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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 26 - Trinity-A Dream With An Ominous Feeling




Vincent took me back to my room. I was already feeling mentally exhausted from the day, so I decided to take a nap. I was asleep almost as soon as I laid in the bed, quickly falling into a restless sleep.

I was walking through the forest, dressed in the Luna dress. There were no guards or escorts near me like there was supposed to be. It was dark, but I could glimpse the full moon through the branches.

There was no wind, nor the sound of any animals in the forest around me. Everything was eerily quiet. I continued to move forward, in the direction of the clearing that I knew was ahead of me.

The silence of the forest around me was unnerving. I was growing increasingly uneasy with every step I took. I couldn't sense anyone in the clearing ahead, no movement, no sound of breathing or heartbeats, no scent of anyone.

I could see the opening for the clearing ahead. I started to hurry, afraid to be alone among the trees. But as I got closer to the opening, a strange purple fog started filling the world around me.

The closer I got to the fog, the more uneasy I felt. I could hear whispers coming from within the fog, several voices. But even though I could hear the voices, I couldn't make out what they were saying.

The voices were strange. I swear I could feel them actually crawling along my skin, raising goosebumps all over my body. I shivered at the feeling.

When I passed the edge of the trees into the clearing, I walked into a solid wall of the fog. I pushed through it with some difficulty, it was like walking through water.

"Ahh, I see it's you." Spoke a man's voice I didn't know.

"Who's there?" I asked.

"You are not the one I was expecting." He continued ignoring my question.

"Who were you expecting?" I was confused by his words.

"She must not have been as strong as I thought. It's a shame." He seemed to be on the verge of tears. "No matter, we will finish this another time." He added. I felt something pushing hard against my back. I stumbled and felt myself fall.

There was no cliff here, but it felt like I was falling from extremely high up. It didn't make any sense. I opened my mouth, ready to scream, when I felt someone grab my shoulder.

I jerked awake, startled by the dream and the sharp shaking of my shoulder.

"Trinity." Noah was calling me. My heart was pounding in my ears and I almost didn't hear him call my name.

"Noah, you scared me." I growled with a glare. "What do you want?" I asked him.

"You need to get ready." He snapped at me.

"What? I just went to sleep a few minutes ago." I said, shock filling my voice.

"No, it's been awhile since you came back to your room. Mom is here to help you get ready, as is Nikki." He answered. Nikki was Noah's mate, the closest thing to a sister I had, she was sweet, bubbly, and super girly.

I felt disoriented. I didn't feel like I had slept at all. I was still exhausted, and I was covered in sweat. My heart was racing a mile a minute and I could still feel goosebumps all over my body.

"Are you alright?" Noah asked me. I didn't know how I should answer that question. I know it was just a dream, but it felt real and it had scared the hell out of me.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just nervous you know." I gave him an uneasy smile. He looked at me with concern written all over his face. It was clear he loved me, but that he was warring with his duty to the pack as well. "I'll be alright." I assured him. "I just need some comfort from family right now." I smiled. This made him smile as well.

"You're such a kid sometimes." He laughed at me, but he hugged me tightly.

I needed to get ready for the night in a hurry. I rushed through a shower and wrapped myself in a towel. When I went back to my room, Aunt Eve and Nikki were there waiting for me.

On the table in front of Nikki was a case full of make-up so large that it actually made my eyes pop open in shock. That was way too much in there for one person to own.

"Don't give me that look. I do everyone's make-up." She demanded in her bubbly voice.

"Just as long as you know, I'm not used to using that much make-up. I wear it but not that much. I wear accents here and there that bring out natural looks instead of wearing heavy make-up." I told her nervously.

"Trinity, how long have I known you now? You think I don't know your make-up preference." She laughed at me. "Come on, sit down."

I should trust her. She had gone to school to be a make-up artist and hair stylist. She had dreams of doing hair and make-up for the rich and famous. But for now, she was happy being a stylist for the pack.

I sat in the chair at my vanity while Nikki started running the brush through my hair, it felt good having someone brushing my hair like that. She seemed to have a vision in mind, and I was too nervous to think about what would look best right now, so I just let her work and let my mind wander.

I had tried not to think about it over the last week, but my life would never be the same. I had gone from being a no wolf nobody to the mate of the Alpha, the Luna of the pack. Literally the second in command in our entire wolf pack.

But even with all that so-called power and authority it gave me, I would be severely limited for the rest of my life. I would never again be able to just do something at the spur of a moment. My life was now dedicated to hundreds of other people. This was way too much for me to process right away. I didn't know how I was going to manage it all.

While I was contemplating my future, Nikki's quick and efficient hands had pulled just the top of my hair back in a loose, yet elegant braid. She had used a set of hair combs held together by a very thin, fine silk.

The silk threads were black, and they formed a diamond pattern that was hard to see against my dark brown hair. But the most important part of the combs were the silver pearl-like beads attached to it. The pearls were placed at various points along the diamond pattern.

The combs themselves and silk all but disappeared against my dark hair, the only thing visible were the beads. They looked like little moons nestled in my hair.

"It looks beautiful Nikki, thank you." I told her, smiling at her in the mirror.

"Now time for the make-up." She smiled, turning me away from the mirror.

She put lotion on my face and rubbed it in before proceeding. She had listened to, and remembered, my make-up preference. She was not going overboard.

She was doing my eyes first, so I just sat there with my eyes closed, letting her work. Occasionally she would give me instructions, like to move my eyes or mouth in a certain way. Before I knew it, she had finished and turned me to look at myself again.

She had used a medium shade of gray, close to pewter. My eyelashes were so long and dark that they made my eyes pop, they looked huge. My milky white skin stood out even more, almost making me glow like the moon. She had used no blush as it wouldn't show in the dark tonight, anyway. And for my lips she had used a blood red color. I thought at first the color wouldn't work with me, but the more I looked at it, the more I could tell that the whole look would go perfectly with the dress.

"You look gorgeous." Aunt Eve gushed to me. "My little girl is all grown up." She cried, tears falling steadily from her eyes.

"Let's get her into the dress." Nikki called, I could hear the eagerness in her voice.

Nikki took the dress from the closet while Aunt Eve was helping me finish getting ready. She was rubbing a thin layer of body oil on my back while I rubbed the same oil onto my arms and legs. Aunt Eve then brought over a pair of all black gladiator sandals. They had leather soles and black silk that criss-crossed over the top of my foot and then wrapped around my leg. The sandals tied halfway up my calves.

Once the shoes were fully laced and tied, Nikki held the dress ready for me. She and Aunt Eve helped me into it so that I would not mess up my hair, make-up, or the dress itself. When they had finished settling the fabric into place, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror.

The fabric of the dress left my shoulders bare before it flowed down into the long flowing sleeves and the flowing cape like train. My hands were just barely visible at the ends of the sleeves, but everything else was completely hidden by the dress. My hair spread out like a dark curtain over my shoulders, the braid swinging gently with every turn of my head.

"You look like you could be the Moon Goddess herself." Aunt Eve gushed as she looked at me.

"You look amazing." Nikki seemed proud, smiling at me. I knew they were saying what they honestly felt, but I looked so different from what I usually did that I didn't feel like myself. I was starting to get even more nervous than I already was.

While I was looking at my reflection there was a knock at the door. Steeling my nerves, I took a deep breath to settle myself before answering.

"Come in." I called in a raised voice.

The door opened and Noah came in, followed by Vincent and Leslie. All three of them stopped in their tracks the moment they saw me.

"Wow." Leslie said without tact.

"Oh my." Vincent whispered.

"You look beautiful Trinity." Noah told me, he seemed to be the only one capable of forming a full sentence. Their reactions made me smile and I had to stifle a laugh.

"Thank you." I told them, trying to hide my embarrassment.

"Are you ready to go?" Noah asked me. "It's time for you to head to the forest, the others will be arriving shortly."

"Yes, I'm ready." I told him. It was time for me to begin the next phase of my life.