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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 52 - Trinity-A Prisoner Again




  "How did you know where we were?" I asked him. This made Reece smirk for some reason. He leaned forward, putting a hand on either side of me on the edge of the fountain where I was sitting. He brought his face down close to mine before putting his nose into my hair.

  "I could have tracked your mark, but just like I'm sure you noticed my scent as soon as I was in the mall, I was able to track you by yours." He growled into my ear.

  "So, coming here would not have hidden us from the people that were after us?" I asked him.

  "No, it would hide you from them, just not me." He grinned. "Your smell is stronger to me than anyone else's as I'm sure mine is stronger to you." I just nodded to him, there was no reason not to.

  I noticed then who all had arrived with Reece. Behind him was David, Shane, and Shawn, the rest of my guards. On his left was Noah, and on his right was Carter. There was no one else in the world who could make me feel safer than those here. Reece included. I knew how strong he was, and the others had sworn to protect me. Noah and Carter, my family, would always protect me, and I loved them for that.

  "Come on." Reece said to me. "Vincent, you, David and those two, search the area, find at least one of those rogues if you can. I want to know why there were rogues on my land going after my Luna." He growled.

  "Yes, Sir.

  "Carter, I want you to follow us in one of the cars up to the estate, if there are no problems, drive back down here to drive some of them back home. Noah, same to you, but you lead us back." He commanded. His words spun for a moment in my head before clicking. There were seven people here besides me. Reece had just given orders to six of them. That left two. Me and him. Oh Goddess, we're going to be alone again.

  We walked back the way Vincent and I had come into the building. Back along the trail Reece had apparently followed. I watched as all four of my guards dispersed, then as Carter and Noah went to separate vehicles. Reece was walking to the car. It was a car I had never seen before, it was still expensive, but way less expensive than his Ferrari he had driven before. This was a Shelby Mustang.

  "Another new car?" I asked him curiously, mostly to distract myself from having to be alone with him again.

  "Well, someone doesn't like my ostentatious sports car, so I got a much less gaudy muscle car." He spoke sarcastically. "So, stop complaining." He added.

  "But isn't it a little gratuitous to have so many cars?"

  "Not when I let my staff use them too." He retorted.

  "Fair enough."

  Reece held the door opened for me like always before going around and sliding in behind the wheel. He drove us back to the estate in silence. I could see Noah driving ahead of us, and when I turned in my seat, I saw Carter, a serious look on his face, following behind.

  I could tell that something was about to change. But I refused to pay it any mind. I didn't want to listen to it, not yet.

  "Come to my office." Reece told me as soon as we got back home. Yeah, something was definitely about to change.

  "Alright." I agreed, sensing the tension in the air. I watched as my cousins drove back down the driveway, wishing they would be there to act as a buffer for us.

  I followed him silently through the house until we got to his office. He opened the door and waved me in ahead of him, pulling the door shut with a snap behind him. I was about to take my usual seat when he stopped me.

  "Sit here." He indicated one of the armchairs near the sofa. This was to be an informal discussion then. I went where he directed me. I know I was going to lose my cool, probably sooner than I wanted to, but I would hold it in for now. He sat in the far corner of the sofa next to my chair, lounging leisurely yet looking anything but relaxed.

  "What exactly happened today, Little Bunny?" He asked me, his voice full of annoyance.

  "I thought you were already informed, Vincent told David everything." I told him.

  "I want to hear it from you." He growled.

  "Fine." I snapped then took a deep breath to steady myself. "I went to class with Vincent as usual. After-."

  "Anything happen during class?" He asked me knowingly. I glared at him.

  "Why do you ask?"

  "I need to know everything." He smirked at me.

  "My first class went fine, I spaced out in my second."

  "Same as usual?" He laughed. I growled at him.

  "And you would know that how?"

  "You think I'm not told what happens when you're not here?"

  "Of course, you are." I sighed. "Yes, I spaced out like usual. And Vincent had to get my attention when my professor noticed my lack of attention. That was the first time I was ever close enough to her to notice she was a wolf. I've never seen her in our pack, but I've hardly met everyone in our pack. So, I don't know if she is one of ours or not."

  "She is not from our pack, she is actually from Riley's pack, she lives in between the packs so she can commute for work purposes. She is an ally."

  "I know that now. After class Vincent, Juniper and I went to lunch at Franny's Kitchen, after we ate Juniper went back to meet Paul and Cedar while Vincent and I went back to the car. On our way back we were attacked by a man in his wolf form. Vincent moved to get me out of there immediately but there was another wolf attacking us as well."

  "What happened then?"

  "That is when my professor came. She helped protect us. I would like to thank her."

  "I hear you had to defend yourself personally, what happened?"

  "One of the wolves circled around. I just jumped out of the way, then kicked him in the jaw, that's all."

  "Hmm." He seemed annoyed by my quick explanation. "How did you come to be at the mall when there were only two attackers?"

  "At least half a dozen more were howling in the distance, they were coming to back up the others."

  "So, you would have been outnumbered eight to two."

  "Three." I corrected him.

  "You're not supposed to be fighting." He growled at me.

  "Why, haven't I proven that I know how to protect myself?"

  "You don't have a wolf, so you cannot fight against one."

  "That's crap!" I snapped at him. "I have been training to fight for almost fifteen years, you misogynistic ass."

  "I don't care. You're not as strong as a wolf and you know it."

  "That doesn't mean that I can't defend myself in the event that I am attacked. Don't you think that it would be best to have every advantage possible."

  "My number one priority is to keep my pack safe. And whether I like it or not, my pack needs you alive."

  "All the more reason for me to protect myself."

  "Out of the question." He snapped.

  "You're unbelievable." I couldn't understand his reasoning at all.

  "I don't care what you have to say, end of discussion." He said firmly. "And you're done with school." His growling words broke my heart. "Temporarily."

  "I'm almost done with the semester. Let me finish it at least." I begged him.

  "I can't risk you being attacked again."

  "So, I'm just going to lose all the work I put in this semester?" I could feel the tears stinging the back of my eyes.

  "I'll work something out so you can still sit your exams. But you cannot go to class anymore until we get this rogue situation under control."

  "How long?" I asked him.

  "I don't know." He looked apathetic as he spoke. My control broke and the tears I was holding back started to fall.