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Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 185 - Trinity - Infiltration (VOLUME 2)




It took almost seven hours to drive from just a little north west of Crested Butte where the resort was to the edge of Kanorado. We did, of course stop for provisions and a restroom break so we would be ready to fight when we got there. That was an interesting stop. Nearly a hundred people and twenty vehicles all moving together, it felt like everyone was staring at us, again.

But even though we caught the eyes of many, we still made it to our destination unscathed and ready to go. It was now my turn to lead them all to the proper place. I sat in the front and guided Reece as he drove, leading the caravan. I pointed to the house in the distance, showing them where we were going.

We circled back and found a secluded place to hide the large number of vehicles. It was best for us to do the final approach on foot. We formed groups of around ten, mixed with wolves and warlocks alike, then set off. We moved silently, wolves naturally making less sound than humans and the warlocks adding noise blocking spells.

I knew we should expect them to be ready for the ambush, ready with a counter attack, but I didn't know what to expect. And, that was when I felt a stinging pain on my left shoulder and had a sudden vision.

I saw a group of about twenty monstrosities guarding the outside of the house. They didn't move at all until they saw us, but they then descended on us with fury filled eyes as warlocks hidden around the house started shooting spells at us. We would manage to win, but not without a few casualties.

"Reece, wait." I told him. "They're ready with an ambush." I added.

"What are you saying?" Noah asked me and Reece looked at me with curious eyes.

"There's a group waiting to attack us while we fight the monsters out front."

"How do you know?" Noah was skeptical apparently.

"I'm the goddess." I told him, that was all I needed to say.

"You have the eye, do you not?" Gabriel asked me.

"Yes I do." I smiled.

"So, you have the gift of future sight. That will be useful when you learn to develop it."

"What do you propose we do?" Vincent asked me, glossing over Gabriel's words.

"David, Carter come here." I called these two specifically for their abilities.

"Yes?" David asked me.

"What's up?" Carter came to my side.

"You two take who you think will be of most use and take care of the warlocks hiding around the house. It seemed to be about four total. They were acting like snipers as they hid in the shadows of the house."

"Will do." Carter answered with a grin.

"Understood." David nodded his head understanding what he had to do.

The two of them took a few others with them, two warlocks and two wolves. While they were on their way to deal with the snipers, we positioned ourselves and waited to deal with the mutants that Edmond had created.

I was waiting for their signal to let us know that they had accomplished their objective. While I watched on I thought of something that Reece had told me earlier. There were arrow markings on both of shoulders and an archer mark on my back. Am I really capable of doing something like that?

I decided to just trust my instincts and try. I closed my eyes and imagined an arrow made of ice. I pictured one that was small, only about a foot long and thin. But the tip looked leathally sharp. While I pictured the arrow in my mind I felt a slight stinging pain in my left shoulder and in my back where Reece had indicated the archer symbol.

"Whoa!" I heard someone exclaim nearby. I opened my eyes to see everyone looking at me and the arrow that was floating next to my head.

"All hail Queen Trinity." One of the warlocks spoke reverently, and as I watched he and all the other warlocks and every Sentinelle present knelt to the ground and bowed to me.

"You're amazing." Reece grinned at me. "But don't forget that you had two types of arrows."

"I know." I nodded as I closed my eyes again and imagined another arrow made entirely of wind. The same stinging pain arose again only on my right shoulder.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a second arrow hovering next to the other one near my head. Everyone was still staring at me, just as they had before.

"We should have no trouble this time." Shawn was smiling confidently while the others nodded. 

I could see from the other side of the yard that the first group had made contact and eliminated the snipers. The threat of their attacks was now gone so we readied our next move on the beasts outside the house.

Once we were all in position I prepared several arrows. I wanted to test out the effectiveness of my newest weapon and the aim I would have with them. With over fifty arrows at the ready I focused on the location of all the monsters. 

With just a simple thought I was able to send an arrow flying. It landed at exactly the right target I planned on. Right between the eyes of the closest beast. I wanted to test things a little more. I thought of the two enemies standing one in front of the other. I wanted to know if my arrows would change direction to hit targets, so I aimed for the one in back.

I watched as the arrow soared away from me and toward the beast in the front. But, as it got closer to the target it swerved to the side, looped around and struck the back beast in the head, just like I planned.

I was grinning at the discovery of this new fighting technique. I quickly summoned more arrows and had them fly all at once. They rained down on the monsters outside, annihilating them all.

We were now clear of obstacles. We could enter the house and save the kids. There would only be about half of us entering as there would not be enough room for us all, but if we needed reinforcements then I could call for them easily.

Reece and I, all my guards, Dietrich, Gabriel, Crawford, Eldrige, and a handful of other trustworthy fighters entered the house slowly. We expected another ambush and attack to be waiting, but there wasn't one.

The inside of the house looked exactly like I had seen it in my vision. Everything was exactly where it was before.

We made our way slowly to the basement stairs. Noah and Reece took the lead, with me being guarded in the middle. The reasoning was so that I would be protected, and they led because they said with Reece's shields and Noah's rock ability they could block an attack.

Step by step we all descended the stairs. We moved quietly so we would not be heard. But no matter how silently we moved, we couldn't avoid the guards at the end of the hall. I knew we could handle things, or at least I hoped we could.

There was a gasp and a yell from the floor below. That was quickly followed by a snarl and a cry of pain. I couldn't see the floor below, but I knew what the hallway would look like. I couldn't stand not knowing. I needed to see the front of the fight. Blame it on my nosy nature and my need for control. I mean, come on I'm the queen I needed to know.

I thought of the hallway, and where I wanted to be. I imagined myself there as I tried to make my way down the stairs. With a quick stinging pain I was engulfed in a whirlwind. It was like a miniature tornado sprung up at my feet. I didn't spin inside of it, but I felt myself being pulled along on a wind current. I didn't move forward in a straight line. No it was more like I was swallowed by the wind and reappeared in another whirlwind right where I wanted to be almost instantly.

It was a disconcerting feeling, and quite frankly off putting, but it was also an exhilarating experience as well. It was also accompanied by a look of shock and anger from Reece and Noah. And the stunned looks of the warlocks in the hallway.

"Trinity, why are you up here?" Reece growled. 

"I'm here to do my job." I told him as I looked toward the door to the room the children were in. "You fight them, I will get the kids."

"Dammit." Reece snarled. "You should have stayed back there."

"Yell about it later Chopper, we got work to do."

"Even in a situation like this." He laughed as he lunged for the warlock that was running toward him. 

"Just do your job." Noah yelled at him.

The battle ensued. Vincent, David, Rawlynn, Gabriel, Shane, Shawn, and Dietrich came with me. Everyone else went with Reece. The last thing I saw before running into the room was a massive flood of those beasts spilling out of the last two doors in the hall.