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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 196 - Trinity - Travel Time (VOLUME 2)




Having had a hard time falling asleep and then the physical activities of the night combined to leave me feeling exhausted the next morning. The only consolation was that I would be able to sleep on the plane. The large, comfortable, private plane that my mate owned. I used to be completely blown away by this being rich thing, and still was at times, but I had to admit that it had its benefits too.

We got up extra early, but Abigail had been prepared for that. That meant that there was still a delicious, yet simple, breakfast on the table for me after my hurried shower. I could always count on Abigail's cooking to revitalize me a little.

Following the quick meal we left the house in a small fleet of those black SUVs that Reece had purchased for our last mission. There were several warriors from the pack acting as chauffeurs for us today. Their job was to drive us to the airport and then head home.

The entire Sentinelle, the two warlocks, and the seven of us from the house all left at the same time. Adding the forty-five people and accompanying luggage we needed a dozen vehicles.

It was always a surreal experience driving in a long procession of vehicles like this. Even at the early hour we drew the eyes of everyone we passed. It was most likely due to the fact that each one of these SUVs cost more than sixty thousand. The residents of the city were all aware that there was only one person likely to be riding around in a million dollar parade. I could guess that many of them were trying to get a good look at the famous Reece Gray and whatever other important people were with him.

Once we arrived at the airport we were directed to the private airstrip that was just for VIPs. We had our security checks there, but since we weren't flying on a commercial flight the check was just a formality. I guess it was completely true when they say that people with money are treated differently than those without it.

We didn't set foot inside the actual airport and was led directly from our long line of vehicles to the plane that Reece had waiting for us. It was the second plane that I knew about him owning. The last one was too small to take this many people on a private flight so he had needed to get a bigger one.

This private plane was big enough to hold around seventy-five people, pilots not included. We only had forty-five in our group so we would be quite comfortable during the flight. Not to mention that the entire plane was set up like a giant first class section with luxury seating, excellent temperature control, and even wifi that would work at the full height of our flight. 

There was also a full staff that would be taking care of us during the flight. These staffers had been borrowed from the airport, all supernaturals, and would be flying home at the international airport in La Rochelle, France once we landed. 

The staff was professional, and best of all they were shifters. They had been made aware in advance that their King and Queen would be the ones flying out and so they were also extremely deferential. But I had to give them props, all things considered, because even with these circumstances they didn't show their nerves once.

They did however excitedly exclaim that they were happy to meet the Luna Queen and Alpha King and would always serve us proudly whenever we needed them. They would definitely come in handy on future large scale flights like this. And I had to admit, I was starting to like being pampered at times.

We still had a while until lunch after we took off, so I decided to take a nap. Reece was trying to finish some last minute work on his laptop, but the minute he saw me sway to the side in my seat he set the computer aside and pulled me over to lay my head in his lap. Training him last week had resulted in a wonderful change in him. He had, unknowingly, become somewhat deferential towards me. I wondered at times if I should point it out to him, but then I would talk myself out of it. It was just so much fun watching him act like this. 

After my nap there was a lunch unlike anything I would ever expect to be served on a plane. It looked like it had come directly out of our kitchen, not some pre made and reheated airport junk. Oh the perks of first class living. 

Nothing overly exciting happened during the flight. The others all either read, fiddled with their phones or watched movies on their computers or tablets. Well, except Shawn and Dietrich. I couldn't hear their whispered conversation but they seemed to be enjoying themselves as they smiled lovingly at each other. I was so happy for them. When they first mated I didn't think Shawn would ever come around and I honestly felt a little sorry for Dietrich, but now I understood just how strong the pull of destiny was. And they really did look adorable together.

Should I really be using the word adorable to describe two men? They were both tall. And they both looked pretty masculine. But together they looked no different than any other loving couple. And that was why I said they were adorable. They were no different than any of us after all and love was a beautiful sight.

When we landed in the airport there were another dozen vehicles waiting for us, this time they were rentals at least. We proceeded through the airport with such an authoritative air that we once again caught everyone's eye, especially after they saw that we were getting into this massive parade of vehicles. The whispers that followed us were all wondering if we were celebrities with a huge entourage. I could understand it, Reece was as handsome as any movie star.

From the airport we had a drive of  just under an hour and a half to the remote village of Talmont-Sur-Gironde. Driving through France was never something I thought I would do, and add to that we were driving through the less populated country side it meant we had exquisite views.

When we were approaching the village Gabriel, who was riding in the same vehicle as us, leaned forward to explain a little about the village to me. Apparently, the Sentinelle headquarters were in an old abbey, the Sainte Radegonde which was built in 1094. The original village that had surrounded the abbey had been destroyed in 1652 by the Spanish. It was after that time that the Sentinelle had acquired the village for themselves and turned it into what it was now.

The village and abbey were completely inhabited by the Sentinelle. The goods needed by the citizens were shipped in, a process that had gotten easier as time went on. It was in this village that those who collected the histories of the world would store the information and wait for the Goddess Incarnate to return to them.

When I first saw the village in the distance it took my breath away. It was on a small promontory so that it looked to be perched on a rocky outcrop. The village seemed to fill every bit of space of the rocky coast line, and behind it I could see the sea. The old, classic European style architecture just brought the whole view together and made it into something so beautiful and story like. I never imagined I would ever see something this serenely beautiful in my life.

The procession of vehicles moved slowly through the village. Every single resident seemed to come out and watch us pass. But what was more, they seemed to be following us to the abbey.

When we parked, the drivers of the vehicles, more residents of the village, opened our doors and bowed as they waited for Reece and I to exit our SUV. Every member of the Sentinelle was present, and all of them, those who had travelled with us included, bowed to us once we were in sight.

"Luna Queen, welcome to the Home of the Sentinelle." Gabriel's voice was firm and loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Welcome Luna Queen." The other voices rang out in what sounded like a singsong tone.

"Queen Trinity, we of the Sentinelle look forward to serving you. Please do not hesitate to ask for anything." A man I had never seen before spoke in a clear voice. Gabriel stood and looked at me with a smile.

"My Queen, this is Ghirald. He is much like the steward of the abbey. He will see to all your needs while you are here." Gabriel introduced the man to me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Ghirald." The man was slim and short compared to the men I was used to. He was perhaps five-feet nine inches tall. He had closely cropped brown hair and kindly looking emerald green eyes.

"The pleasure is indeed all mine, your grace. Please, do let me know if there is ever anything I can do to assist you." His smile was one of reverence as he looked up at me, still on his knees.