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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 40 - Both-The First.....




 We moved around the room. I spun her around a few times. But mostly, I held her close staring into her eyes, as we moved gently around the floor. I was looking into her eyes closer and more intently than I had ever really done before. I noticed that she didn't just have that bright sky-blue color, there was also a dark blue ring inside that, and yet inside that was a thin golden ring around the pupil. She had a triple iris.

 "Kiss her!" I heard Riley yell at me. I glared at him, but it was too late. The chanting had started.

 "Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!"

 I looked at her, hoping she knew that I wished I didn't have to do this, but we had to play along. I took my hand from hers and slid it up her arm and to the back of her head. I tilted her head back into my palm and leaning down I placed my lips on hers.

 I had intended it to be a quick chaste kiss, but my wolf took control for a moment and with a slight growl I pressed against her mouth a little harder than I had intended. She gasped, either from the feel of my mouth on hers or from the unexpected intensity.

 I took advantage of her gasp. I slid my tongue into her slightly open mouth, forcing it open further. The taste of her exploded on my tongue. It was like eating her scent. I could taste warm, freshly baked apple pie one second. The next second, I could taste the air before a thunderstorm. The ozone and slight electrical charge that filled the air right before the storm started.

 I used my grip on the back of her head and her lower back to pull her closer to me and up onto her toes. I felt her hands grip my shirt tightly, I wasn't sure if it was with fear or desire. I didn't care. At that moment my wolf was ruling me, and I couldn't stop myself.

 I heard applause and whistling explode in the room around us. The sound brought me back to my senses. With a growl I let her go abruptly. So abruptly that she nearly fell, and I had to reach out to steady her.

 "I'm glad you stopped there, man, we don't have any sprinklers installed in case of fire." Riley said laughing. I glared at him. It was not that great of a kiss. I tried to convince myself as my wolf called me insane.

 The party continued on for a little while longer, but Riley and I had business we needed to discuss, so I asked Little Bunny to stay put right where she was while I was gone. She promised she would, so I accompanied Riley to his office upstairs. This Alpha House was not as large as my own. So, I wouldn't be that far away.

 "I was surprised when I saw that you have a mate that you truly care about now." Riley commented when we were inside. I wasn't going to correct him. He was one of the people I wanted to convince the most. He didn't need to know the truth. But I really didn't know why he thought I cared about her so much.

 "You know how it is." I joked with him.

 "Yeah, I just never thought you would." He joked with me. "Try not to blow it, alright man."




 I was beyond shocked when I got to this new territory and found out they were throwing us a mate party. I guess it was kind of like an engagement party. Most of the people in the pack run by Reece's cousin were here. And it was overwhelming to be introduced to them so soon.

 Then, his cousin said he had to see our firsts, wanting to see our first dance in his territory. Well little did he know that it would be our first dance ever. Reece was a surprisingly good dancer. He took my hand and started moving us around the floor in perfect beat as Speechless played over the speakers. He was staring at me intently as I stared back, like he was memorizing my face or something.

 The next thing I knew, they were chanting for him to kiss me. This was too much. We had never kissed, I had never kissed anyone ever. Reece and I were never meant to kiss. And here we were expected to do so in front of all of them. I couldn't do it. But Reece ignored my distress as he slid his hand up my arm and to the back of my head. He pulled me to him as he leaned down and kissed me.

 His lips pressed against mine. Hot and unyielding. What surprised me though, wasn't the pressure or intensity of his kiss. It was the intense electrical shock that seemed to flow through my whole body as he kissed me hard. I gasped as the shock ran through me.

 He took my gasp as an invitation. His tongue slid into my mouth, conquering it for his own. His tongue slid across mine and I felt a fire blaze deep within me. He moved his tongue around my mouth as if he were trying to eat me, starting at my mouth. I thought of Little Red Riding Hood momentarily, and just what it would be like to be eaten by this particular big bad wolf.

 I grabbed his shirt to hold on as he lifted me onto my toes. I was terrified by the fire leaping inside of me, it felt like it was going to burn me from the inside out. But my body was very excited at the feel of his mouth on mine. If I had a wolf, she would have been howling at that moment. I imagined what it would sound like.

 I could hear the whistling and cheering around us. That brought me back to my senses. And judging by how quickly Reece let me go, it brought him back to his just as fast. I could see heat in his eyes, but there was anger clear on his face as well. He was mad, and it almost seemed like it was directed at me.

 Not long after the kiss, Reece and Riley needed to go discuss their business in the office. I was ordered to not leave the spot where I stood. I promised him, not wanting to receive the brunt of his anger from before.

 Not long after Reece left, I was surrounded by people. Several females from this pack came to talk to me.

 "That sure was something, Luna." One pretty girl about my age said.

 "I thought I was going to melt just watching." Another said as she fanned her face. I blushed at their words.

 "You're one lucky girl." I saw a very pretty girl say as she looked at me with envy. "We all had hoped that Alpha Reece would have to come here to find a mate." She sneered while laughing.

 "Yeah, I just lucked out." I laughed nervously.

 "Alright, give her space ladies." Katie, Riley's mate, said as she came to my rescue. Katie was pregnant, not as far along as Heather, but seeing her made me think of Vincent and their baby. I was worried about them all.

 "Excuse, I need to make a call." I mumbled, excusing myself from the group. Reece would never know I left if I made it back before him.

 I walked to the entry hall by the front door and then out into the night. I wanted privacy for this call, Vincent's business was not their business. When I was outside and leaning against Reece's stupidly expensive car, I pulled out my phone and opened my contact list. Vincent was at the top since I needed to call him to escort me frequently, I pressed his name and waited while the phone rang. He answered on the fourth ring.

 "Hello Luna, is something wrong?" His voice was filled with concern for me when he should have been focusing on Heather.

 "No, everything is fine. Reece is in a meeting and I was worried about you and Heather. Truth be told, the Luna of this pack is expecting as well, and she made me think of you two. I hope I am not intruding."

 "No, you're not intruding. I am happy that you were thinking of us. Heather is resting. They have managed to stop the contractions for now. They do not know what caused them, but as long as she takes it easy from now on, she should have no problems. As long as she makes it another two weeks the doctors will have no worries."

 "That is great to hear." I told him. I was so happy and relieved to hear that. Things should hopefully be alright. I heard a branch snap somewhere in the trees near the house. It was nowhere near me, so I paid it no mind.

 "Luna, if you don't mind me asking, besides calling me, what are you doing while you are waiting for the Alpha?" He asked, concern once again in his voice.

 "I was talking to the pack members, but then I thought of you, so I stepped out for a moment."


 "Yeah." I answered him.


 "It's just for a few minutes. I'll be back before Reece even knows I left." I told him. "I didn't think that the members of this pack needed to know your business. It's your personal matter after—."