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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 50 - Trinity-More Spaced Out Than Usual




 I was glad to be back from that particular trip. We only had one more that I had to go on, apparently. After this weekend Reece would continue to go to his annual meetings without me. My introductions would be finished, and I would no longer need to attend them. Thank the Goddess.

 Vincent was currently sitting next to me, dragging me out of one of my daydreams. I only really daydreamed in my English Composition class, Professor Thompson's voice just helped to lull me into a stupor.

 "Trinity." I could vaguely hear him hissing at me. "Trinity, wake up." I didn't think I was actually asleep, why would he be telling me to wake up? "Luna." He growled harshly in a whisper. I jerked at the sound of my title being used somewhere so public. I blinked my eyes in confusion and he was glaring at me.

 "Nice of you to join the land of the living." Professor Thompson sneered standing next to me.

 "I'm sorry." I said automatically as I turned with a start and looked at her apologetically.

 "Does my class bore you?" She asked me.

 "No, not in the least, I just haven't gotten much sleep lately." I told her. Which. that was kind of true. I've been stressing so much about the other packs, the stuff to do with Reece, and just my life in general, that over this last month and a half since I moved in with Reece I have been getting a lot less sleep.

 She leaned down and growled next to my ear. "You may have an alpha for a mate, but he can't protect you forever, take care to pay attention to what's around you." Her voice was harsh, and her words were ominous. I had never been this close to Professor Thompson, so I had not noticed that she was a wolf until just now. There were so many in this class that their scents simply overlapped, but with her so close it was easy for me to smell her now.

 My eyes went wide at her perceived threat. I didn't know if she was part of my pack or not, I only knew her from class. I would have to ask the others later.

 Class was over shortly after that tense moment. It was my second and last class for the day, so I would be able to leave campus and relax. I couldn't focus on school until the last of the meetings was over. It was driving me insane. And with what just happened it was like adding fuel to the fire.

 "Why don't we get some lunch?" I heard Vincent say as we were leaving the room.

 "Sounds good to me." I agreed. I was actually pretty hungry and some time away from the house where I didn't have to think about Reece, the meetings, or being Luna would probably do me some good.

 "Are you free for lunch?" He turned to ask my three friends as they came out of the room behind us.

 "Paul and I can't, we have stuff to do." Cedar declined.

 "I'll go." Juniper smiled happily. "This makes it so that I don't have to sit and watch them play macho men." She turned her back on them and grabbed my arm. "Bye guys." She didn't look back at them as she dragged me out of the building, Vincent following us close behind.

 "So, what are they off to do?" I asked her.

 "They're auditioning for a martial arts tournament. It's not very fair of them, considering, but whatever." She said laughing. "They want to prove they know how to fight, then they plan to either join the pack warriors or the police academy." She finished telling me their plans.

 "Both of them?" I asked, surprised.

 "Yeah, it's funny, Cedar and I are the twins, but him and Paul are the ones who are so much alike. So, he finally has someone to do all his annoying stuff with." She seemed so happy talking about them.

 The three of us went to my favorite little diner, Franny's Kitchen. Franny has been running the place for so long that she could change the name to Granny's Kitchen, and it wouldn't be a lie. I found the place as soon as I started school in August, and I loved it immediately. Her food was delicious home-style family food. Stuff you loved to eat and couldn't get enough of.

 Franny's was a welcoming and happy place. She ran the place with her family, and everyone was just as sweet as she was. I loved coming here, especially when I was in a bad mood. It always helped to cheer me up.

 We sat in a booth in the back. Juniper sat across from me and Vincent next to me with me on the inside of the booth. We ordered our food; I got a half order pot roast and a chicken pot pie. I was hungry, and the food was really good. While we waited, we chatted about random useless things. That is until Juniper asked how things were between Reece and me.

 "Not much has changed." I tried to be evasive.

 "Things haven't gotten any better? I thought they must have since you slept together at the hotel." Vincent just had to go and let that little tidbit out.

 "OH MY GODDESS! Trinity, you didn't tell me about that." Juniper looked at me with hopeful eyes, eager for a story.

 "There's nothing to tell." I countered.

 "I'm not buying that. You slept together, how is that nothing?"

 "We slept in the same hotel room. We didn't sleep together." I saw the look of confusion on her face.

 "In the same bed?" She asked, still trying to hold on to a scrap of debauchery in my failing love life.

 "Nope, it was a suite. So, there were two separate bedrooms for us. He did try to have a little fun and mess with me on the way to the room though."

 "Fun? What kind of fun?" She asked, hopefully.

 "He was being intentionally suggestive just to scare and annoy me. But I told him nothing will happen unless it's mutual otherwise he's going to lose something." I said with all seriousness. Juniper and Vincent both laughed at my words.

 "Oh, I bet he just loved that." Vincent laughed. He was such a nice guy, but right now he was laughing almost maniacally. But it suited him still, it made him look a little younger and twice as handsome.

 "Well, when I reminded him about that fact in the hotel and threatened to remove things through certain means he did blush."

 "NO!" Juniper gasped. "You actually made the alpha blush?"

 "Now I've heard it all." They were both laughing again. It was all really helping me to get past the uneasy feelings and stress I had been having lately.

 "I hate to eat and run, but I've gotta go meet the guys. I'll see you tomorrow Trin, love you." Juniper told me as we leaned across the table and gave each other a quick hug after lunch.

 "I'll see you tomorrow." I told her then watched as she walked out of the restaurant.

 "Want to get dessert before we leave?" Vincent asked me as soon Juniper was gone.

 "Tempting, very tempting, but I'm stuffed. And I get the feeling you're trying to make me feel better for some reason." I looked up at him suspiciously.

 "Is it that obvious?" He asked sheepishly.

 "You're a really nice guy Vincent, so it might normally be a little hard to tell, but you're trying a little harder than usual."

 "I've only suggested lunch and dessert." He laughed.

 "I know, but it's all the little things too."

 "I just want you to be happy and safe Luna." He looked so sincere as he spoke.

 "You're one of my biggest allies, and one of my best friends Vincent."

 "I'm very happy you feel that way." He smiled.

 "I just feel bad for you." I told him, looking down at the table.

 "Why? There's nothing for you to feel sorry for."

 "You're being forced to spend almost all of your time with a person ten years younger than you. You're being forced to go through college again. And you have to spend your time with my friends too. You never get to do what you want to do." To my surprise Vincent laughed at me.

 "Trinity, you have it all wrong. Ok, here's how I see it. I have the privilege of being the personal guard of my Luna, a very high honor that was given to me. And I never went to college, so now I'm getting a free education by guarding you. And your friends are great, and what does it matter that you're all younger than I am, we can share our perspectives and help each other learn and see things differently. I'm happy, so don't be sorry."

 "You really are too nice." I smiled tearfully at him.

 "Too nice, or just nice enough." He joked. "Come on, let's get you back to the estate." He stood and gestured for me to do the same. When we walked out into the midafternoon light, even the mid-November chill or the threat of impending snow wasn't enough to bring my mood down.