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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 27 - Trinity- Into The Woods




I left the room with the three of them, Aunt Eve and Nikki would come to the forest shortly and I would see them there. No sooner had we walked out the side door of the house and into the twilight of the night, than Noah began to speak.

"I think this should go without saying, but the two of you need to make sure that the Luna is protected at all times. Not only will the Alpha be very upset if any harm comes to her, but as she is my family and very dear to me, you will have to answer to me as well." He glared at the two of them. I heard Leslie gulp to my left.

"No need to worry, Noah, I will make sure that everything goes smoothly." Vincent told him confidently with a smile.

"You'd better." Noah told him. Seeing him be so protective of me made me happy. It reminded me of when we were little, and he was there at the house with me and Carter more.

"Please, come this way Luna." Vincent asked, a slight smirk on his face. He knew I hated the title but that I needed to get used to it, so he used it every chance he got. He guided me in the direction of the forest with a wave of his hand. Leslie was taking the lead, so I followed after him.

We were walking along a path that wound through the trees to the clearing. It was a different path than the one everyone else would be using. This path seemed to be only used by the Alpha and those who worked in the Alpha's house.

Reece's scent was very strong along the trail, the traces of his scent made my heart race and stomach do backflips. The mate bond was getting stronger already. I shuddered to think of how it would be after he marked me.

We had only been in among the trees for a few moments when I stumbled on the path. Vincent quickly reached out and grabbed my shoulder to steady me.

"Are you alright?" He asked me. I smiled sheepishly at him in embarrassment.

"Yes, I just stumbled, that's all."

"Perhaps it would be better if I escorted you properly then." He said. Vincent was always a gentleman and so nice to everyone. "May I?" He asked. I nodded my head in agreement.

Vincent gently gripped my right elbow with his right arm crossed in front of his body. He then placed his left hand lightly on my left hip. This would allow him to make sure that I would not be able to fall in either direction.

We continued walking. Vincent making sure I would not be able to fall again. We were making good time as we proceeded silently through the trees. I was too nervous to talk, and I didn't know what to talk about.

When we got to the spot where we needed to wait, I had no choice but to stand there and think quietly to myself. Leslie had been standing by a tree nearby staring at me for several minutes. It was starting to make me feel uncomfortable.

"You really look beautiful tonight Luna." He finally spoke, breaking the silence.

"Thank you." I told him, not knowing what else to say.

"It's truly a shame." He said looking at me.

"What is?" I asked him, confused.

"That I don't have a chance, the Alpha took you for himself." He answered with a strange smirk.

"Umm.." He was making me feel awkward. I had never had a problem with him before today, so I didn't know why today would be different. I looked over at Vincent, a pleading look in my eyes.

"Leave her be." Vincent told him sternly.

"I'm just saying." Leslie grumbled.

"You're bothering her." Vincent told him.

"She's fine." Leslie told him.

Vincent was about to snap back at him when we heard footsteps coming our way. I could smell Reece's scent getting more intense. Noah was not with him, which meant he had gone to the other path with Aunt Eve and Nikki. Leslie and Vincent both stood a little taller just before Reece came into sight.

"Welcome, Sir." Vincent told him.

"We will begin immediately. Wait for me here." He told them without pausing. He never even looked in my direction as he passed quickly by.

"Yes Sir." They said together.

We stood near the edge of the trees, waiting for Reece to come get me. Vincent was on my right, Leslie was on my left. After a few moments I felt Leslie brush his hand against mine. I jumped, startled by his touch. Vincent noticed my distress and glared at Leslie.

Knowing that those gathered for the ceremony would hear if they argued, Vincent decided to handle the situation quietly. He pulled me to the right, putting me on his other side and placing himself between me and Leslie. I silently thanked him for the help.

I was standing there, watching through the trees as I heard Reece's voice ring through the night around us. This was a sign of a true alpha, a man who knew how to command power and attention. When he spoke everyone around him stopped and listened.

"Welcome, Red Springs Wolf Pack." I felt Reece's voice brush over me like a warm heavy hand stroking my flesh, I shivered in response. "I appreciate you coming on such short notice. I know that this is not when we would normally meet up, as that would be in three weeks during the Hunter's Moon. But I have an announcement to make to you all."

I heard a rush of whispered voices rise among the gathered crowd that I could barely see. Curiosity was running rampant through them.

"There is cause for major celebration. Friends, family, pack mates, I have found my Luna." He announced. The crowd was silent for a moment before erupting into a loud and raucous cheer.

"Thank the Goddess!" Was yelled several times.

"Congratulations Alpha Reece." I heard more than once.

"Who is she?" Someone yelled, and many others picked it up. Soon they were chanting.

"Who is she? Who is she? Who is she? Who is she?" I was getting nervous hearing them chanting, it was like a demand to know if I was good enough. My heart was pounding, and I was starting to hyperventilate.

"The Alpha will be here momentarily, Luna, you will do fine. You are the best Luna we could ever ask for." Vincent said holding my left hand tightly in both of his as he looked me in the eye. "There is nothing for you to worry about. We are all here for you, I am here for you. If you ever need anything, just call and I will come to your aid." He was so kind, so much like my cousins, I needed his kindness in that moment. His words helped me to calm down.

I could hear footsteps coming towards me as Reece's scent grew steadily stronger. It was time. I was going to be introduced to the whole pack as the new Luna. I can do this, I've got this. I told myself, mentally psyching myself up. I took one last deep breath before Reece came into view. When I finally saw him, I knew that I was wearing a confident, radiant smile.

Reece passed the edge of the trees, out of the clearing and onto the path. He looked toward me for the first time that evening, the moon wasn't full, but it was still bright enough for him to see me clearly.

The light of the moon peeking through the branches was shimmering off the dress making me shine with an ethereal essence. I saw him stop in his tracks and gasp with his eyes open wide. He looked shocked.

"It is time to go now." He whispered to me, his right hand extended toward me. I took his hand and held it lightly. He pulled me to his side gently, switched his hold on my hand from his right hand to his left so that he could wrap his arm around my waist. The overall effect made us appear much more intimate with each other than we were.

Being so close to him I could hear his heartbeat. It sounded faster than normal, but as I didn't typically hear it I had nothing to compare it to. But it was pounding nearly as fast as mine that had sped up considerably when his large, warm hand slid around my back.

He guided me forward, out of the trees, and into the clearing. I could see the entire pack, save for the very old and very young. Most of the faces were new to me as I had not socialized among the pack much. They, likewise, were confused upon seeing me, few of them knew what I looked like, but all of them would know me by name.