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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 49 - Trinity-A Night With Reece




  He took us to a very nice, very expensive hotel. And apparently, he had made a reservation. He had already planned on us staying here.

  "It was supposed to be later when we got here. But I'm mentally exhausted right now, so I need some sleep before driving home." He yawned as we pulled in. I watched as a parking valet came to get the keys.

  Reece once again opened my door for me, not letting anyone touch the door but him. Vincent grabbed the three bags from the back of the SUV and followed us inside. Reece was still putting on his loving mate act even though no one was around to see it. I guessed that he thought there might be pack members here at the hotel as well.

  I had never been in a hotel this expensive before, but its splendor paled in comparison to the estate. It was beautiful, for certain. But the estate was old and majestic yet beautifully maintained and perfectly modernized all at the same time. Had I not been living in the Alpha house the past month or so I would have thought this was the most beautiful place I had ever been in.

  "Reservation for Gray." Reece informed the clerk when he had reached the concierge desk. The man behind the large ornately decorated wooden desk was a wolf and tensed when he saw Reece.

  "Yes Sir, one moment." The man prepared everything without another word from Reece, he returned with the paperwork to be signed and two thin leather pocketbooks with the room keys in them. He moved a few things around to make it more convenient for Reece, then explained which room was which.

  "Here you are, Mr. Gray, this room is the single on the fourteenth floor, number 1433, and this here is the suite you booked, on the twenty-fifth floor, number 2501." He handed the leather books over. "Enjoy your evening, Sir." He looked terrified of Reece, as if he had had a bad experience with him before. Knowing Reece, he probably did.

  We were on our way to the elevator when I held my hand out for the key card for my room. Reece looked puzzled.

  "What?" He asked me, perplexed.

  "I need the key to my room. How else will I get in?" I asked him, acting as if he were slow for a moment. Reece just raised his eyebrows and took the keys for room 1433. Finally, he understands. I thought to myself.

  "Here's your room key Vincent." He smiled, handing the leather book for 1433 to Vincent. My eyes opened in shock and horror and the realization hit me just as the elevator doors shut in front of my face.

  Oh my goddess. He expects me to sleep in the same room as him. Holy shit! What does he think is going to happen? My inner thoughts were revving up to the level of full on panic when I heard the ding and Vincent's gentle voice.

  "Have a good night Alpha, Luna, I will see you in the morning." He stepped off the elevator. No, not my last safety net. Not the only thing keeping me safe right now. Don't leave me alone with him dammit! I growled in my head. But it was no use, he was gone, and the doors shut once again.

  Reece didn't say anything for the rest of the ride to the twenty-fifth floor, which turned out to be the top floor. When I heard the doors ding again. I saw that there were only two rooms up here. 2501 and 2502. They each took up half of the floor. One room each to the left and right a large window wall directly in front of the elevator.

  Reece stepped off the elevator and into the hall, I almost stayed behind, afraid to follow. But I knew he would be upset if I didn't go with him, not that it mattered, but there were other wolves here in the hotel, so I couldn't cause that big of a scene, yet. I reluctantly got off the elevator and followed him into the hall.

  He stalked down the hall and leaned sideways against the door, staring at me. He slowly pulled the key from its leather holder and pushed it into the lock, all the while looking at me. When he heard the click of the lock disengage, he turned the handle and slowly opened the door.

  I was getting more and more nervous by the second, it seemed like he was trying to be seductive. The next thing I knew he swept me up and held me in a bridal carry and walked into the room. I heard him push the door shut with his foot, the click of the door felt ominous.

  The room was set up like an apartment, there was a living room that we had entered after the entry hall. He walked over and set me on the sofa before flopping onto the chair across from me.

  "You should see your face Little Bunny." He laughed.

  "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked him.

  "It means you look so scared and your face is so red, that instead of the white rabbit I usually imagine you to be you now look like the Devil Bunny I've sometimes called you." He chuckled at his own words.

  "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." I glared at him.

  "It was entertaining, I must admit. When you thought you were going to be staying in a different room, I had to mess with you somehow."

  "And why is that?" I demanded. I just had to know his reasoning.

  "Because I knew that if you thought I was going to try anything that you would be nervous or scared as hell." He laughed leaning forward toward me as he spoke.

  "Of course I would be, I didn't bring my knife with me." I told him. He looked perplexed. "I told you, it was going to be mutual, or you'd lose something, didn't I. And it'd probably be a little hard to bite it off." I said smiling at him evilly. He jerked in surprise or fear at my words. I laughed near hysterically at how my words caused him to blush a deep red. "Ha ha, look at that blush, Clifford! Now I know where they found the big red dog."

  "Stop it, it's not funny." He snapped.

  "Stop messing with me and I'll stop messing with you, at least for tonight." I offered holding out my hand in a peace offering.

  "Fine, deal." He agreed, shaking my hand with his much larger hand engulfing mine completely. "But I will have you one day, Little Bunny, that's a promise." He growled.

  "Not if I have anything to say about it." I countered.