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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 46 - Trinity- Seeing Double And What I Think Of Reece




  Noah visited me that night. The look in his eyes told me he knew what happened over the weekend, but he had no idea of anything else. He had David and another man I'd never met with him.

  Noah ignored the formalities he usually tried to show at the estate, he came right over to me and wrapped his arms around me tightly.

  "Trin, I'm so sorry you were hurt, but I am so happy you're ok." He squeezed me tight like he was trying to make sure I was real, that I was still here.

  "I'm fine Noah." I soothed, hugging him back as tight as I could. At that moment I was just happy to have a member of my family there with me.

  "Mom has been beside herself. Dad has been pacing nonstop. And Carter is livid. They will come here themselves if I don't let them know you're safe." He squeezed me tighter still. "Nikki and I were both worried about you as well, so expect her to bombard you sometime soon."

  "I love you, all of you guys." I felt like crying again, but I couldn't, not with the strange man here that I didn't know.

  I gently pulled away from Noah, breaking the hug that I wanted to continue.

  "Who is this, Noah?" I asked him.

  "Oh, yes, let me introduce you." He composed himself while gesturing the men forward. "Obviously you know David already. This man here is Shane, he will be joining David and Vincent as your guards."

  "Nice to meet you." I greeted him. I hoped he would be better than the last ones. Jeremy didn't make me feel weird like Leslie, but he seemed to hate me. And Leslie, well, he was nice at first but ended up creeping me out.

  "It's a pleasure." Shane smiled, bowing his head slightly. He looked to be about my age, and he had a kind smile on his face. He was just over six feet tall and looked like he worked out quite often. He wasn't overly handsome, about average but he had some very interesting features. He had gray eyes and hair that looked to be a gray, almost silver, color. His wolf was bound to be interesting. Just then there was a knock on the door.

  "Ahh, there is the other guard that will be joining you as well." Noah declared walking to the door. I watched as he went to the door and pulled it open. The man standing at the door was identical to the man standing in front of me.

  "Either I'm seeing double or you're twins." I said with a sarcastic tone and a grin on my face. "That or someone slipped me some double mint." I cracked the bad joke and got no laughter. "Tough crowd." I mumbled, that however did get a laugh from David, Shane, and his as of yet unnamed brother.

  "Stick to your day job Trinity." Noah joked, laughing at me.

  "I don't have a day job. I'm a student, remember." I laughed. "That and I'm the Luna."

  "Yeah, well, learn all you can cause you suck as a comedian." Noah laughed.

  "Oh, hardy-har-har, so funny. That's coming from the man with almost a negative sense of humor." My retort earned me laughter from the other three men, and we all got a glare from Noah.

  "That's almost too true, Trinity." David said between his fits of laughter.

  "My job requires me to be serious, it's not my fault." Noah snapped. I laughed at him.

  "Is it always like this?" The newcomer asked.

  "Don't look at me I just got here." Shane shook his head.

  "Nope, this is a first for me, but it's quite the show isn't." David answered them.

  "Enough!" Noah growled. "Let us move on. Trinity, this is indeed Shane's twin brother, Shawn."

  So, normal names for this set of twins, got it. I noted to myself. Juniper had told me she thought her mom was a bit of a hippie wannabe and therefore gave her and her brother hippie like names in her opinion. I didn't think it was hippie like, just fitting for the name trends in our current world.

  "Nice to meet you Shawn, and I will apologize in advance if I mix you up. I'm sure you act different as you are completely different people, but until I know you well enough, I will probably mix you up a few times." I knew it was inevitable, so I thought it best to just apologize for it now.

  "No worries Luna, it happens all the time." Shane laughed, I only know this because he was here first and was the one wearing a blue shirt. Shawn came in wearing a red shirt.

  I didn't see or talk to Reece again all week. Not until it was time for us to go to the next set of pack introductions. I was called to his office early Saturday morning before we left. I went in, alone, and saw that he was alone as well. I was nervous, but I refused to let it show. We were still at home, so I didn't have to pretend anything right now.

  "Are you prepared to leave?" He asked as soon as the door shut, without even looking at me.

  "Yes." I said curtly.

  "I expect you to be as convincing as you were last time. Can you manage that?" He asked, still looking at his desk.

  "I don't know, I guess that depends on you, doesn't it?"

  "What's that supposed to mean?" He looked confused as he finally looked up, questioning my meaning.

  "I'm saying it depends on if you can manage to not be an ass the entire time. If you don't talk the way you are now. If you can behave yourself Fido, then so can I." He growled loudly as I slipped back to his favorite pet name with a grin on my face.

  "Are you trying to piss me off Little Bunny?" He asked, sneering at me with the name he knew I hated.

  "No more than you're trying to piss me off, sweetheart." I countered batting my eyes and giving him an evil smile. He looked visibly more upset than he was before.

  "You better get this out of your system now, because this attitude will not be allowed while we are in other territories."

  "I can get it out until my heart's content, got a baseball bat?" I gave him an angelic smile.

  "You really are an Evil Bunny, aren't you?"

  "Only where you're concerned?" I snapped at him.

  "As long as no one else in the pack, or any other pack sees this attitude I don't care. Got it, nobody outside you and I are to know how things really are between us. Is that clear?"

  "Crystal. As long as you know that anytime I'm alone with you I'm going to make what I think of you be known."

  "What you think of me. And what exactly do you think of me?" Oh, I couldn't believe he was asking me that.

  "You're an egotistical, self-centered, high-handed brute with an ice-cold heart and the emotional maturity of a mayfly."

  "Ouch. Don't hold back on my account, keep going." He pretended to be hurt.

  "I think you believe you're more special than you are just because you're the alpha. I think you expect me to fall at your feet and worship you or fawn all over you like all the pack bimbos, but that's never going to happen, and deep down that pisses you off. And you didn't get to have things go your way so now you're basically having an eternal tantrum and taking your frustrations out on me. Well fine. If you get to take it out on me, I'm going to take my frustrations at your attitude out on you. Just fair warning, be prepared because I am just getting warmed up and things will only get worse from here on out." I ranted at him until I was out of breath. I was taking slow deep breaths to calm myself while glaring at him. He was looking at me like he was bored, he didn't even have the decency to be annoyed by my rant.

  "Finished yet?" He asked me.


  "Good. We will be leaving in twenty minutes. Please do your best to convince them, the same as last time, I will play the part the same as before." He seemed so unfazed, what an annoying JERK!

  Vincent was joining us on the trip this time. He was trying to appear as unfazed as possible, but I know he was worried about Heather. I just hoped nothing happened during the trip, he could make it back if something happened to her, but then that would leave me alone with Reece again.

  We took an SUV, one that I had not seen when in the garage before. It was large and afforded us lots of personal space. Reece was driving again. I think he liked driving, it must be a control thing. Vincent was in the front with him, and I was in the back reading a book, glad that I didn't have to try to keep up a conversation.