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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 48 - Trinity-Black Moon Pack Part 2




  Vincent leaned into me slightly and whispered, the words were barely audible to me, so I know the guards didn't hear them.

  "When I grab your hand, you run with me out of here. Got it." I nodded just slightly so he would know I heard him.

  "Trying to convince her that you're worthy of her trust. It's too late for that. Your pack will go down, soon enough. It would be better for you all if your alpha didn't make it so hard on all of you." The man with the black eyes taunted.

  "You don't know who you're messing with." I snapped at him. I was meaning that they didn't know Reece, but they took it the wrong way.

  "You think you're someone so special?" Hazel eyes sneered.

  "HA, that's a laugh, you're a pathetically weak female, no use for anything but a roll in the sack and having pups." My blood boiled at these words. I just wanted to make them shut their mouths. They were pissing me off more than anything, more than Reece ever had and that was saying something.

  "You really think that's all a Luna is good for?" I asked him, getting to my feet. "You think women can't be strong, huh? That's a laugh. Most men are the weakest people I know, and that's saying something. You want to try shutting your damn mouths and thinking with that thing between your ears for half a minute. Then you might not cause people so many problems. You might not find yourselves in so much trouble. You might not leave your alpha in a position where he's going to need to clean up after your bullshit. Goddess but you're stupid." I ranted at them.

  All four men were glaring at me in disbelief when I was done yelling at them. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I just lost control. I couldn't help it. Vincent was staring at me as well, shock all over his face.

  "Who do you think you are?" Brown eyes growled.

  "I'm a Luna, which is much better than an omega like you!" I yelled at him.

  "How did you know I'm an omega?" He seemed shocked that I knew. Honestly, I couldn't explain how I knew he was an omega, the lowest ranked wolf possible. But just by looking at them I could just sense what rank they all were, and relatively how strong they all were. Perhaps it was an added benefit of being a Luna.

  "You reek of weakness, and your low status is plain to see with your lack of tact." I ridiculed him.

  "You little-."

  "I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you." I heard a familiar deep, smooth voice growl from near the door, cutting off the man who had been talking. "Vincent, the meeting is over. We're leaving." Reece growled stalking into the room and grabbing my hand. "Let's go, Trinity." He growled at.

  I didn't say a word, as he pulled me out of the room. I just glared over my shoulder one last time as I tried to literally push my thoughts, my negative emotions towards them, into the room. I saw the man nearest me fall over just as I rounded the corner. I was so shocked at what I had just seen that I had to fight back my laughter.

  "What? Is there something you find just so damn funny right now?" Reece snarled as he pulled the door of the SUV open and shoved me inside.

  "Yes, actually there is." I laughed as he slid in the driver's seat. "One of those idiots closest to me was so unnerved by us leaving that he literally fell over right before we rounded the corner." I finally let out the laughter I was holding in.

  "What?" Vincent asked in disbelief.

  "I'm serious, the last thing I saw was that idiot with the green eyes falling over. He wasn't even moving. It was funny. I'm sorry, but at least I held the laughter in until we got out here. Give me a little bit of credit for that." I tried to make them see the merit in my accomplishment.

  Reece and Vincent just looked at each other, worry and confusion on Vincent's face, a knowing expression on Reece's. They seemed to think that something was off about the situation but wasn't going to tell me about it. I didn't care right now. I was just happy to be away from them.

  "The meeting ended much sooner than I expected, Sir, did something happen?" Vincent asked.

  "Yeah, we heard the commotion. That and I was done listening to his stupid baseless demands. And I was tired of looking at that pathetic face." I snickered. I was feeling better than I had been for a long time. I felt like when I released my frustrated rant on those morons, I let out all the negative emotions I was feeling.

  "Are things going to be alright between our packs?" Vincent wondered.

  "Probably not, we will probably have a fight to keep our lands safe and boundaries intact." Reece sounded somber. I didn't want to have my mood brought down, but I knew I needed to be serious.

  "Are they strong enough to take us on?" I asked.

  "If it were just the primary pack, then they might stand a chance, maybe. But we have the additional support of the fealty packs and the treaty packs that will lend us aid." He answered without even grumbling to me, which was surprising.

  "But you don't expect them to play fair, do you?" I demanded.

  "Not in the least." He replied.

  Reece drove us to a hotel that was about an hour away from the Alpha House we had just left. He said it was still technically in Stanley's territory, but we were on the fringe and in the border city now and that it was unlikely that they'd try anything. I still didn't trust it.