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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 41 - Reece-What Happened To Little Bunny???




  I never got to finish my sentence. Someone had come up behind me and placed a hand over my mouth so tightly that it hurt. I couldn't even scream. An arm wrapped around my upper body, locking my arms in place and lifting me off the ground. In the commotion my phone fell to the ground and was shattered when someone's foot came crashing down on top of it.

  I tried to bite the hand holding my mouth even as I kicked my feet frantically behind me to try and hit the man who had a hold of me. My feet made contact in several places. I felt the give of soft flesh and the cracking of what felt like bone at different times that I kicked him. He grunted and yelled in pain several times.

  Finally, my attacker dropped me. I landed on all fours. Spinning as I stood, I kicked out, kicking where I estimated his face should be. I made contact and felt the shattering of bone.

  "God damn it, help me with her will you." He growled through pain before he spat blood onto the ground. I sensed movement, but it was too late. Two sets of hands grabbed me from behind.

  "Tie her up." The one I had gotten free of groaned through his pain.

These men were not wolves, but I did not know why they were here or what they wanted with me. I could tell that they were not human. There was something different about their smell that confused me.

  "Can we use-." One of them began.

  "No, human methods only." The one who tried to get me first snapped. "Don't give them another way to track us."

  I started flailing again, trying to get free. I could not let them tie me up. If they did, they would take me away from here to who knows where.

  I was kicking and snapping at them with my teeth at every chance I got. They were getting frustrated. I was not going to go down easy.

  "We're running out of time." One of them groaned.

  "Oh hell, watch out." A Different one of them hissed. I didn't know what he was planning or what he was going to do. He came near me, his awkward scent making me want to sneeze. I sensed him lift an arm and then suddenly I felt an intense pain in the side of my head. That was the last thing I knew before everything went black.




  I had only been in my meeting with Riley for about twenty minutes when my phone rang. I ignored it, silencing it without even looking at the screen as I continued my conversation that was about forty percent business and sixty percent him grilling me on my new mate with a smile on his face.

  "Don't you love having a mate? It's the best feeling in the world for me man." He was saying.

  "I'm still adjusting, we both-." My phone rang again.

  I looked and saw that it was Vincent calling. My heart sank seeing his name. I hoped it wasn't bad news. I ignored the call again. I would call him back later.

  "You will see man. Having your mate around is the best. Her scent will calm you down when you need it. Excite you when things are too calm. You will feel her presence and she will always be exactly what you need, no matter the situation." He smiled at me, the love for his mate clear on his face.

  "And when you finally have your first pup together, it will make you feel like you're on top of the world." He continued. My phone rang again. It was Vincent again. I pulled it out, expecting to hear the worst about his mate and pup.

  "Vincent! I'm in a meeting right now, I will call you back later." I said curtly. I did not want to have this conversation with him in front of Riley.

  "Alpha!" He yelled, interrupting me.

  "What Vincent?"

  "Something's wrong with the Luna."

  "No, she's downstairs at the party." I told him. "She's fine."

  "No, she's not, Sir!" He yelled. "She just called me to ask about Heather and the baby. Afterwards, I asked her where she was because it was so quiet on her end and she had said you were in a meeting."

  "Quiet? Where was she? She didn't listen to me." I growled. "I told her not to leave that spot."

  "She went outside."

  "ALONE!" I snarled.

  "Yes Sir, and as I was talking to her, she was cut off mid sentence. Then the phone cut off completely a few seconds later, but I clearly heard the sound of a struggle."

  "Dammit." I was on my feet and running out of the room already. "Why couldn't she stay put? Why can't she just listen to me for once?"

  "Reece, what's wrong?" Riley asked as he caught up to me, running at my heels.

  "Something happened to my mate!" I snapped at him.

  "What? How is that possible?" He ran ahead of me to speak to someone.

  I ran to where I had left my mate, Little Bunny was not there. I followed her scent to the front door and out into the night. I could smell blood instantly. I followed her scent to the car. It was strong here. She must have been standing here when she was attacked.

  I could smell blood here, yet it wasn't hers. But there was something off about the scent of the other person. I couldn't make out what their scent was. It was as if their scent had faded to near nothing. Their blood was easy enough to smell at least.

  "Little Bunny managed to fight a little I see." I smiled to myself as I bent down. I found her phone where it had fallen on the ground. It had been smashed with a boot print clearly visible on the screen.

  I looked at the ground, trying to get a visual of what happened. The man had come up behind her while she was on the phone. If even I had a hard time detecting his scent, then she would have as well. But she should have heard him coming at least. But she was on the phone, and she was distracted by the party.

  "Dammit Little Bunny, why didn't you listen to me and stay inside? When I said stay put, I never thought you would get attacked, I just didn't want to have to find you after the meeting." I growled through tightly clenched teeth.

  "Reece!" Riley was running toward me.

  "Wait." I held up a hand to stop him. "I'm still checking the tracks."

  "What happened?" He asked me.

  "From what Vincent told me and what the tracks show, she was attacked by what looks like three men. She fought them off as good as she could for a while, but they managed to take her."

  "Who were they?"

  "I can't get a read on their scent, it seems off somehow." I growled again.

  "Are they wolves?" He asked, anger in his voice.

  "No, not wolves, and they don't smell human either."

  "Magic users?"

  "Probably. I think they're using a concealment spell on themselves."

  "What the hell are those dirty Warlocks doing in my territory?" Riley snarled.

  "That's what I want to find out." I told him. "Trinity managed to fight them for a while before they took her, but we have to hurry. There are three types of blood here. Two are from her attackers and one is hers." Anger filled me and I was ready to rip someone apart.

  "Do you think she is alright?" He asked, apprehension filling his voice.

  "I don't know." I snapped, as I finally tracked which direction the boot prints were moving. Their muted scents were partially obscuring hers. I could still get traces of her though, which was more than I got from them.

  I locked my eyes on the path and took off running in that direction, jumping mid stride to change forms. Landing the next second on four feet instead of two. I ran as fast as I could, following the faint traces of her scent along the trail they had taken. I was breathing heavy already, mostly from anger. I had to fight not to lose the trail, but I wouldn't give up. They would pay for taking what was mine.

  Don't worry Little Bunny, I'm on my way.