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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 37 - Trinity-Preparing For The First Trip




 It was nearly time for my trip with Reece. I was nervous, because I didn't know how to be alone with him. Just the two of us. I knew he would act like his normal (asshole) Alpha self, and that would make me act like my typical grouchy, sarcastic self. Yeah, this was going to be fun. NOT!

 The nerves continued nonstop all week, almost reaching a fever pitch. That is until Vincent asked me on Thursday if I was ready for the trip we were taking.

 "You're going too?" I asked him, confused.

 "No one told you?" He asked me, the shock clear on his face.

 "No, no one told me anyone was coming with us."

 "It would be best for you to have a guard with you, for when the Alpha is in his meeting or if you wish to explore the area a little." He spoke so matter-of-factly, like I should have known this. I was so relieved I could have kissed him in that moment.

 "I am definitely ready and looking forward to it." I told him. Now. I added mentally.

 I had meant it too. It would be easier to travel with Reece if Vincent were with us. I'm very certain Vincent would keep us in check, making it so we didn't kill each other while trying to spread the joyous news of our mating. I mean, what could possible have gone wrong? No, I'm more than happy with the arrangements now. Thank you, Vincent. I kept saying inside my head all day long.

 We were staying overnight apparently, but just one. So, I was packing my bag now. It's Friday afternoon, and we would be leaving shortly when Reece returned from a meeting at the office.

 Hmm. I know I am only going for one night, but Aunt Eve always told me to be prepared. Going for one night, pack for two. You never know if you're going to mess up an outfit or get delayed. You need to have the extra clothes just in case. So, I followed her advice. Best not to chance things now. My luck, I would end up spilling something all over myself.

 My bag was packed, and I was waiting in the front hall with Vincent. Reece had gotten home a little while ago and we were now just waiting on him. I was nervous, but excited. I knew things were going to be tense and awkward still, but I would still be seeing new people and places.

 Noah was taking some much-needed time off with Nikki since he wasn't needed for the night. It seemed several pack members were all trying to use this trip of ours to wind down since the Alpha was going to be gone.

 As the excitement and nerves were both growing, my tension was at its max. I was basically rambling nonstop to Vincent while waiting in the hall when he got a phone call and excused himself. Great, now I'm all alone. I thought to myself. I just hoped he would get back before Reece came down. I did not need that kind of pent up frustration for the trip. I wanted to have a good time this weekend.

 I got my wish. Vincent came back almost immediately, looking distressed.

 "What's wrong Vincent?" I asked him, worried that something had happened.

 "Heather might be going into early labor. She's not due for another few weeks." He confessed, still staring at his phone. "Is she alright? Will the baby be alright?" I genuinely cared for Vincent and Heather. They were some of the nicest people I had ever met. I didn't want anything happening to their baby.

 "She is on her way to see the pack hospital now, to have things checked. They want to keep her overnight, just to make sure." His voice was full of concern for his wife and child. He clearly didn't know what to do. Werewolf pregnancies only lasted six months, so going into labor nearly a month early could mean that something was very wrong. Then again it could also mean that they had just been wrong on conception dates, but that was unlikely with modern technology and wolf senses. He clearly wanted to be there with his mate.

 "Go Vincent." I told him.

 "But, Luna, what about the-?" He started, but I cut him off.

 "Your mate is more important right now. Go, that's an order." I told him firmly. He smiled at me gratefully.

 "Thank you, Trinity." He said, hugging me quickly before running out of the house. He forgot his bag. Oh well, he would just have to come back for it later.

 "Now, to break the news to a certain someone. I'm sure he's bound to be grumpy about it." I groaned as I walked up the stairs. No need to rush, this was going to be painful enough.

 When I got to the south wing of the fourth floor, I could tell that Reece was not in his room. He was, however, further down the hall in his mother's room. I was walking toward the door when I heard his voice.

 "I'm going to be gone tonight and most of tomorrow, Mom, so I won't be back to talk to you until late tomorrow night, after I'm done working." His voice was gentler than I had ever heard it. "I have to go visit the other packs, it's that time of year again. But I need to start early this time. I need to introduce my mate to them. Have I told you about her yet?" His voice held none of the anger and frustration I was used to hearing from him. It was odd, but I couldn't stop listening.

 "She's younger than me, just over six years, I think. Pretty, in a different way than the rest of the pack. And she's smart, according to her cousin at least. But she doesn't have a wolf. I'm worried that she will not be strong enough to protect herself if she needs to. That she can't protect the pack. I don't know what the Goddess was thinking pairing us together." Some of his words made me happy, others infuriated me.

 "I just don't want to see anyone in the pack get hurt, Mom, including her. It's my responsibility to protect everyone. And now, I have to find a way to protect someone who can't even help protect them self. What am I going to do?"

 What's with this man? I can so protect myself. Doesn't he know that I have been training to fight since I was a little girl? I first learned to use a sword when I was four. Dude's gonna have to learn a lesson. I said sarcastically to myself.

 I didn't want him to know that I had heard him talking, so I tried to sneak back down to his room. When I got there, I knocked on his door loudly and called out to him.

 "Reece, I need to talk to you." I heard him stand up down the hall and turned toward him as he opened the door.

 "What?" He snapped at me as soon as he was in the hall.

 "Oh, I didn't know you were down there." I lied, trying to look shocked. You were nicer a minute ago, talking to your mom. I thought to myself. Are you a momma's boy? But that wasn't fair, his mother was in a bad state for a long time. I know she was a sore spot for him.

 "What do you need, Little Bunny?" He asked me, I swear he uses that name just to make me mad.

 "Well, I have a bit of bad news." I told him. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity then looked at the floor sighing.

 "Fine, come in." He opened his door and went into his room. I stood there, nervously for a moment, not sure if I wanted to go into his room. "Are you coming or not?" He growled from inside. I took a breath to steady myself and followed him in.

 His room was set up a lot like mine. The color scheme was done in dark green and dark wood. The number and type of furniture were the same, but the style was different. My room had looked a little more feminine from the get-go, but his definitely looked masculine. There were fewer intricate carvings in the wood, the dark wood stain just brought out the natural pattern in the wood itself instead.

 The rooms were about the same size, and aside from the color scheme and design style they looked like the exact same room. At least I was being treated fairly in that aspect. He went to sit on the sofa in the sitting area, lounging into the corner.

 He sat with his right arm flung across the back of the sofa, right leg bent with his knee pressed up against the back of the cushions. He was turned with his back to the corner so he could face me.

 "Sit." He ordered.

 "Where?" I asked, looking for a chair or another piece of furniture.

 "Are you too good for the couch?" He asked me.

 "No, I just didn't think you wanted me to sit with you." I told him honestly.

 "You need to get over this aversion, we are going to be in other packs, they must think that we are mated."

 "And whose fault is it that I have an aversion to you?" I snapped at him with a hint of a growl in my voice. He just glared at me.

 "I'm fully aware. Be that as it may, we need to learn to put up with each other." He said, surprisingly not getting angry at my outburst.

 "I know." I told him, letting my anger deflate as I sat apprehensively onto the sofa.

 "So, what is the problem?" He asked, getting straight to the point.

 "Heather is on her way to the pack hospital. They think she may be having the baby early. She isn't due for almost a month." I told him.

 "Do they know what's happening?" He asked, I could hear the concern in his voice.

 "Vincent didn't have that information yet." I told him.

 "Where is Vincent now?"

 "I told him to go. He needs to be with his mate at a time like this." I saw the surprise on his face.