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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 45 - Trinity-Heartbroken




  Reece met with the Prime Beta, telling me to sit in the dining room with the Prime Beta's mate and not move. I thought about ignoring him and leaving the dining room, he was a jerk and didn't deserve me listening to him, but that would just make things harder on me. So, I stayed put. I would make his life hell when we were at home. On the road, people had to see us in a certain light.

  When the meeting was over, and it was time to leave I couldn't be happier. I went out to the car and got in, ignoring him all the while. I heard him telling them that I was still feeling tired from the incident last night, which he had told them a little about to explain our tardiness.

  We drove home in silence, because I ignored Reece's every attempt to talk to me. Once we were back to the estate, I retreated to my room and locked the door. I didn't want to see him more than necessary right now. I know it will get better eventually, but right now, just the sight of him was too painful.

  As soon as Vincent picked me up for classes Monday morning, he knew something was wrong. But I refused to elaborate. I think he just assumed it was the trauma of the weekend and ultimately blamed himself. I couldn't tell him what was really bothering me, but I did try telling him that it wasn't his fault. I don't think he believed me at all.

  Juniper didn't know about the events of the weekend, and she could tell right away that something was wrong.

  "Spill it." She told me with no preamble or greeting.

  "What?" I asked her.

  "Whatever has you so down in the dumps." She told me.

  "It's nothing, really."

  "I'll believe that when I become the next Alpha myself. News flash, that will never happen." Her tone was firm, no hint of humor in the joke she just told.

  "Seriously Trinity, you look like hell." Paul told me.

  "Gee, thanks Paul." I snapped at him.

  "You can tell us what's wrong Trinity." Cedar added. I just shook my head no, fighting back the tears, apparently, I had more to cry over him than I thought I had. I turned and ran into the bathroom that was just down the hall. I heard all four of them call my name and two pairs of feet chase me.

  "Trinity?" Juniper called as she came into the bathroom. Checking which stall I was currently hiding in. "What the hell is the matter with you?"

  "Just leave me alone and let me finish crying this out. Once all the tears are done, I will be able to talk about it clinically." I told her through sobs.

  "Does it have anything to do with the trip this past weekend?" She guessed, she knew I had gone away, but she doesn't know anything that happened. I ignored her question. "Bingo." She said intuiting the non-response to mean yes as she always did.

  "Does it also have something to do with a certain tall, sexy Alpha?"

  "Just drop it." I told her.

  "Two for two I see. What did he do to you?" She asked me. She knew that Reece and I weren't on the greatest of terms, but that we were at least civil when others were around.

  "Juniper." I pleaded with her.

  "Look, whatever it is, it's major, otherwise I would leave you be. But this is affecting you so much that you're having a breakdown. I'm trying to help you, because I'm your friend, I'm here for you, and I love you." She said. Those three words. Something I wish I could hear a mate say to me one day, but that was never going to happen. I would never hear a man tell me that now. Not ever. Because I was mated to a man that hated me. I cried harder.

  "Trinity." She called out, pushing the door open with sheer force and looking at me with pure worry written on her face.

  "I'm sorry Juniper." I cried, feeling so pathetic in that moment.

  "Girl, you got nothing to feel sorry for. You just need to tell me what he did to you, so I can decide if I'm going to go right to my death by trying to murder my own Alpha."

  "I'll tell you, but just leave it be after that alright." I told her.

  "That depends."

  "Promise me." I told her again.

  "Fine, I promise." She finally gave in.

  I nodded and told her everything. From the call Vincent got to the moment Reece said he hated me. She sat there listening with rapt attention. Anger was slowly building behind her eyes. First it was at the three men who had taken me. And she was happy Reece saved me. But the moment I told her what he said to me, her face contorted with rage.

  "What the HELL is that ASSHOLE thinking?" Her voice thundered throughout the room.

  "What?" I heard Paul ask from outside.

  "How could he do that? How could he say that to you? How could he treat you like that?" She was livid. "I swear I'm going to kick his--."

  "No, you promised to just leave it be." I told her. "I've known all along that I am a mate in name only. But I had thought we might have a relationship grow out of mutual respect eventually, or something. But I see now that it's not going to happen."

  "You were ok with that?" She asked me.

  "I didn't agree to it before becoming Luna, no. But he didn't tell me before I became Luna, so I had no choice."

  "So, he tricked you into this? How can he ignore the pull of the mate bond? Are you sure it's even a mate bond?" She asked me.

  "I'm sure. I've seen how it affects him, and it affects me too. It's real, but he just doesn't care. He doesn't want me. He would rather have nothing than a wolfless girl like me." I told her.

  "That man needs a wake up call." She snapped.

  "Don't worry, eventually, things will get easier, and I never truly wanted a mate either. So, this works out best, I don't have to have a true mate and I get all the other benefits of having a mate."

  "Yeah, and the heartache." She sighed, hugging me tight.

  We left the bathroom shortly after. I had washed my face and was calmer, but I didn't feel up to classes today. We would just get the assignments from someone else and make them up later. Instead, Vincent offered to take me to get ice cream.

  "Why ice cream?" I asked him, perplexed.

  "It always cheers Heather up." He smiled sheepishly.

  "Yeah, let's all go get ice cream." Juniper smiled. So, it was decided.

  Vincent took us to Heather's favorite shop. It was a quaint little parlor on a side street in the city. They had just opened for the day so they weren't busy yet.

  "Vincent, nice to see you. Who're all these with you?" The old man asked.

  "Hey Eddie." He called. "Trinity, this is my Uncle Eddie, Eddie, this is our Luna, Trinity, and her friends, Juniper, Paul and Cedar." Eddie's eyes had gone wide at the word Luna.

  "My goodness, but our new Luna sure is a pretty one, that Alpha is a lucky man." I tried not to let my eyes darken at his mention of Reece. "I take it Vincent here brought you for some of the best homemade ice cream in the whole city?" He asked, making me smile. Eddie was nice, just like Vincent was.

  "That's right, what do you recommend?" I asked walking to the counter. Eddie went through the list of all his flavors, which there were a lot. He had all the traditional ones that he could buy, but there were also the three-dozen special, homemade flavors he had invented. They all sounded good. Unable to choose, I had Eddie pick for me. He gave me a bowl with several sample sized scoops so I could try quite a few.

  "Come back and we will give you another variety. We will keep it up until you try them all." He told me with a smile.

  "Thank you." I nodded, taking the bowl. When I turned around, I saw that Juniper and the guys were all talking, their heads held together. I had a feeling she was telling them everything. When they turned around, all three of the guys had a look that was a cross of pity and anger, even Vincent. Yup, she told them.

  "Juniper!" I whined at her.

  "Sorry Trinity, they were worried about you as well."

  "Astro." Paul cried, coming over and hugging me tight just like Carter would do.

  "Trin." Cedar added, joining the hug. Vincent just stood there looking sad, like he wished he had known what had been going on, but that he couldn't do anything against the Alpha. His hands were tied, but he cared about me, same as Noah.

  We ate our ice cream and tried to have a good time. But everyone kept looking at me with worry filled eyes. It was hard for me to enjoy the ice cream. I barely even noticed the flavors. It felt like a waste, really.

  Vincent drove me home in near silence. Just before we got home. He started apologizing again.

  "I'm sorry Luna. So very sorry."

  "For what Vincent?" I asked him.

  "That I wasn't there for you. Not just this weekend, but this entire time. I didn't know what you were going through."

  "Obviously. That's because I didn't tell you. It's my problem, no one else's."

  "Luna." He cried out, sadness filling his voice.

  "I won't let it get to me. Today was hard, because of this weekend, but it will make me stronger in the end. Just be patient for me, alright." I smiled at him.