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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 35 - Trinity-Ready For Halloween




  Abagail, the cook, agreed to help me make anything and everything I needed for the party and to stay to help out afterwards. Peter said he had to be here anyway, so he would help us as well.

  Vincent was happy that we were doing something, his wife was going to miss the event as she had to stay home with their three-year-old and six-year-old, and she was apparently pregnant again. So, the two of them would be coming to help and would be bringing their kids.

  Since about ninety percent of the pack would be at the event, there was nowhere to go trick-or-treating in the compound. Anyone wanting to take their kids would have to do so by going into the city. According to Vincent, a lot of parents didn't want to take their kids into the city for Halloween.

  Vincent and his wife would spread the word about the party. I hoped that the word wouldn't get back to Reece just yet, but I'd deal with him when I had to. I had started overnight and express ordering lots of Halloween decorations online. I had them delivered to Aunt Eve's house, so Reece wouldn't find them yet. I had the staff clean the ballroom in preparation of the party, and I planned tons of games and different treats for the kids.

  I had learned from Noah that there were about eight-hundred members of the pack total. That included adults and children. I knew that many of the pack members still didn't trust me as the Luna yet, so I probably wouldn't get everyone here for the party. But I would be happy with about half, which would put me at around seventy-five kids. But some of them might have a wolf and be at the event instead.

  After the two weeks of prep time, we were finally ready for the day of the Halloween party. Noah got Reece out of the house by 8 AM, that gave us all day to set up. The Hunter's moon event started at sunset, which was at 6PM tonight. Kids would be here by 5:30 so parents had time to get to the clearing and stash their clothes. We needed to work fast. Good thing I had helpers.

  Everyone worked hard. We got the ballroom turned into a proper Halloween themed party room, a little scary, but not too scary for the little kids. We set up where the food would go, and little tables spread around for them to eat at.

  There were game stations the kids could go to and play for prizes. The games included things like ring toss onto the spider legs, zombie brain toss, pin the bandage on the mummy, and a few others.

  Being the artist that she was, Juniper wanted to let the kids do crafts, which I was all for. So, we got lots of things for them to create their own monsters, and there was a draw or color your own monster zone. Juniper had drawn a few different designs, and we made several copies.

  Wanting something more 'manly' Paul, Cedar, and Carter suggested we turn the dining room into a haunted house full of those animatronic Halloween decorations, so we bought a bunch of them and made it as scary as possible. The first thing we did was send the guys through it when I was done setting it up, I laughed maniacally when I heard the three of them yell in fright at the end.

  Ok, ok, I might have added a personal touch just for them and have since removed it. I had blown up a picture of Reece acting like his big bad Alpha self and placed it right at the end with motion activated recording saying.

  "What are you doing?" It wasn't even Reece's voice, it was Vincent's, but the effect was still priceless. They, however, were not amused. Seriously, they have no sense of humor.

  Abigail and I spent a couple days preparing things in the kitchen so we could cook everything easily the day of the party. We were going to order a bunch of pizzas to make sure the kids would all have something they would eat, just in case. But I loved to cook and invent some new things, so I wanted to have some fun.

  I made some pumpkin pie bites that would be easy to pick up and eat without a fork, best of all they had a graham cracker crust, so good. And I made some homemade cinnamon rolls with pecans and pumpkin pie filling, alright those were for the grown ups (me) cause we (I) needed something too.

  I also made a bunch of fun Halloween themed foods. I made grilled hotdogs that looked like fingers, complete with a small breadstick coming out of the end for the bone and a spot cut off where the fingernail should have been, they looked pretty real.

  There were lots of different kinds of Halloween and just seasonal foods the kids would love. We also wanted them to decorate their own miniature candied apples. We used a melon baller to make tiny apple balls so the kids could cover them in caramel or chocolate then add sprinkles, or nuts, or crushed cookies.

  They were all encouraged to wear a costume, and we were going to have a costume contest. The kids could vote, but they'd probably pick their own costume. So, we adults would pick winners in different categories and age groups. I went out and got prizes for each of the winners.

  I was super excited for the party. It was the first Halloween I was going to be part of. Once we were done setting up, we all dispersed so we could put on our costumes. It was almost showtime.

  I had decided to dress as Snow White for the party. It actually kind of fit me, really. I had hair that was almost black, and my complexion was milky pale. I didn't watch Disney much, but I'm guessing the major difference was my eyes, hers probably weren't blue. Oh well, I couldn't be an exact match.

  I looked at myself in the blue over yellow dress that was what Snow White apparently wore. It had slightly puffy sleeves and a cape that was red. There were red accents on the sleeves too. Along with the shoes and headband. I thought I looked ridiculous. But it's all I had.

  I put on the blood red lipstick that Nikki had used on me before, along with some light blush and blue eyeshadow. Mascara was last, to make my lashes stand out. I felt ridiculous, but I went down to the party, anyway.

  "Oh my Goddess, Trinity, you look AMAZING!" Juniper screeched as soon as she saw me step off the elevator. I didn't want to take the stairs in the heels I was wearing.

  "Don't over exaggerate." I told her.

  "She's not." Carter told me.

  "They're right, Luna, you do look amazing." Heather, Vincent's wife gushed.

  "I must agree." Vincent added. I blushed hearing them all praise me. I was glad I was wearing the blush on my cheeks to hide it somewhat.

  "More importantly, what are you wearing?" I asked Juniper.

  "I'm dressed as Happy, one of the dwarves." She told me.

  "We're all here." Carter indicated showing me his outfit. "I'm Doc."

  "I'm Dopey." Paul declared coming up behind him.

  "Are you sure you want to admit that?" I asked him.

  "Shut it Astro." We laughed at the old joke. I watched as they all walked over. Juniper, Carter, Paul, Cedar, Nikki, and Vincent were all dressed as dwarves.

  "You're missing one." I told them.

  "Sorry, I'm late." David called out, running into the room and putting on his dwarf hat. I smiled. "You can't have Snow White without her seven dwarves." He added smiling.

  "You guys are really great." I was beaming at them.

  "Don't forget us." Aunt Eve called. I turned to look. "I'm the Evil Queen." She grinned.

  "And I am the magic mirror." Yelled Peter, the butler.

  "I'm the Evil Queen as the old witch." Abigail explained.

  "I'm the Huntsman." Uncle Wesley boasted proudly.

  "I can't believe you all coordinated your costumes because of what I chose." I was almost ready to cry, they put so much into this for me.

  "This is your first Halloween ever, we wanted to make it special." Carter smiled as he came up and hugged me.

  "Yeah, you're our friend, and we wanted to make this your best Halloween ever." Juniper said coming up and hugging me as well.

  "Yeah Astro, we love ya." Paul added, throwing his arms around me. It soon turned into a mass of everyone telling me they loved me and a giant hug pile. But I loved every second of it. It even made me happy that Vincent and David were part of that circle.

  "Don't forget me. I coordinated too." Heather smiled. "I haven't known you as long as the others, but I came as the apple." She said laughing as she pointed to the huge decorated pregnant belly that looked like a big red apple.

  "That is perfect Heather, and I am so very happy that you are here."

  Just then, we heard the approach of several vehicles outside. We all moved to the hall to greet the children for the party, opening the large double doors to welcome them in. It seemed that everyone had chosen to arrive in groups.

  About twenty kids and their parents were on their way inside. Their eyes opened wide as they saw us. Most of the pack members had never been inside the house itself, they were either too low rank or had work elsewhere.

  "Welcome!" I called to them, beaming. I went around introducing myself to all the children and their parents as they were dropped off. Women with young children like Heather were staying so they could partake in the celebrations since they were expected to miss the event, anyway.