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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 58 - Trinity-After The Fall, Real Or Dream?




I had felt my body falling over the cliff, and some thirty feet or more below, my head smashed into the rocky side of the mountain. That was the last thing I remember clearly for a while. I had tidbits, bits and pieces here and there, but I didn't know if they were real or dreams.

For one, I dreamt that Reece pulled me out of some water and gave me CPR, but I know that didn't happen. I remembered, or dreamt, a lot about Reece. Most likely because he had been there right before I fell, I knew he was close by. I even thought I could smell him once, but it was fading now.

I was starting to wake up. I could tell that. I had an intense headache unlike anything I had ever had before. And I felt dirty, like I hadn't showered in days. I could smell another wolf in the room, my anxiety momentarily rising, but then I just noticed that it was Noah.

Noah must've noticed that I was waking up. I heard him move from his chair and rush to the side of the bed.

"Trinity?" He sighed, relief was clear in his voice. "Trinity are you awake now?" He asked me.

"Noah?" I tried to talk like normal, but my throat ached from being dry. Not to mention it felt like I had the entire river pour in and then out of my throat.

"Oh thank the Goddess, Trinity, you're finally awake." He sighed in relief. "If you didn't wake by this afternoon, the doctor was going to send an ambulance to take you to the hospital."

"How long have I been out?" I fought through the pain that gripped my throat to force the words out.

"Almost three days." He seemed so upset as he spoke. I could see his eyes darting side to side before he looked back at me again. "I was worried you would never wake up Trinity."

"I'm sorry Noah, I just couldn't let him hurt the boy. I moved without thinking."

"I know Trin, I know how you are. But we've all been so scared." He hugged me then, pulling me into his arms. The movement sent a jolt of pain through my head causing me to cry out. "Are you alright?" His voice rushed out in a panic.

"I just have a really bad headache." I groaned.

"Griffin did say that would probably happen." I watched as he rose as walked toward the table. "Here, take these." He told me, handing me three pills and a glass of water. "Griffin said these would help."

"Thank you." I immediately popped the pills into my mouth and swallowed them. The water was a relief to my dry throat, so I finished the glass before handing it back to him.

"Thank you for saving me Noah, I would probably be dead if it wasn't for you." I told him, trying to convey how thankful I was to have him.

"Trinity, I'm not the one who saved you." He denied it adamantly. "Why do you think it was me?"

"You were there. I know you were there. I smelled your scent."

"But I wasn't the only one there." I was confused, but he didn't say anymore.

"Noah, who saved me?" I asked him, I didn't know who it could have been, of the people that had been there. Maybe one of the pack females had saved me.

"Trinity, who do you think would save you?"

"I don't know Noah. You were the only one I thought would." His face fell then, like he was heartbroken.

"He was telling the truth, he's caused this." He mumbled to himself.

"What?" I asked.

"Trinity, Reece is the one who saved you." Noah's words shocked me to my core.

"No! There's no way. He said he would never save me again after the attack by the Warlocks."

"That asshat." Noah snarled. He rarely acted like this. "Look Trinity, I know he has said a lot of hurtful things to you."

"How?" I interrupted him. "How do you know? I Never told you."

"He told me, and I punched him in the face for it."

"What?!" I could not believe what he had just told me. "He told you? And you punched him?" I asked him, my voice cynical.

"I've always put my pack duties above everything Trinity, but I couldn't let that slide. I couldn't let him do that to you and get away with it."

"Noah." I was so touched by his words, tears formed in my eyes. "Thank you."

"I love you Trinity, you're my family, and I won't let him mistreat you like that."

"They were only words but thank you Noah."

"Anyway, as I was saying, Reece is the one who saved you. He saw you go over the edge and didn't stop. The rest of us apprehended the rogue but Reece leapt right off the cliff after you without even a moment's hesitation. He landed on the slope and ran down after you then pulled you out of the water. He gave you CPR and carried you back to the house."

"It wasn't a dream." I whispered to myself.



"I know he's said somethings, Trinity. But just so you know, he was trying to keep you at bay to protect you. Because from day one of finding out you were his mate you were attacked by a rogue, it could have been a coincidence, but it might not have been."

"How is rejecting me and hating me protecting me?" I snapped at him.

"That's exactly what I asked him, but he really thought he was doing what was best. I think maybe you guys need to talk, a lot, about everything."

"I don't think that man is capable of talking. Not to me anyway. It always ends in an argument." I thought of our last discussion. I had actively worked to avoid him ever since he accused me of doing something to his mother. I couldn't stand to be in the same room with him most of the time, and when I had to be, I simply ignored his existence.

"Make an effort, or things will never get better."

"I'll try." I resigned myself. I didn't know what my future might hold, but I was more confused now than when I first woke up.

I was tired and weak for a few days. Juniper, Paul, and Cedar came to visit me in my room while I was recovering. Aunt Eve and Uncle Wesley came as well, with Nikki in tow. Carter was apparently working for the Alpha now and was away on business. Noah said he made the decision after I came to live here with Reece. He didn't want me left without an ally fully on my side.

I was also visited by Vincent and Heather. They brought baby Faith to see me. She was almost a month old now, and this was the first time I was seeing her. She was adorably chubby, wrinkled, and had the cutest little pink cheeks. She was a perfectly healthy little baby. I could tell that Heather and Vincent were very proud.

"Luna, how are you feeling?" Vincent asked me very seriously during the visit.

"I'm fine Vincent, no need to worry."

"Don't tell me not to worry." He snapped at me frustratedly. "Trinity, you almost died. Don't take risks like that ever again." He looked furious with me.

"I was not going to let a child die right in front of me."

"I understand that, I do, but you just need to protect yourself better." He resigned. "And always take a guard with you, please." I promised, somewhat.

"I will try to take one with me, almost everywhere I go, from now on." He glared at me. "That's the best I can do for now, Vincent."

We spent the rest of their visit talking about the baby and everything that had changed for them so far. I had insisted on changing the subject and not talking about my life anymore. I wanted to be cheered up.

Later, Lila visited me as well. She was concerned that I was taking so long to recover. She told me that Reece was acting strangely. He had been a lot more reserved and leaving the house less over the days that I had been recovering. If he could get out of leaving entirely, he would.

"I'm worried about him." She told me with a voice full of concern and sadness. "I just came back to him, just got back myself, and now I feel like I'm losing him again."

"I'm sorry Lila, I really am, but I don't know what I can do. He won't listen to me even if I talk to him. He doesn't like me, he doesn't want me around, he hates me."

"Honey, I'm sure he doesn't hate you." Her voice was soothing and placating as she tried to settle the issue, but she needed to know the truth now.

"He does, he told me so himself." She gasped, placing a hand over her mouth and heart at the same time, her eyes wide in shock. My words had clearly surprised her.

"Trinity, sweetie, tell me you're joking." She begged.

"I wish I was, but he told me he would never accept me, and he hated me. It's all true." I saw the pain in her eyes at that.

"Honey I'm so sorry." Lila was so distressed at what her son had done. She didn't stay long after that, I think she was uncomfortable with what I had told her.