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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 21 - Trinity-Breakfast With Reese




I am proud to say I behaved myself for the remainder of the night. I didn't do anything that would make my family or the Alpha mad at me. I ended up soaking in that dream tub of mine. Note to self, have some sort of slanted rest installed for my short ass to sit on or buy floaties for my bath pool.

The following morning, after freshening up and getting dressed for the day, I actually left my room and had breakfast in the kitchen for the first time. Walking through the house felt surreal after being in my room for so long.

I had seen so little of the house so far, but they still didn't seem too keen on showing me around yet. Someone would have to do that soon though.

I was being guided by the same guard that had come to watch my door the other day. I glared at him, knowing he had heard me bad mouthing the Alpha.

"Is there something wrong Luna?" He asked me with a perplexed frown.

"No, just not in the greatest of moods." I told him. This was true. I was still irritated, but at least things were looking up.

"I am sorry to hear that." He told me with a slight frown.

He guided me quickly to the kitchen. There was a woman that looked to be in her fifties standing near the stove taking bacon out of a pan. The only other person in the room was the Alpha.

"Good morning, Dearie." She called out to me as we entered the room. "How would you like your eggs this morning?"

"Poached." I answered immediately.

"Well, that makes two of you." She said with a little laugh in her voice. I glanced at the Alpha in surprise. "Hard or soft yolk?" She asked me.


"Now ain't that just a coincidence, I won't have to change anything at all." She giggled, smiling wide. Apparently, the Alpha and I had the same preference in eggs, go figure.

"Why don't you sit down and join us." The Alpha said to the guard, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"I appreciate the offer Sir, but I have already eaten. Perhaps a raincheck? If you don't mind though, I will go run a perimeter check before it is time to go." He declined inclining his head to the Alpha.

"Very well, do as you must." He told the guard who nodded and left the room. Now the Alpha and I were alone aside from the cook.

"Here you are Dears." She said sitting down two plates piled with food. There was bacon, sausage, and ham, hash browns, toast, eggs, fruit, and a pile of rice that smelled sweet.

I had been entirely focused on the food for a few moments, so I hadn't even noticed that the cook left the kitchen. When I looked up, I was alone with the Alpha. I sat up straight and gulped reflexively. He noticed.

"Just eat your food." He grumbled, and without another word he started on his massive plate of food. I ate a bit of everything, it was all amazing. I noticed the Alpha had put cinnamon and butter on the rice that I had never tried before so I tried it both before and after adding the same to mine, it was better with them added. I ate as much as I could, but I could only eat a little more than half of the food, she had made me too much.

We had eaten in complete silence. He never looked at me once during the whole meal after he told me to eat my food. I felt uncomfortable the entire time, at least the food was good. I wonder if he would just let me eat in my room from now on.

I had begun to rise from the table when he finally broke his silence.

"I'm letting you out of your cage today, little bunny rabbit, don't disappoint me." He rumbled in his deep voice. Goddess, why did that voice have to affect me so much?

"I won't run away again. I promise." I told him. I knew he wouldn't believe me, not after the other night, but I still answered him honestly.

"Good." He said, his voice almost purring at me. "Though, perhaps I would like a game of chase, being an overgrown dog and all." His words flowed, almost like water, across the table to me. Uh oh, my guard had spilled the beans on me, that jerk. I gulped again from fear which only made him chuckle.

"Just remember to be a good girl today Trinity, I don't want there to be any problems. Remember, you now represent me as well." He explained as he stared at me intently.

"I know. I will not do anything to embarrass you." I told him. "On purpose." I added in a whisper. He still heard it though.

"At all." He growled.

"I can't account for other people's actions. If someone were to, say, trip and spill a drink on me accidentally causing my white shirt to become see through that would not be my fault and therefore should not be held against me." I had pinched my white tank top that was only partially covered by my midnight blue jean jacket.

"There is indeed a simple solution to that problem." He offered with his eyes resting on the tank top in my hand. I quickly smoothed it back into place. "Do not wear a white shirt, hence that problem will never exist."

"The problem was purely hypothetical and will likely never happen. As I have gone nearly nineteen years without a similar incident ever happening, I believe I am safe. I was merely just using the scenario as an example."

"Do you always talk like that when trying to win an argument?" He asked me.

"I didn't think we were having an argument, but merely a discussion. And I thought since I am studying to become a lawyer, why not practice talking like one now?" I answered his question.

"Keep working on it." He mumbled, insulting me.

"Hmm." I hummed, puffing out my cheeks in frustration.