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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 56 - Trinity-Hiking With Pack Cubs




  I heard her, on the other side of the door. I could hear her sobbing, and I knew that I had caused it. I didn't know why I had gone there in anger. I was happy that my mother was awake. But I was frightened.

  I knew that my Little Bunny had gone to see Mom on Saturday while I was gone. Her scent was very strong, and it was all over the room. It had seeped into the whole room. I had known that she knew about Mom, but I had no idea why she had gone to see her.

  I said nothing about it though. I took a wait and see approach. I wanted to see if she would confess to me that she had been there, knowing that I knew about it, anyway. She had to know. But she never said anything, so I didn't either.

  Then, when I came back inside today, I saw Julie running down the stairs in a panic. When I asked her what had happened, she rambled something about a ghost on the fourth floor. That shocked me, Julie was never supposed to go into Mom's room. Then I caught something about the ghost being in the hall. I bolted and ran up the stairs as fast as I could.

  To my horror, David and Little Bunny were already up there. Apparently, Julie had screamed loudly when she saw whatever scared her. I was about to make them leave when someone called me in a weak voice. That was when I noticed Mom for the first time.

  Mom was leaning against the wall, barely able to stand up. I could see she was about to fall down so I rushed to support her. I couldn't believe my eyes. And then to make matters worse, my mother who had been sick for so long, started begging me for forgiveness, like she had chosen this path.

  My heart ached just listening to her ask me to forgive her. I couldn't stop the tears. They were from the joy of seeing her awake, and the heartache of knowing she blamed herself for everything.

  I saw Little Bunny trying to leave then and asked where she was going.

  "There is a room full of women and children on the second floor that are waiting for me to return. Don't worry, I won't tell them anything about this." She whispered, smiling nervously.

  "You? I know you. I've heard your voice." Mom seemed surprised to hear Little Bunny talk.

  "No, we've never met before Ma'am."

  "I was so certain. I feel like I know your voice." Mom looked confused.

  "Perhaps I just have a common voice. I'm going now." Little Bunny looked at me once more before fleeing the hallway.

  How was I not supposed to be suspicious of her after that? It was like she was trying to hide something. She didn't want me or Mom to see her there.

  I don't know what is going on. But I'm beginning to suspect that Little Bunny isn't just what she seems. Something else is going on here, with her, with me, with everything.




  I felt like things between Reece and I were just getting more and more tense. But I couldn't help the feelings growing inside of me. I hadn't spent enough time with him that I could say I was in love with him, but my body wanted me to. And my heart was telling me crazy things too. My brain was the only rational organ I had left. Too bad we often forget to use it when we need to.

  The only upside was that he tended to be such a jerk when I was around him that I couldn't stop myself from being sarcastic and snarky to him. He just naturally brought it out of me. That meant I didn't embarrass myself by being all lovey-dovey towards him all while he hated me.

  I was continuing to have events at the estate for the women and children. I had even had some women only events that were kid free. They loved them as it gave them an excuse to get away and relax. I wanted to focus on being a better Luna.

  Reece's Mom, Lila, was really nice. She was giving me advice and helping me out where she could. But she needed to get her strength back, so she needed to rest often and couldn't do anything too strenuous yet.

  I wanted some fresh air. I had been cooped up inside the house for almost three weeks now and it was already a week into December. If I didn't get out and get air and exercise now, then I would miss my chance before the snow fell. So, I decided to take a group of kids on a hike.

  Most of the kids were still really young, though still really rambunctious. All the older kids were still in school so I had decided that the preschoolers would like going on a hike. A group of about five moms, myself, and a dozen kids went out in the morning.

  My plan for the day had been to hike up the mountain to a clearing I knew of. It overlooked the river at the base of the mountain and was pretty flat at that spot, so it was perfect for the picnic I wanted to have for lunch. After lunch the kids could go on a scavenger hunt and look for treasures to take home. My thought had been that all the treasures could be used to make a Christmas ornament.

  Everything was going perfect. It was a beautiful day, clear with not a cloud in the sky. The picnic was perfect, and the kids were having a great time. I was happy that everything was going so well.

  After lunch, when we started the scavenger hunt, all the kids were excited. Well, all but one. Dillon Bagley just didn't want to do it. He wanted to stay there and watch everyone else as they looked for their treasures. I knew he would regret it later, so I was looking for his scavenger hunt items for him while keeping an eye on him where he sat.

  I could hear everyone laughing and having fun. It was a wonderful day, and I couldn't have been happier, as their Luna, as I watched them enjoying themselves.

  Then I noticed the scent in the air.

  I could smell a wolf coming our way, and he was coming fast. First, I could smell just one wolf, then there were several others. Among them I could smell Reece, his scent the strongest of them all. But I also noticed Noah's. There were other familiar scents as well, but not ones I knew the names for.

  I didn't know what was going on. I didn't know if Reece knew we were out here. Or if this situation was dangerous.

  "Everyone, get back to the house, NOW." I commanded. The women heard me and started gathering the children to get them back to the estate.

  I noticed movement then. A wolf running all out, right in our direction. I could see a large group following him, chasing him. My guess, another rogue had made it onto our territory, and they were bound and determined to catch him.

  Oh Goddess no! I said to myself as I noticed where the wolf was running. If he didn't change course, he would run right into Dillon. The little boy, only four years old, had seen the big wolf coming his way and was frightened. He knew it was someone he had never seen before. He was frozen in place, standing where he had been able to look over the forest below the mountain before we all had noticed the commotion.

  I didn't stop to think. My instincts took over. I ran toward Dillon as fast as I could. I was no more than fifty yards away from him. But the big wolf was closing in fast.

  "Please, Goddess, let me save him in time." I prayed. "Please." I put on a burst of speed, pouring my all into running as fast as I could. I didn't know if I would make it in time.

  I felt my hands push Dillon just in time. He went sprawling to the side and out of the path of the wolf that had been bearing down on him.