try to attack could have the aid of Warlocks, we will not be able to detect their scent." I saw their eyes go wide at my warning.

  "Warlocks?" Kenneth exclaimed.

  "Is that why their scent is hard to track, Alpha?" Brian, one of my newest and youngest warriors asked. I nodded in response to his question as I started to unbutton my shirt, I was already walking toward the trees.

  "I expect all of you to stay alert. I want no harm to come to the Luna today." I glared at them. They would know better than to disobey me.

  "Yes, Sir." They saluted me. The salutes were a bit much, this wasn't the army, but at least they were more respectful than others.

  Once I was in the trees, and had my clothes off, I shifted into my wolf form. The feeling of being in this other form, wearing a different skin, was so freeing. I dug my claws into the dirt, savoring the feeling of the cold, snowy ground pressed against my paws.

  I raised my head to the sky with my eyes closed and searched for the scent I was trying to track. I found just the slightest trace of it nearby. It was getting harder to track the farther away from the city we went. There was definitely something strange going on here.

  Why would Warlocks be working with these wolves? Are they rogues or from a pack? Are they trying to get to me, or did they want my Little Bunny?

  I had begun to suspect something about my Little Bunny, but I didn't know if it were true, and there was no one I could ask to confirm if it were true or not. No one in the pack knew who her father was. Her mother had never told anyone, but did she truly know? I'm beginning to think she didn't even know anything happened until she was surprised with the baby. But with her mother dead I couldn't ask her.

  There had just been somethings that made me wonder. Like how Little Bunny's eyes had looked in the forest the day she had been attacked, they seemed to be tracking the Warlocks with little trouble until I broke her concentration. It was like she could see past all the trees and through the night itself to see them. Then there was the color of her eyes themselves.

  Most wolves would have green, yellow, gold, brown, or hazel eyes. There were the rare one with blue eyes, but they were the wolf equivalent of an albino. They were typically born with white, silver, or very light blond hair to go with the blue eyes. And Little Bunny had not just sky-blue eyes, but also sapphire and gold in them as well.

  The triple iris, while unique and beautiful, was definitely not a wolf trait. Was she half human? Was she half warlock? Or was she something else? I just didn't know how to answer that question but I have more questions than answers right now.

  I was tracking the scent of the wolves slowly, moving with great care so that I didn't lose it completely. That made me think about how she had been able to smell them too. She was the only one among us that was able to smell them. She said their scent was weird and made her sneeze, but she was able to smell it when we couldn't. I bet she could follow this scent. I laughed to myself.

  I hit on a new trail among the other trails, something that didn't fade like the others. This smell shouldn't be here at all. I could smell my beta. My cousin Caleb had been in this area, and recently. I followed the trail. What had he been doing here? He was not among those that I included in this guard mission, though he did know of it. Goddess, but I hated having that twit as my beta. I growled in my mind. If it turns out he had any part of this whole plot, he is going to pay.

  Caleb's scent continued heading in the direction of the estate. He hadn't been there since Tuesday, but this trail was fresher than that. What was he up to? I would be finding that out soon enough. I heard a distressed howl coming back from the direction I had just come. I turned and ran back.