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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 188 - Trinity - A Boss Fight? (VOLUME 2)




"Guess it's time for a boss fight." Shane laughed as he turned toward the three warlocks that just burst into the room. "Let's take care of them right away." His voice still held laughter, but he didn't notice the buildup of magic that the woman was preparing to unleash at him.

"Shane no!" I yelled at him, my voice coming out very clear and distinctly human as I shouted.

"NO!" I heard the guttural wolf sounds of Shawn's voice.

The woman blasted a shining black ball of magic at Shane, just as he was about to attack her. However, instead of hitting the foolishly arrogant man, he was immediately knocked out of the way by Dietrich who had shadow walked as quickly as he could and pushed him out of the ball's path. Unfortunately the ball hit Dietrich, smashing into him instead of Shane.

  "Dietrich!" With this sorrow and horror filled word from Shawn chaos erupted. The three warlocks that had just arrived swept into the room with evil looks on their faces. The battle that had seemed like it was almost over, was now reignited with stronger foes.

"These ones are stronger, be careful everyone." My voice rang clean and clear for all of them to hear. "We can't afford to lose this." I let them all know the stakes of this fight.

Time for talking was over. The three newcomers began their attacks immediately, launching attack after attack in quick succession. I had not seen an all out battle before. Even the one with Edmond had not been a true fight because he had underestimated the circumstances. But now, I was truly able to see what a high caliber warlock was capable of.

The room seemed to split into three groups with no prompting. Each group attacked a different warlock as we spread throughout the room. The attacks that flew all around us were unlike anything I had seen before, but I couldn't let that distract or scare me.

I once again shifted to my wolf form, it was the one I knew the most. Then, I readied my arrows again. Also, to go with those I called on all the elements I had used back when I first shifted. I was going to use everything I could think of to win this fight.

As I looked at the people around me I saw them all using their new powers to the best of their abilities. Except for Dietrich. Shawn had moved him to the back of the hall, out of the fight so he would not be hurt further.

Once Shawn had made sure Dietrich was safe he focused his attack on the female that had harmed his mate. Several bits of debris was floating around him as he was using them as projectile weapons.

The woman sent a volley of attacks toward Shawn, but with a wave of his hand he stopped them mid way through, freezing them in their tracks before flinging them back with the same, if not more, fireceness. He looked pretty amazing at that moment.

Shane was fighting just as fiercely as his brother. He was slicing away at the other male warlock, the one I didn't know. His lightning sword looked like nothing but electricity, but somehow it was able to cut away at things when he attacked with it. 

The warlock Shane was facing with the others kept having creatures sprout from him. They looked to be made of tree bark and were only four feet tall, but they were vicious and strong for things so small. The lightning sword, however, took care of them with ease.

After making sure that the other two were being dealt with properly, I shifted my focus to Phillip. His long dark hair seemed to be flowing behind him despite the lack of wind. And he too had some sort of minions that were being summoned from the shadows at his feet.

The minions that were springing forth from Phillip seemed to be a lot more difficult to dispose of. Their bodies had no form and any attack sent their way just seemed to pass right through.

With a look, Reece and I began to walk toward each other. A silent understanding passed between us that we were to fight together. We met in front of Phillip and turned to face him at the same time. Our shoulders brushing together.

I felt the tension in his body, and he likely felt it in mine. His warm presence was stabilizing the numbing cold that was spreading through body since the fight started. Likewise I could feel his raging heat cooling with our close proximity.

Just after we brushed against each other, I felt the gentle pulsating heat of flame. I could tell that his wolf was engulfed in its flames, and without even needing to look down, I could sense the ice that had spread across my entire body.

The look in Phillip's eyes told me he hadn't been expecting this turn of events, and with the stunned looks on almost all the faces present, they were just as surprised. That's fine let them be scared, this was a power only Reece and I had, he was the fire to my ice, and we will work together to eliminate the enemies. 

I thought of the ice that I knew covered me, how it would engulf the man before me if I just sent it his way. Instinctively I howled, unleashing a massive blast of cold air that rushed toward the warlock. He tried to avoid it but was unable to fully get out of the way.

The blast caught the warlock on his left side. Consequently, the man was frozen in place with the ice slowly spreading across his body.

"What the hell is this?" The man screamed. "What did you do to me?"

"What? You don't like fights where people might just be stronger than you?" Reece's mocking tone did it's job, infuriating the man as he struggled to get free.

Instead of aiming attacks at us, the warlock blasted at the ice holding him in place. He was freed. He was able to move but it wasn't that simple. Just as I was about to aim another blast at him, the ice started spreading again, freezing him in place once more.

"No!" He ground out through his clenched teeth. "This can't be." He was fighting against his ice bindings, struggling to get free.

"Too cold for you?" Reece mocked him. "I can take care of that." And as I watched I saw my mate throw his head back and prepared for a howl of his own. When he released that howl a ball of fire blasted from his throat and landed right in the middle of Phillip's chest.

Immediately the frightened warlock began to scream. Cries of pain and fear were echoing around the room. I could still see his face through the flames that were quickly engulfing him, his eyes were wide and filled with terror.

I couldn't listen to his shrieks a moment longer. The arrows I had readied were still floating around me, hovering in the air above my head. I sent a few his way, hitting major vital points, such as his heart, his throat, and between his eyes. The screams ceased instantly. 

The other two warlocks were nearly finished off, distracted as they were by their friend's demise. I took advantage of their inattention.

I sent the last of my arrows flying. Unleashing them all onto the remaining enemies was the quickest way to bring the battle to a close. And with the oddly satisfying THWUMP noises filling the air I smirked, their deaths were bringing me a sense of joy right now. Should I be worried about my sanity?

After the last arrow hit it's target, the sound echoing momentarily, the room was then silent. No one said anything for a moment. Shock and awe was on the faces of all the people in the room as they stared at me.

No words were exchanged as far as I could hear, though that doesn't mean that there hadn't been silent, mental, communication between them. What I did see though was everyone, aside from those in my close circle, fall to their knees and bow to me.

"All hail Queen Trinity." Every voice seemed to speak the words at the same time causing an eerie echo to spread throughout the hall.

"All hail my Queen." Reece smirked at me as he came right up to my side and rubbed the side of his head against the top of mine. In an instant, his flames were extinguished and my ice disappeared.

Reece looked just as he had before, with one exception. He still had his defender mark, on his left shoulder and there was the power mark on his chest with the paw and crescent moon. But now, he also had a mark on his right shoulder that looked like a howling wolf. Seems like his howling fireball was now something special for him. But why was it on his right shoulder instead of his left?