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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 195 - Trinity - Farewell Dinner (VOLUME 2)




Training Reece seemed to have gone pretty well. He was even more eager and attentive to me than he usually was, especially in the bath the next morning. It was an enjoyable way to wake up but it left me a little tired for the rest of the day.

With the trip now looming ahead of us, there was something I wanted to do for all my guards that were coming with us to France. I wanted to do something special for them with all their family and mates present. So I decided to hold a farewell dinner for them at the estate. It would be one last celebration with the ones they loved before we left.

I didn't know how long we would be gone so it was best to do something special like this, right? I would have all my guards, their families, and their new mates present for the dinner. Carter and Noah weren't going with us, but my family was still going to be at the dinner because I was going and they should be there for me. It was going to be a large, and special, gathering.

I planned the dinner for the night before we left. Abigail and I both worked together to make everyone's favorite dishes. It was going to be a very enjoyable night with lots of delicious food. I wanted it to be a party, a happy time for everyone. 

The guests started to arrive slowly. Vincent was first with Heather and the kids. I had seen little Faith at the wedding but I had been so busy that I didn't have a chance to hold her much. She was now about four months old and so adorable. But I had to admit that holding her in my arms made my heart ache just a little. I wondered if my baby would have been as cute as her.

This was also the first time I was directly meeting Vincent's parents. Just as I suspected they were very nice people. I wouldn't have expected anything less given how kind and gentlemanly Vincent was. Vincent's dad looked just like him with sandy blond hair, yellow green eyes, and a gentle smile. His mom was pretty with light brown hair and bright emerald green eyes. They were a happy and sweet looking couple.

David arrived next with Rawlynne. She was staying in the city and taking over the newly renovated field office. She would be a wonderful help to our organization and she didn't want to leave David behind. The good thing was, Jackson was also staying so we had two new pack members with us.

Unfortunately, David's family didn't live directly in our pack. They had moved to help out at a fealty pack long ago and were unable to make it to the dinner tonight. Maybe that was one thing that David and Rawlynne had in common, they both missed their families and would hence put their all into their partner. But Jackson was there for the two of them, having become the unofficial brother to them both now that David had mated with the person he considered a sister.

When the twins showed up it was kind of interesting. I had never met their parents either, but I expected them to look like at least one of their parents. But I was wrong in that aspect. Their parents were not as unique looking as they were. Their dad had black hair and dark brown eyes, the only similarities was with the structure of the nose and chin and their height was exactly the same. Their mom had beautiful platinum blond hair and light orange eyes. She was a beauty that stood tall and slim. The rest of the twins bone structure came from her. But it was a mystery to me why they had grey eyes and silver hair. Perhaps the black and platinum blond mixed to make silver for them. Whatever the reason they were quite the unique looking family.

Of course Dietrich was there with Shawn. And Falena was there with Shane. They were both standing proudly by their mates as their parents looked at us with concern.

"It is an honor to meet you in person, Luna Queen. And it is always a pleasure to see you Alpha." Mr. Asher said as he stood between his sons.

"It's our pleasure." I smiled at him.

"Allow me to apologize." He said, looking at each of his sons before looking back at me.

"For what?" I was confused.

"For my sons having such unconventional matings." He looked embarrassed as if he thought we didn't approve of the matings.

"There is no need to apologize." Reece waved a hand dismissively.

"Is it not wrong for us to bring them here?" He looked confused.

"Why would it be?" I simply didn't understand him. I had intended for us all to get along but if Mr. Asher was this prejudiced, then I didn't know if that was possible.

"Has it not always been pack policy that all matings needed to be pure?"

"You seem to be mistaken, Mr. Asher. We approve wholeheartedly of these matings." Reece looked at the man sternly.

"Mr. Asher, are you not aware of the fact that I myself am not a full blooded wolf?" Both of the elder Ashers looked at me with shock written all over their faces.

"L-Luna Queen? A-are you telling me you are half human?" Mrs. Asher seemed unable to speak.

"No." I smiled at her. "I'm half witch." Most of the pack hadn't been told about this revelation of mine, perhaps I would need to tell them all about it soon. The faces of the twins parents dropped in shock but they grinned almost immediately afterwards.

"So our sons won't be removed from the pack?" Mrs. Asher finally looked happy.

"I don't know why you ever thought they would be." Reece looked at them sternly. "Dietrich is a good friend of my family and I have known Falena for a long time, they're both wonderful people."

"Thank you." Mr. Asher looked truly relieved.

After that brief tense moment the party was able to start. The dinner went great, and the mingling after was a lot of fun. Though there was one part that I found a little funny despite its tenseness.

"Don't you need to get back to Germany?" Mr. Asher asked Dietrich when he saw the vampire with his arm draped over Shawn's shoulders. He could approve of the mixed relationships, but I guess he was still coming to terms with the fact that the son everyone thought was straight had mated with a man.

"Nein, I get to stay with my Geliebte."

"But don't you have your own empire to run? Shouldn't you be as busy as our alpha?"

"Ja. Ich mache, Yes. I do. But there is a beauty in being the boss as well as the Vampire Emperor. I get to run my corporation from wherever I wish, and I have those at my command who can and will run things in my stead."

"So you're not going back? Ever?"

"Haha, why should I? My Liebhaber is here. I know that he has an important role in this pack. That is why I am in the process of moving my headquarters here instead."

"Are you serious?" Mr. Asher looked shocked

"I am very serious about your son. He is after all my mate. I will never give up on him. That is why I am currently looking for somewhere suitable for our home to be. I wish to only give your son the best of everything." The entire time that I watched this exchange I saw that Shawn was looking at Dietrich with love filled eyes and a happy smile. But at hearing that last part he blushed and looked away. I also noticed the happy looks spread across the faces of Shawn's parents and the look of approval on Shane's face. I was glad that they all accepted and approved of Shawn's future.

"There is one thing that I want to know." Shane interjected.

"Ja Bruder?" Dietrich nodded at Shane.

"Won't you feel bad that Shawn will never have children of his own?"

"We live in the modern age, do we not? There are options. One is adoption. There are so many orphaned children in this world that need a guiding light and a helping hand. Would that not be an honorable choice for your brother? And if he so wishes to have a child of his loins I am sure we can find a surrogate."

"You've definitely thought about this haven't you?" Shawn looked at his mate with shock.

"Na sicher. Of course I have. I want you to be happy and I know how much family means to the wolves. I want you to be happy forever Schatz." At those words Shawn turned and hugged Dietrich in front of everyone. This and the kiss following the battle were things I never thought I would see given how opposed to the mating Shawn had been in the beginning.

"Will you be getting married?" Shane asked them.

"Shane!" Shawn yelled at him in embarrassment.

"I hope so." Dietrich answered calmly.

"Really?" Shawn was surprised.

"Na sicher. Why wouldn't we. Don't you want to marry me?" Shawn blushed crimson.

"Isn't it too soon?" He asked.

"I will never want anyone but you, Liebling. And I only wish to make it official." The happy, loving vibe was filling the room affecting everyone in a positive way.

Near the end of the night, my family came to talk to me. They had serious looks on faces. We were in a semi private part of the banquet hall. Noah, Carter, Mom, Dad, and Grandfather were all there.

"Trinity." Dad said my name in a solemn sigh. "Promise us you will be careful."

"Of course I will. I am only going to train." I smiled at him, trying to placate them all.

"But, you do have a knack for getting into trouble." Carter looked at me sternly.

"When did I ever willingly get into trouble?" I asked him.

"I never said it was willingly. But just be extra vigilant so you don't find yourself in over your head again." Carter looked heartbroken, likely remembering every time I had been in peril over the last half a year. It was definitely more than a few times.

"That is why I am going to train. If I know how to use my powers to their fullest then I will be able to handle more situations." I smiled, trying to lessen the tense feeling surrounded us all.

"I will miss you so much." Mom wrapped her arms around me tightly.

"I'll miss you too." I hugged her back.

"Be safe." Dad wrapped his arms around me as well, adding to the tight hug.

"Listen to those who know more than you." Noah said, adding his arms to those tangling around me.

"Don't do anything stupid." Carter was the next one to add his arms to the other ones squeezing me.

"Please come back to me soon little one." Grandfather, who had been silently watching this whole time, was the last one to wrap his arms around me. I felt a little squished, receiving five hugs at once, but I also felt immensely loved.

"I promise, I will be home as soon as I can manage it. I love you all so much." At my words the pressure around me intensified just a little.

The evening soon wrapped up. Our guests slowly left in small groups. The only ones who didn't leave were those coming with us to France. We were leaving early in the morning and so they were staying at the house with us tonight. I was getting excited about this trip, all things considered. I knew I was leaving my family, friends, and pack for an extended period of time, but I was also going to learn magic of different types. How could I not be excited about that. If it hadn't been for the exhausting efforts of my hot, hot husband, I don't think I would have been able to sleep at all that night.