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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 36 - Both-Halloween Party For The Pack




 Once everyone arrived and the party was about to get into full swing, we had forty-five kids altogether, less than half the kids in the pack, but a good start. I can get the people to trust me slowly over time.

 The music was playing. The kids were having fun. The food was a hit. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

 The next I knew I heard an angry voice growled quietly beside me after I handed a child a bag of treats.

 "What in the world is going on here Little Bunny?" Reece's voice was filled with anger and frustration.

 "What a wonderful surprise." I called out, raising my voice. I knew he would come home at some point, and I was prepared for this. "Look everyone, the Alpha has come to help us with the costume contest. Which category do you want to judge, Reece?" I tried making it clear that he had no choice since the children had all heard. He growled low in his throat. I noticed everyone else looked at me nervously.

 "We will talk about this later." He Whispered before turning to the happy kids with a smile. "Which category would you like me to judge, sweetheart?" He asked me, playing along.

 "I think it would be best if you should just pick your overall favorite. I have a special prize for the Alpha pick." I told him.

 "You planned this." He whispered, I just shrugged at him.

 I had all the children line up in front of Reece and he picked his favorite costume. I don't know if he picked at random or not, but his choice ended up being an adorably sweet little girl who was dressed as a beautiful princess. She was so happy when he chose her that she actually started crying, it made my heart melt.

 Reece gave her the prize then excused himself to change for the event. He was ready and back down to leave in no time. He glared at me slightly before walking out the door.

 The party lasted a while longer, but soon the kids were tired. I had planned for this. As their parents still weren't back and we couldn't send them home yet, we had set up a room as a sort of theater.

 We put down pillows, blankets, and bean bag chairs so they could choose a place to sit or lay down. We then put on a family friendly Halloween movie and settled in waiting for everyone to get back.

 Many of the children were asleep when their parents arrived. The parents were so happy that they and their kids got to enjoy the night. I received many thanks as I watched them carry their kids out of the house.

 Reece hadn't come back with them, as I thought he would. He must be blowing off some of his frustration or building it up some more. So, I decided to take a shower and change for bed.

 I noticed something was off as soon as I walked out of the bathroom. I didn't even wait, I needed to say something right away.

 "What are you doing in here?" I demanded. Reece was leaning against the bedroom door, same as last time. "And why do you always do that? Do you think it makes you look cool?" It kind of did in fact. But then again, everything he did was cool, and sexy. Stupid mate bond.

 Right now, I was just glad that all the towels I had in the bathroom were the oversized beach towel. They kind of swallowed me whole when I wrapped them around me, covering everything except my shins down and my shoulders up.

 I noticed the shock fill his face when he saw me.

 "Why didn't you take clothes in there with you?" He growled.

 "Because this is my room, and I didn't feel like it, is that alright with you Benji?" I yelled at him. Stupid overgrown brute of a dog. I growled in my head. "Stay there, I'll take my clothes into the bathroom and get dressed." I told him.

 "Make it quick, I don't have all night."

 "Oh, I wouldn't dream of wasting your time." I said in my falsely sweet voice I had been using on him lately.

 "That's going to get you in trouble, Little Bunny." He warned me. I just grabbed some clothes from my dresser and went into the bathroom, laughing.




 I had thought things were going to be alright between us, work wise at least, when she was being decently civil at the meeting for the Hunter's Moon event. She was taking in all the information and acting like she might be a good Luna.

 But then she went and asked Michael to explain what the entire event was about after I had expressed a desire to skip the entire thing. Apparently, she just wanted to waste my time. I mean, I understand she has never been to a Hunter's Moon event before but still, she could have asked at another time. Why waste my time?

 And her fake sentiments, well, at least she can fake those pretty well. She called me sweetheart and Michael seemed to believe it was real. That was a relief at least.

 I should have known she was planning something, and that that traitor Noah was in on it. After all, why would I have a board meeting on a Saturday, on Halloween, of all days.

 I got back and saw that my house had been decorated and overrun by a horde of pack children and mothers with young cubs. I couldn't make a scene and scold her in front of everyone, they assumed she had my permission. This would be an issue I took up with her.

 But then she went and manipulated me even further. She turned around with that fake smile of her, looking so sweet and innocent. And I had to admit that she kind of took my breath away. Her choice of costume suited her, her complexion was pale, and her hair was dark, so she made a perfect Snow White. And I saw that everyone who helped her had coordinated and dressed to accommodate her costume. Traitors.

 She announced to the entire party that I had arrived to judge a special category of the costume contest, Alpha's favorite. She had even gotten a special prize for me to give the winner. She planned the whole thing. That sneaky little devil Bunny.

 But I had to admit, she was smart. She knew how to get around things to get what she wanted. I played along. But I told her we would talk about it later.

 So, what do I find when I come to her room? Her taking a shower, that's what. I have to wait and hope she doesn't take too long. So, I just lean against the door and bide my time. I hadn't been there long when I heard the water shut off. After a few moments, the door opens, and I have to fight to keep my jaw off the floor.

 "What are you doing in here?" She demanded as I stood there, dazed, watching the light glisten off her slightly wet skin. It nearly made my wolf lose his mind as he screamed at me. Mate, mate, mate!

 "Why didn't you take clothes in there with you?" I growled at her.

 "Because this is my room, and I didn't feel like it, is that alright with you Benji? Stay there, I'll take my clothes into the bathroom and get dressed." She snapped at me.

 "Make it quick, I don't have all night." I told her impatiently.

 "Oh, I wouldn't dream of wasting your time." She said in that infuriatingly fake sweet voice.

 "That's going to get you in trouble, Little Bunny." I grumble. She grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom laughing. I growled at her in response.

 Calm down! I told my wolf as I threw a metaphorical leash over him. He whined in my ears trying to tell me to claim our mate. He just didn't understand that it wasn't time yet. I wasn't ready for my heir now, and there was no other reason to claim her.

 I heard the click of the door. Little Bunny came out wearing a pair of skin tight black pants, I don't know women's fashion so don't ask me what they were called, but it left nothing to imagination when looking at her bottom, which looked perfectly shaped. I nearly shook my head to get the thought out of it, but I couldn't be that obvious.

 She had a red hoodie on over it. It was loose and comfortable looking in comparison to the pants. The color and the fact that it had a hood brought an image of little red riding hood to mind. Now that was a costume she could have chosen. After all, she already has a big bad wolf. I chuckled to myself, I couldn't help it.

 "Is something funny?" She asked me as she sat at her table brushing her long dark hair. The brush moving slowly through her locks was nearly hypnotic. Dammit, she has too much hold over my wolf.

 "No, just thought of something for later, that was all." I told her, pushing past the thoughts. "Do you want to tell me what the hell you were thinking? What made you think you could throw a party in my house like that?" I demanded, letting my earlier anger seep back into my voice.

 "I live here too, isn't it my house as well?" She asked, feigning innocence.

 "This is the Alpha house, you live here with me, but it is my house."

 "Then I will move elsewhere." She countered, what crazy thoughts were going through her head.

 "Like hell you will." I snapped. "I refuse to let my mate live anywhere but here. The rumors that would spread."

 "I don't care about any damn rumors. I refuse to live with someone who treats me like a third-class citizen. If I am the Luna, if I am your mate and live here with you, then this is just as much my house as it is yours."

 "Whatever." I yelled. "Why did you throw the party?"

 "Because the kids were going to miss Halloween otherwise. I couldn't let that happen." Her voice sounded hurt when she spoke.

 "What does it matter to you?"

 "Kids deserve to have fun and make memories. It's better when they can make them with their family, but as long as they aren't made to suffer, to cry, to feel ignored, to think that they're not as important." She was lecturing me now. "As long as I was able to make them happy, that was enough for me."

 "But why did it matter to you so much? It was just one Halloween, there will be lots of others for them."

 "You don't know that. I never had a single Halloween growing up. I never went trick-or-treating, I never went to a Halloween party, I never dressed up. I never celebrated at all." Her words confused me. Why would she not have celebrated? Everyone else in the pack did.

 "Why didn't you?" I asked, perplexed.

 "Grandfather never let me associate with anyone in the pack. I literally never met any pack member outside my family until I went to college."

 Her words actually made me sad for a moment, and it made sense why she was so intent on having the party for the kids tonight. This was special for them, but it was special for her too. Noah had told me that their Grandfather had been exceedingly strict with her, but I didn't know it was that bad.

 "Just, clear it with me next time." I told her, my anger seeping away. "I would have approved of the party. It was for the pack after all. And it would help make the women and children accept you more."

 "You've been so against me since the beginning, and you told me to stay away from you unless we were leaving on pack business or having pack meetings, so I didn't think you would want to hear it." She told me. She was right, so I had dug my own hole with this one.

 "Next time, I will listen if it has to do with the house. I don't want any more surprises. Send Vincent if you have to." I told her. "He seems very comfortable plotting with you."

 "He didn't plot, he just helped where I asked him to."

 "What's the difference?"

 "He didn't plan anything, he just followed orders."

 "Fine, nitpick." I grumbled. "I'm leaving, goodnight." I left the room, this time not running away and not slamming the door but leaving semi-peacefully.

 That girl is going to be the death of me, I swear. I need to watch myself. And I need to keep my wolf under control. He's about to lose his mind.